Comments from the Other Side - Wizards 4/8

Good to see the Celtics play better last night.  Yes, it was the Wizards, but they lost to the Wizards once already.    I think my favorite comment was the first one "Hopefully Blatche won't get mentalled by KG"  I guess mentalling is as good a description as any of what KG does.  And of course there are the comments about the Celtics being a geriatric team until said geriatric team ran their team out of the building.  Good win for the Celtics to keep pace for the second seed.  Now hopefully they take care of business on Sunday to take control.  Enjoy comments from a win for a change...

Hopefully Blatche won't get mentalled by KG.

Looks like Rondo is back to having no jumper, worse
Than Wall's anyway.

C'mon Wiz beat this Geriatric team. And make Paul Pierce cry.

We need to push the tempo, and out run these old wannabees.

Yi Jianlian makes all-nba worst team according to Bill Simmons…not that hes the say all end all, but can we finally agree that Yi deserves about negative 10 minutes a game?

Delonte West has become one of my favorite players over the last year

We got this tonight

Mcgee should dominate krstic all night

Wow they are making us looking stupid as hell

Wow we're playing like our team is depressed Could they really be that pissed ABT Flip staying for another year. This is looking like a MSG to Ted

Watching this game make you think the Celtics will get the ring this year.

Not Even. Did you watch them get Owned by DRose last night? Four games back in the east

Tell you what If wall would have such awesome teammates, he would average 25 assist

Dear God. I've got to listen to a feed with those awful Celtic homer announcers.

Boston is showing Washington how to play basketball.

*Permission to treat TD Garden as a hostile arena….

It is one thing to get embarrassed by D rose, but by J Wall, Rondo is on a mission….

Garnett is completley in Baltche's head...if he just plays his game and not get mixed up with Garnett he will be all right.

Chances Blatche murders KG after this game? I say 70%

Big Baby certainly hasn't missed a meal in quite a while

Wow, these Celtics commentators are bordering on ridiculous. Also, while the Celtics are way, way better than us, they still look disfunctional. I don't think they're getting far in the playoffs unless they get their heads straight.

Delonte's been ejected. Hopefully, the Celtic locker room has metal detectors.

Wow we had delonte just where u want him and he somehow gets that layup

Its getting funny how refs just disrespect us..

Wall Is getting hit every drive by rondo with no call… The life of being a rookie and not named Blake Griffin..

Damn rondo, not sure how many players make that pass

I hate these refs, take em away and never bring them back

Delonte and DC just don’t mix, from police charges to game ejections

He had a dinner date with LBJ's mom He was trying to get out early

Shes not still in jail? Although I’m sure Delonte knows how to get in there.

The Celtics look like they just want to hurry up and lose in the 1st round of the playoffs and go home.

More like they just want to get to the playoffs already How long has their spot been locked up for?

Now that's a stat line Delonte West: 6 mins., 3 personal fouls, 2 techs, and an ejection

Can't believe I'm saying this but in a half court set, we are looking better than Boston

YI CAUGHT A PASS!!! Its a miracle

The fact this game is still close is stunning to me

This zone is inhibiting Rondo from taking over the game....

Mabye they spent all night studying how the bulls beat them and forgot to study how to break down the zone

It's so sad to me that they have to use that canned noise in Boston…

That ft line has been like a 6th man for us tonight

Ray Allen needs a buddy that stays close to him in a blue jersey w/the word WIZARDS across the chest…

I'd forgotten why I hate the Celtics. It's all coming back now though - thanks KG.

KG looked like DA kid there

We're going to hang around long enough to steal this game

If Boston has the fourth quarter they did last game we will win this

Wow, the Celtics have real problems. They might not get out of the first round.

Don't underestimate their savy experience and them turning it on once the post season starts Everyone was saying the same thing last year

They won't lose round 1 But round 2 is where they’ll feel not having Perk

They actually pipe fake crowd noise into their arena? That’s just sad.

Blatche: what is the thing you call defense?

I wonder what Grunfeld thinks when he watches Rondo play Knowing he took Pech instead of him.

Why are we not pushing the paste…Boston looks old and they played a game last nite…this is on Saunders


How do you let Rondo get the basket like that?

he's good

Baltche has all the physical tools but he looks like a bag of Jello on the court, you’d think he’d be forced to hit the gym (olyptical, weights)

Love how the same moves that stars do are called traveling for D League call ups.

Teleport yourself back to 2004, find yourself, ask him "if Paul pierce, ray Allen, KG, Shaq, and a pass-first 11 apg pg would all be on the same team with Jermaine O'neal and Troy Murphy coming off the bench... But caveat it won't be until 2011, would this team be the best team in the league?" you'd say yes, right?

We'll never truly get anywhere until we learn how to play the slightest bit of defense

How come Wall never gets a call

Cuz he doesn't cry like PP, not to mention PP is in a gang, and throws out gang signs
Might put a hit on one of the refs


That ref must be a member too

And judging by this game, John Wall is clearly not in the same gang as any referee.

I swear the refs really look extra hard for stuff to call us on

Rajon Rondo may dominate tonight, but he will not dominate John Wall in two years. This is what I keep telling myself.

Garnett may have dominated Blatche tonight.. But he wont in 2 years after he retires. That's a FACT!

Our Defense lost it for us. The Celts played really bad. The Wizards were just worse.

Would have loved to have seen at least one of the Wizards run right through one of those illegal Celtic screens.