Comments from the Other Side - Sixers 4/6

Great game by the Celtics last night.  They definitely wanted to send a message to the Sixers.   I love how other fans think the Celtics are old and can't play any more and then after they get beat are amazed at how quick those old bones still move. I loved the comment about 3 point shooters being Highlanders.  Maybe he has something there and that's Ray's secret of longevity.    And when all else fails, blame it on the Celtics mystique.  Enjoy today's comments!  

I'm hoping we give them a good fight. We've proven we can beat them, and a win would give us great confidence for the potential playoff matchup.

This is a pivotal game for both squads. They wont want to let a team they might meet in the first round to come in this late in the season and beat them on their home floor. Will be a very tough game for the sixers to pull out especially without louwill.

If we beat Boston tonight we can help Heat get the 2nd seed, meaning we will help ourselves to play Boston in playoffs..

I'm torn. I want to play the Heat, but I hate Boston. If this was any other team I'd root for the Sixers to lose so we could get the perfect opponent in Miami. But I hate Boston so much I could never root for them against the Sixers.

I said I'd rather play the Heat, but with the change in the overall health of the Celtics Frontcourt, that's gotta be the favorite matchup. Celtics find themselves with an even worse C than we do (*gasp*), something I'm pretty sure they weren't counting on. The Celtics are vulnerable right now.

As crazy as it sounds though, I wouldn't get that much satisfaction beating a worn down Celtics team. The Celtics are my most hated team, but I'd feel way better about beating them at full strength. I'd still feel the joy of sending all of Boston home crying if we beat them, but beating Miami and their annoying fluffers would give me ammunition to last into next season to bash the Heat on a daily basis and troll every Heat board imaginable.

Boston doesn't scare me like they would have a few years ago. 5-5 in their last 10 isn't exactly intimidating.

The Celtics are old and they are wearing down.  I see a win tonight.  No way they can stay with the Sixers young and athletic players.  

Nothing I hate more then losing to the Celtics. I don’t see it happening tonight OJ outplays Ray Allen again & we get the victory 95-92

I hate Heinsohn

Damn. Celtics feed on league pass broadband. They really need to let you choose your feed. Tommy points make me ill.

O’Neal is starting for the Celtics Jermaine not Shaq, wonder how long before he gets hurt? O/U set at 3 minutes.

And the corpse that used to be Jermaine O'Neal doesn't even bother jumping for the tip.

Brand is getting either lost or eaten alive by Garnett.

Good push. Let Rondo keep taking long twos.

Boston just doesn't seem intimidating at all when we play them for some reason.

We should be up more, Celtics look asleep on D

I’m amazed Jermaine O’Neal still has normal bodily functions.

How we’re not getting killed by Pierce right now is puzzling

How do the Celtics survive these broadcasts!? If I were a Boston fan I might still hate the commentators

Apparently Pierce gets 10 seconds to get the ball in bounds in Boston.

In addition to the hate Boston factor I gotta say I hate Paul Pierce he is such a drama queen and he seems to have been in Boston forever. I hate the smug look on his face, look at him acting tough scoring when Iggy is on the bench.

Jermaine O'Neal is a scrub, sorry.

Feel like punching my TV right now since Heinsohn was just on it

It’s in our favor, but that’s an awful call… Could have been a jumpball, even

The Celts are not a good rebounding team, they shouldn't be getting all these second looks.

Hey that's cool Pierce can run into his teammate and call a foul on the 76ers. Wonder if the 76ers would get the same call (sarcasm intended)

Pierce deserves an Oscar for this performance...

Ugh **** the Celtics and Paul Pierce's ugly shots all the time, they're almost as ugly as his face

Seeing this half suggests yet again that we match up quite well against the Cs. Come on, let's beat them and make it a playoff matchup.

This is getting hard to watch.

Told you guys Miami's the better matchup.

The league will be much better once pierce and garnett are gone

Hate them if you want but the league is never better when 2 HOF players are gone.

This is how its gonna be playing Boston in the playoffs
They will stop our run game, defend us well(it helps that our players cant make shots) and just kill us slowly every game

This is how its gonna be playing anyone in the playoffs

Iggy falls, and draws an imaginary foul. Sure, why not.

Spencer Hawes has been Boston's best player tonight

We wont win against either Celtics or Miami but I think playing against the Celtics will be a better experience for the young guys.

I just want to thank Hawes for looking like a certified bitch tonight. I guess you can't be Hawesome every game, huh?

The Celtic mystique imposing its will on the entire Sixer team

Celtics showed us who's boss. Nothing more needs to be said (I know, we are pathetic, sad, bunch of scared losers...I heard it during the Bulls game, etc). Still want them in the playoffs, though.

I wonder when Meeks is going to chop off Ray Allen's head and steal his power. 3pt shooters are Highlanders right?

This is exactly why I want the sixers to play the Celtics in the playoffs.
Let them get their ass kicked in the playoffs by a good team with good habits.
Not that three ring circus over in Miami.

KG hits that shot in his sleep.

This is how the playoffs will be. The sixers youth and athleticism will keep us in it for the first half and the Celtics will pull away in the second half with a sixers run here and there.

Does Lebron James’ mom comes to Celtics games?

Positive about this game of course turner, negatives, if Boston plays like this now what are they gonna do playoff time

Jeff Green is a very tough matchup for Turner.

Speights got stuffed by Jeff Green to complete the humiliation.

Sixers can’t handle the Celtics:

The sixers are a very confident team after their turnaround but this proves that their no where good enough to compete with the elite teams. The Celtics defense completely shut them down.

I HATE losing to the Celtics.  I'd rather play the Heat in the playoffs just so we don't have to lose to the Celtics any more.