Comments from the Other Side - Knicks Game 4 4/24

Words fail me as to just how classless Knicks fans are.  There were a few who realized that it wasn't the refs that were terrible but their team.  But for the most part, they once again blamed the refs when for the 4th game in a row, the Knicks shot more free throws than the Celtics.  The refs weren't that bad in this series.  They let a lot go on both sides but didn't have an obvious bias, least of all not one toward the Celtics.  But worse than their constant whining about the refs, the fact that they continually were wishing injury and even death on players was completely classless. Lots of good stuff today!  My favorite comment was how they weren't going to figure out Ray today because no one has for 14 years.  How true! And the comment about Jon Barry's hair follicles leaving without saying good bye cracked me up.  What's your favorite?   Enjoy today's comments like the Celtics will enjoy their nice long rest. 

I really don't want to get swept. We need to make some adjustments on Ray I think he's 15-20 from 3.

Come on guys, NO TEAM in NBA HISTORY has ever come back to win from a 0-3 deficit. That record won't stand forever. We can end it. We just have to play hard, and believe. The Celtics have had everything going for them, at some point those shots are going to start clanking. The calls go on our favor, and Melo drops 55.

The Knicks aren't going to figure this Ray Allen problem out by this afternoon. The rest of the league hasn't got it down yet and it's been 14 years already. Let's just pray that he's drained cause getting up for a 3:30 tip should feel like waking up from the dead for Mr. Shuttlesworth.

Final game thread of the season I figure.

Its not over till the fat lady sings

I was at game 3 and a fat lady was singing.

4 Pillars of victory
1. Show some damn pride
2. Use the Kevin Garnett screen setting technique
3. Steal Doc Rivers' phone and navigate to the contact list. Write down the numbers of the refs
4. Don't play Landry Fields

We're down 0-3 but Boston has gotten away with so much BS I just want to see someone get physical with these fools

I've been a fan for 15 years now and the story with every Knicks team since then, good or bad, has been they play better with their back against the wall. Let's make the Celtics bleed.

I have no hope that the Knicks win the series, but I still hope that the Knicks can extend to 5 or 6, and that some Celtics players get seriously injured in those games.

Melo has a reputation for not being the cleanest player in the game but otherwise the Knicks are pretty solid on that front...the C's, on the other hand...

I think several Celtic's make Melo look like a clean player...The only one of the big 4 that really isn't is Allen IMO

But this is an opportunity to come out and go hard, win a game and make a statement. Build up a positive momentum going into next season. Of course, I do not think this group is capable of this. They have no heart. They are much more focused on the clubs they will visit once the playoffs are over than on proving a point in a paltry playoff game on the world's biggest stage.

If I had to guess, I would say that most players on this team have no interest in going back to Boston.

This Boston team is a jump shooting team. Lets make them drive and tire out those old ass legs.

The series was stolen last Sunday.

Anyone else feel an injured Amar'e hurts us more than it helps us?

Without his top flight athleticism Amare is almost worthless. He becomes a mid range jump shooter and that's about it. Shawne can at least attempt to play defense and rebound, and space the floor with them corner threes. Amare shouldn't be playing anyway. This series is done with. The last thing we need is his getting hurt more.

So it looks like amar'e's going to play . . . let’s hope it’s not zombie Amar’e

Oh god Amar'e! Atleast try enough today that you might even have a chance at re-injuring your back

D'Antoni on Rondo: "I'd like to see him on Minnesota and see how well he does." But quickly adds, "He's a really good player." Way 2 fire up the opponent Mike! Idiot.

You don't need to give Rondo any more motivation when he just dropped a triple double on you.

Keep going Mike. Call him Earthworm Jim while your at it. Hell, go order a wheelchair and put it in Pierce's locker room. Tell KG he wasn't **** in Minny. Tell Ray that he's no Reggie Miller. There's more you can do Mike. Go for it.

Rondo stands at the top of the key while Ray Allen runs around 100 screens. Rondo makes the easy pass anybody can make. Repeat.

(and the Celtics score keepers add four to his total just for good measure)

Jon Barry hates us and I really don't know why..............

That motherf*ER should hate his hair follicles for leaving without saying goodbye first

Win or lose, it's too late. Game 3 showed that we have no business talking round 2.

Amare's contract is looking real bad right now. We have a short window to get something done here.

At least Denver is down 3-0 as well Makes it hurt a little less

If we can't win then I would like to kick their asses - literally. My order for punching:
1.Paul Pierce
2.Rajon Rondo
4.Glen Davis
5.Ray Allen

Did you ever think about which team has the most punchable players ?
It must be the Celtics,almost every their player has a really punchable face

Rondo's an NBA championship point guard The same way Luc Longley is an NBA championship center

To have the shooting touch of Shaq in a PG Is embarrassing. Tho its funny that when he’s not playing a basketball game, the dude doesn’t miss a shot

Can we all just agree Rondo sucks? I don’t get how commentators can watch him, CP3, Steve Nash, and Deron Williams play and then say Rondo is on the same level as those other guys

Funny things about those other guys... 0 rings

One of the things I’m really looking forward to is Boston getting the pleasure of buildling around Rondo once those other guys retire.

Amare Stoudemire quote: "I'm going to look forward to the contact today. It's going to be an interesting game." Stat's mouth writing checks I hope his back can cash.

I hate these refs

"these refs suck".... Perhaps people at MSG, it's not the refs but someone else

I thought everyone's justification for us getting hosed in Boston Was that we would get the calls in MSG

These refs have been paid off

Wouldn't mind seeing Ray Allen get body slammed

Wow! What a flop by Rondo (scumbag)

Garnett used to be such a great player, now he just plays dirty and hopes the ref don’t notice

I like how were throwing rondo around like a little bitch

Flagrant? Are u kidding me?

Yeah... That was kinda flagrant

These refs are idots

Refs screwing us already

Pierce limping Bring out the wheelchair!!!

Good let the actress pierce earn her Emmy

Refs trying to give Boston points right now

The refs are trying really hard to screw us......I think we need another investigation..

Douglas is killing this organization. He needs to be executed.

No wonder Ray said they were gonna sweep. They have the refs in their pocket.

Bring in Shelden to at least put Rondo on his ***. He's just fearless going to the basket.

Apparently Kristic is exempt today, no travel for steps and no foul for hanging on a player that's already offensively challenged.

Why do people still pass to Jeffries? I don't even pass to jefferies in video games

Watching Krstic throw it down inspires a puppy punting rage.

Outide of melo and stat, our players are absolute trash... I'm sorry but we cant beat bostonwith these bums

The knicks defense turns into the red sea on fast breaks

Jeff Green can not guard Melo

Refs tried to rig the jump ball too

You could literally call a foul on every Celtic player, every single play down court.... Literally it would take 2 days to finish a game if they made every call on the Celts... That they should make..

Just Bring in Shelden Williams so he can break Rondo's face bones with his fore head.

This playoff series gamethreads have been the whiniest that I can remember. Apart from the last minutes of game 1, the refs were fine. There is no bias towards Boston.

This place is deader than a mausoleum

Can't wait till we can beat these guys. Boston is so unlikable except for Delonte West...for the obvious reasons

Our offence is padding Boston's defensive numbers

The Knicks are playing like, as if they WANT to get swept. Bring out the broom!!

These refs they need to be ran out the building we been playing the refs and the Celts this whole series

Will someone kill Rajon Rondo Break some limbs at least

Sigh. This is what happens when a team with only 3 good players Loses two of them to injury.

Stat isn't injured today. He just sucks.

There's a few faces in the world I'd like to see get punched. Delonte’s is one of them.

LeBron agrees with you

This team is just filled with Idiots.

Someone just shoot D'Antoni on their way out of the building

I thought the Knicks would play with more fire and desire. They're getting pushed around bythe Celtics bench players.

If we are going to get swept at least go for the moral victory. Take them out.

One Trick Pony Allen getting the 3's down again.

If Melo can't outplay Paul Pierce the Knicks are in trouble for years to come. He should own that guy

I am sorry, the knicks are just too soft.. Not being good enough is one thing, but being soft is inexcuseable....

I may actually......ACTUALLY cheer for the Heat against the Celtics..........I hate this Celtics team. I want rip Paul Pierces face off and chop off ray allens right arm.

We need to just starting fouling them hard and injuring them ****

I kept saying it. Boston was our worst possible matchup. I can't believe people thought we had a chance of taking this series.

The one thing bothering me is not that we're losing, it's that every one of the big 3 is a dirty cheap shot artist and not one of them are afraid of the consequences. The old Knicks would have put Paul Pierce and KG on gurneys before they allowed them to get away with the type of sh*t they've been doing this series.

Id be happy losing and injuring either kg pierce or Allen

That team is like our exact opposite. They can execute, they can defend, they're deep, they're well coached, they're disciplined. Every time Boston got serious, they curb stomped us.

At this point, I think Ray Allen could kick his defender right in the face and make the 3 without an offensive or flagrant foul called. Oh wait, I forgot...nobody defends him anyway..

Where was that foul are you kidding me these refs were so bought

Any feel like the refs are getting a guilty conscience or askin for more money from the cs or hey maybe even are told make it close so it doesn't look bad and then we steal this lol !!

I love that we're finally getting some of the BS calls to go our way.

Since when did Rondo turn into Ray Allen? Man.

Ok can we just storm the court and do what the knicks wont and just start kickin any 1 in green or a refs shirts *** to the point they never wanna come back here f this BS

Let's be real, the C's let NY back in the game, but they will close this one out. Soak this in before the C's pull away, again.

I hate Ray so much

Ray Allen- Knick Killer

I **** hate Pierce!!!!

The knicks can't do much else. You can even tell that corrupt **** was going to call a charge even before the play happened. Its so sad what the nba has become.

That's wat the nba has come to just throw yourself down and its a foul unless your the knicksof course we never get a call...I wish these refs die on their way home

I think Mark Jackson is getting paid by the refs. Dude agrees with almost everything.

Its the nba that wants it that way so they can rig it and get their bos LA series before these old **** get too old and cant make another run

Cant wait for David stern to just die and go away so the league wont be about getting these old fart stars to the finals again .... Rigged much

Every commentator agreed it was the right call I hate the refs and the Celtics just as much as anyone here, but it makes us seem pathetic when every time a call doesn’t go our way we say things like “the refs are keeping us out of this game”

Ray Allen Daggers are the worst kind of Daggers

Ray Allen is a robot.

Ray Allen is now shooting 143% from 3 this series

Someone should have body-slammed ray Allen

8-0 against the Celts this year. Bleh.

Kinda funny how the only other team in the league who can be swept now other than us are the Nuggets

Can one Knick just start a fight and get some C's suspended? I’d love to see punches aimed at Rondo, Pierce and Fat Baby.

Defense wins championships. How ****ing true!!!!

Doc was Bostons MVP this series.

Please someone break KG's knee. Please, that's the only thing that can salvage this series... Please someone..

I would do biblically terrible things to Paul Pierce.

Like stab him in the face 11 times

The Celtics are old and slow. They will never beat the Heat or the Bulls

Wish I were watching MSG so I didn't have to hear JVG and the other ESPN folks fawn over KG

Would love to see KG get punched in the face That would completely cancel out the pain of losing and I'm not kidding
You would kill to have him on your team As would I. Like JVG just said. He’s hated by everyone until he’s on your team.
I actually think at this point he's pretty washed up

Doesn't mean he's not a dirty player and a coward, as Player X wrote

Even though the Refs ****Ed us over this series and the Celtics are world class floppers I think I still hate the Heat more.