A Regular Season Mirage

It happens a lot.  Not every season, but more than you'd probably like to acknowledge.  It happened to the Suns in 1993.  It happened to poor Phoenix again in 2005.  It happened to the Cavs in 2009.  And it will happen to this year's Chicago Bulls.

That is, a team with a remarkable regular season record and an MVP player, that doesn't win the title.

I'm confident I've seen enough basketball to know what it takes to get it done in the playoffs.  And this year's Bulls just don't have it.  Talent wins in this league and Derek Rose has undoubtedly had a terrific season (he should win MVP).  As for the rest of these guys?  Don't wait with bated breath.  Deng?  Boozer?  The Ugly Bitch?  Please.  Bogans?  Korver?  Taj Gibson?  Wait for a tight game to see how they produce.

I agree they're a good defensive team, and Coach Thibs should also win Coach of the Year.  But the playoffs is all about talent and exposing matchups.  And teams will be ready and able to overload on Rose forcing the other stiffs to make big plays.

Don't let that regular season mirage fool you.  The Boston-Miami winner is taking the East and in all likelihood, the entire thing.

PS: They have arguably the league's worst announcer.