Celtics Only Old When They Lose

The Celtics appear to be blurring the line between being experienced and being old.

The Heat just want to keep running.

After two games of this second-round series, Miami guard Mario Chalmers said he is seeing fatigue in the opposition. Citing Kevin Garnett in particular, Chalmers said, “His face during the duration of the game gets longer and longer, so we just want to keep running on them. We know they’re an old veteran team, and our young legs, we want to use them to our advantage.’’
(In my Tommy voice) Gimme me a break. Celtics aren't losing because they're old. The Big 4 have played a total of 6 games the past 4 weeks. They're not fatigued. They sat out the last week of the regular season. They sat out a week after sweeping the Knicks. They get a few days off between games. Word was that John Havlicek was at practice yesterday. People think he was there to offer encouragement? No. Even at age 71 he figures he can suit up and play 6 times in a month.

When the Celtics win, no one questions their age. It's simply after losses and it's a cop out excuse. They lost the first two games in Miami, because they were on the road and Miami has two of the best players in the NBA. When was the last time the Celtics won a playoff series when the two best players in the series were on the opposing team? It ain't easy. Miami was supposed to win the first two in their house. That's why you play the regular season. They have home court advantage. Just like the Cavs had last season. And guess what? When we win Game 3, we'll be down 2-1 in the series. Same as last year to Lebron. And people left us for dead then too.

They also lost the first two games, because their GM violated the common sense rule "If it ain't broke don't fuckin' try and fix it" and made "the trade" costing the Celtics the #1 seed or at a minimum the #2 seed. If we have the #2 seed, I'm 100% positive we don't lose the first two games at home. If we still have Perk, maybe Pierce still gets injured and Ray still bruises his boobies from Lebron HGH running into him, but Perk would make sure some Heat player also paid the price.

But we don't have Perk. Danny didn't want to give TA just over 3 million a year and instead relied on Marquis who's propensity to get injured has always been a damn pain in the neck. Then instead of just trading Semih for Battier or Anthony Parker, he decided to be too cute and trade Perk for the "potential of Jeff Green." A guy the Thunder had no desire of resigning and who disappeared in the playoff last year. A guy who needs to play 40 minutes a night to accumulate any stats, but happens to be blocked in Boston by all-stars Pierce and KG.

So Danny should have moved Semih for a wing and dumped Nate, Luke, and Daniels and picked up 3 more players. He messed up. He won't admit it, b/c a) that would make him look bad and b) it would hurt the fragile confidence of Green and Nenad (missing an "i') Krstic.

Celtics losing because their old? Bull shit. The old ass Celtics had the best team in the league. The old ass Celtics had never lost a playoff series with the Fantastic 5. Yes they lost without KG that one year when Rashard Lewis was on HGH and yes they lost all 4 games the past few playoffs when Perk got kicked out or was injured. But that 5 together was unbeatable.

Even after the dumb ass trade, we can still win this. Even without Perk and even with an iffy Shaq. Miami won their two games at home like they're supposed to do. Now we win our two at home like we're supposed to. Once we do that I expect the series to go 7 games. And in that game 7 it's anyone's game. Yes the Heat will be favorites because they have home court advantage, but if they win the series it's not because the Celtics are old. And if we win the series it's not because we suddenly became young. It's the NBA playoffs and it's a war. We lost a big warrior in Perkins, but we still have 4 left. Maybe they aren't elite NBA players or Aces, but last I checked 4 of a kind still beats 3 queens.