Comments from the Other Side - Spurs 3/31

It was interesting following the comments on the Spurs boards during this game.   Talk about fans with a split personality.  They went from supreme confidence in their team to wonder if they were going to win another game this season.  Pop went from a genius to a moron and Doc from a poor man's busted Pop to a very smart coach.  They clamored all game for Splitter and when they finally got him,  they complained about how poorly he played.  One thing is constant though.  There are Celtics fans everywhere and they complained about the C's fans in the building.   No wheelchair or old jokes - guess because they have their share of old guys too.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side......

Spurs Must Win

I'd like to see Duncan and Manu suit up but not start. Insert Manu in case of emergency, and Duncan in case of double emergency..

The Lakers have a 2-game lead on Boston, and that's not likely to change given their schedules down the stretch. A Boston win (and a Laker win today) puts the Lakers 2 (or 2.5, whatever) games behind the Spurs with 7-8 still to play. Tonight won't be the last time I root for the C's this year either. I'll be pulling for them in the first 3 rounds of the playoffs, cause there is no team I enjoy watching the Lakers beat more than the Boston Celtics.

Lakers fans rooting for the Celtics is magnificent. That's the most hopeful thing I've heard all day.

I still have that mag sitting in my collection. Could only imagine life for our spurs without Timmy.

Spurs got this shit... If they lose this game they don't deserve the #1 seed.

Spurs haven't lost 5 in a row since before Timmy got here and they aren't losing tonight.

Spurs by 30.

Pop did it again!!! Says TD and Manu might not play for the rest of the regular season and we fall for it. Good one coach, good one. U got us, again Especially after he pulled the same trick with Parker a few weeks ago…

How scared is the rest of the league now? Without our best defender, we narrowly lost to 3 of the hotter teams in the NBA. Denver has been on fire. Then with Manu, Tony, and Dyess out, we only lost by 8 to Portland.

Shaq is an example of what happens when you don’t condition

Shaq’s an example of playing a few seasons too long

Someone at the game should heckle Doc Rivers for his son’s attempt at rapping

Ok, so they have Kevin McHale doing a Celtics game. Sure.

Good to see Kevin McHale there ... I take him over Reggie Miller

Am I the only one rooting for RJ to go back to the bench?

i’m rooting for him to trade himself to another team right about now…

Dudes a liability, I said it before and ill keep saying it. Looks like he just wanted to get paid

Kristich is so skinny and white, lol.

Ginobili with the flopping goods

Never thought I’d be so happy to see Violet Palmer after the past few games.

2nd KG foul. Nice.

I don’t know why I feel awkward seeing Pierce and Turkoglu driving inside the paint.
they’re not graceful human beings

These teams are very similar.

After I saw the Perkins trade I thought that maybe Rivers is going to make his team Popped

Rivers is no where near Pop’s level

Rivers is a poor man’s poor version of a busted Pop…

I forgot how much I hated that Big Baby bastard.

Tonight’s game is important to see if we can get back in form now that we’re back at full strength. I know nobody’s thinking it now, with all the talk about the Bulls and of course Lakers, but this is still a real potential finals matchup.

shouldn’t delonte be playing where ever lebron’s mum is?

Pierce is a clown

Davis is shooting like Ray Allen.. Wth.

Another night of lights out shooting from Big baby and Rondo? Can't wait

Boston making every single jumpshot. This is ridiculous. Rondo is looking like Nowinski out there.

On pace for a 30-30 quarter ... That is so wrong ... Where is this Boston struggling I heard so much about

Boston is garbage w/o Perkins...Spurs gonna stomp that ass

Seriously Jermaine O Neal made a basket?

Davis is killing us. Somebody stay on that fat bitch!

No wonder the Celtics are the worst rebounding team in the league if theyre gonna let this front court out muscle em.

Spurs should be blowing out the C's. This isn't good.

Pop really shows how stupid even the best of coaches can be with this fascination for the Bonner and Blair combination.

Difficult to reach any other conclusion than Pop sucks. WTF is he doing?
Bonner & Blair does not work!

A Bonner injury would be the best thing to happen this team going into the playoffs.

Spurs need to build a big lead sometime in this game. Their play in the 4th has been atrocious.

We are up 3 with Allen going 0-4 you can expect a ray wake up in no time

Kevin Mchale has been great with the commentary

This team is just too reliant on their 3pt shooting to be considered a legit contender.

WTF is up with the crowd? I hear more Celtics fans than Spurs fans.

Does KG ever miss?

If Doc can find time for Krstic, Pop can play Splitter.

Garnett having his way with the Spurs.

Paul Pierce is taking tough shots and hitting nothin' but net..........crazy. Only Ron and Bron can shut PP down

Guys this season is totally finished. The story is written: spurs busted their ass for home court and totally wore themselves out.

Rondo is a decent player.

Who’s that guy? Pavlovic? I thought he was out of the league…

Who do we root for tonight? DAL, LA or neither?

For the game to be played near Fukushima

Yeah great, the last thing we need is for them to get superpowers.

And the refs start killing us

Huh? This game has been officiated fantastically.

Man Boston has turned up the defense

Celtics are TOAST if Krstic is done

Darn it. Pierce needs to stop making that step back jumper. can’t really defend that, mcdice did as good as he could do.

Might be a good idea to have someone within 30 feet of KG

Sigh why is rondo making those damn shots

Rondo is not this good of a shooter, is he?

Rondo is doing everything.

When you have Rondo bearing down on you foul the shit out of him and send him to the line. He HATES shooting free throws.

Spurs are coming undone, this is embarrassing.
First round exit a very real possibility.

We're just toying with them. No way Rondo can continue making those jumpers. Spurs got this.

Green is killing Bonner. Everybody kills Bonner

Green is not good … unless you’re defending him with bonner

7 point deficit at home against a team that's been playing like shit and don't even have Kristic...

Why am I still watching this stupid ass team?

Rondo with a jumper is super dangerous

The sad thing is Boston isn't playing great, we're playing bad..

It would seem that the refs let the Celtics play Bruce Bowen like defense, but they do not reciprocate with the Spurs offensive minded players.

Celtics are closing that paint DOWN!!

Don't cover rondo, hes only making every single shot

Is that screen legal? I think they locked arms. Unreal

You have to give Doc credit... he's just forcing Neal to be our offense...

I don't think we'll win another game this season

Spurs have no answer for Glenn Davis

It’s incredible that Boston has been shooting like crap against subpar teams, and now they’re on fire.

If by incredible you mean a pretty bad indictment of the state of our defense Then yes, that is incredible

It's the KG show now, knocking down EVERYTHING.



Garnett again… At this point, it may not even matter how contested his jump shot is.

Hey, great. Let Pierce get his own rebound over 4 spurs. Brilliant.

Chuck was right all along
The lakers will moonwalk into the finals
The west is trash

Lakers will roll 16-0 to the 'ship!!!!!

Nothing like playing a game against the Spurs to help a slumping player (in this case Rondo) go nuts.

Do I hear cheering from the crowd?

Yes Boston fans mostly