The Regular Season is way too long

I'm tired of watching the Celtics right now. Ya, I said it. I honestly don't even care about the next week of the season because I know it really doesn't mean anything. The second season is all that matters. In no sport is this more true than basketball.

When more than half of your league qualifies for the playoffs why would anyone, especially a team like Boston, take it that seriously? Is seeding really that important? I think to a degree it is. It would be great if the Celtics were able to get the 2 seed, but it's not going to be the deciding factor in whether they win the title or not.

I'm just tired of watching this team go through the motions when it is pretty clear to me they haven't really cared lately. You can say all you want about missing Perk, and they will indeed miss him in the playoffs. However,  right now the problem is that the Celtics are already looking toward the playoffs and not bringing their A game every night.

This is David Stern's fault. We don't need 82 games. We don't need to be playing basketball a week before the fourth of July. Make the season 60 games and you will get a better product both during the season and in the playoffs. Less is more in this case. It's about quality over quantity.  Why would a veteran go 100% every minute when he knows that in the end it doesn't really matter? I for one can't wait for the regular season to end so the Celtics can shut up the doubters and bring another banner home to Boston.