Comments from the Other Side - Knicks Game 3 4/22

I wanted to get these up early this morning as I know that after that blow out at Massacre Square Garden some of you will be watching for them.   Two things were rather amazing to me. One is that the Knicks fans complain about the refs more than any other fan base.  And even more amazing is the fact that the Knicks shot 11 more free throws than the Celtics.  It's funny to read all the comments on how they can't get a call and how ALL the calls are going against the Knicks at the same time they they are celebrating KG and Pierce having to sit down for having 2 fouls.  Also amazing to me is how these fans wish bodily harm and injuries on players- even on their own players. I mean, come on.  It's a game.   Well, without further delay here are today's Comments from the Other Side...

Bleh, just win one of the next two, so we won't get swept... that's all I ask.

Knicks can still win. Games 1 and 2 showed us all how worn down Boston really is. Carmelo almost single handily beat them by himself in Game 2.

Carmelo is unlikely to score 42 again. If Amar'e and BIllups don't play. It's game, set, match. Our bums are not going to catch the Celtics asleep again.

Let's be honest, it's hard enough to beat the Celtics when we are fully healthy. It's beyond hard to beat the Celtics when two of your starters don't play for most of the game. And it's impossibly hard to win the series when the zebras are in the Celtic's back pocket.

I believe we can beat them, they don't look impressive at all to me.

We not losing at home. Time for the massacre on Madison

The sad thing here is Boston is clearly done. With a healthy roster, even with the refs giving Boston game 1, the knicks would win this series in 6 games. I'd even be surprised if it went to 7 if knicks had all their guys healthy. Boston will probably lose in 5 to whoever they play next round. And the Atlantic division will belong to the Knicks next year.

Anyone down to go "Celtic pride" on those old geysers

Our "dominant" 23-18 record at home; I'd be nervous if I was Boston...

Only one man can save us right now
Nobody is scared of a team that has to get lucky to beat the Knicks without Billups and Amare or has to get help from the refs. We're not losing at home.

We're better than this team and we need to get at these clowns.

Amare finishes with a dunk, gives two thumbs up as he leaves the court. Playing possum maybe ? Hope so

Paul Pierce impersonation?

Na. No wheelchair.

After Ray Allen hit the go-ahead three to seal Game 1 against the New York Knicks, he had to be feeling good. That confidence continued in Game 2 as he scored 18 points and went 4-of-4 from beyond the arc to help the Celtics go up 2-0 in the series. Now, that swagger has spilled onto his Facebook page, as he posted this shortly after the Game 2 victory: "Bring out the brooms fellas, we gonna sweep 'em."

Bring out the brooms? O boy Ray your gonna regret saying that. I hope we man handle these guys.

That trash talking is likely to get Melo and Amare even more fired up than they would have been anyway. And just when the Celtics were heading to NY lol. Not very bright Ray. You are about to walk into a hornets nest

Ray Allen's mom. Enough said.

I used to say Ray Allen is the only player from the Celtics I liked
Well that just went out the window, I always knew he was a punk...shows no respect for us

MSG should stop showing Allen's mom. It's annoying.

I'm guessing Ray said that because he had just deposited several thousands of dollars in the respective bank accounts of each of the officials for games 3 and 4.

Shut up Ray, you gonna end up bloody again.

I don't think that was really him. I think it was his Facebook but the people who run it put that. I doubt he would say that.

Wow. I think someone from the stands should just jump on to the court and slap ray Allen and call his mom a deformed rat that had been adopted by a guinea pig from Mali

Maybe Rays mamma hacked into his account and posted it

They have every right to brag and boast, they're up 2-0. Its our job to shut them up. I think it can be done. I don't think Melo needs much more help than a 70% Amare to beat the Celtics at home. Time to shut this team up.

Nothing is given when it comes to knicks ... We have choked many times on home court before. It all depends on how hungry the players are for a win.

You hang around KG and Pierce long enough and you are going to get that obnoxious swagger. I can't hate on it though. Without that attitude who knows if they even would have won that 1st title. It's a winner's Mindset. If he doesn't think he can sweep us after beating us 16 of the last 18 games, then he's soft.

Celtics are so amazing to watch. Just watch how they never let Melo/Amar'e catch the ball in a good spot

Can we stop sucking.

Turiaf gets mugged and the call is on him? Rofl.. U kidding me?

Getting swept will be fun.

Look at these geezers slow to get up cause they're tired...

Are we really going to get blown out in our first home playoff game in 7 years

Doesn't look like the ref realise were in MSG! Only 1 whistle on Boston on amares drive, everything else was against the knicks! I HATE garnett

Refs want a blowout... I really hate referees... We can't buy a call... In our arena

The ref's are taking the game out of the Knicks hands and putting it straight into the Celtics hands.

Nice KG in foul trouble

The problem has taken a seat.. STAT out of the game.. And the knicks play better.. *****

TRADE STAT For a real Star.. Dwight Howard..

Maybe we should trade u for a real knicks fan

Celtics are bad offensive team outside of pierce and Allen there shooting isnt that great

The Refs hate us

Terrible, Celts flew there refs in.

I hope big baby falls on that useless jeffries next time

So.. We are away the refs are against us.. We are home the refs are against us... **** you Stern..

I bet if we change uniforms, the calls would go our way... Its fairly obvious who the NBA wants to win this game.

I am convinced they want Heat vs. Boston... They will do whatever it takes to get it.

The big 4 losers + refs arent leaving MSG unharmed tonight

Yay! Paula in foul trouble. Take a seat loser.

Amare needs to stop with the fake tough guy nonsense. Stop playing like garbage first, then act tough

Rondo is so annoying

This rondo guy is a bum..really there isn't a player I hate more thanhim.. Not dislike.. HATE!!

Rondo finally called for one of the 93 reaches he commits per game

Why does it seem like Pierce is better than Melo.

I dunno, cuz he plays for a better team and gets a game called by different rules?

What are they chanting?

These refs suck

Garden should be careful, Dan Crawford will t em up and throw them out

The Celtics bench is a trainwreck

Fat Baby trying to draw a foul on pure acting -- taking notes from Mr. Wheelchair

Good lord amare. it's ray Allen. He makes 3 pointers often

Rondo has a better jumpshot than Fields. My goodness Fields, SNAP OUT OF IT YOU MORON!

If ray Allen wants to tip toe around picks all day, I would use three fouls to really pound him.. A knee, an elbow and one to just put him on the ground... Every time he runs around a pick he would be looking for a knee, a bow or a hipcheck... Every time...that would be in his mind..

Ray Allen seems like he hits 90% of his threes against us.

Ray Allen is a problem

Jared jeffries is the worst player in knick history

If Jared jeffries wanted to make himself useful, he would sacrifice himself for the series and actually murder ray Allen.

Never ever ever ever ever ever ever leave Ray Allen. Don't go rebound, don't run down to the other side of the court. Just simply stick him.

Jared Jeffries...please just disappear FOREVER

Someone bust Ray Allen's eye again please!

Is Ray Allen serious? it's not even fair at this point.

I want to MURDER Ray Allen.... ANd his mother too.

Wow. Celtics just know where they each are on the court at all times. Their team passing is excellent.

We must have the dumbest players in the NBA. Mason, Douglas, jeffries...the three EFFIN stooges

3 on pierce Just means he will be able to foul with impunity until the way they let him foul out of this game

Ray Allen has a real punchable face.

So does his Mother.

I have noticed that Jeffries and these refs are equally horrible at there jobs.

Are you **** me, Allen is destroying us, I don't remember him this good, no way!!

I **** HATE 1 trick pony's like Ray Allen.

I swear anyone that defends jeffries should be banned from life Lol

I would rather have a pile of poop out there instead of Jeffires. It would stink less.

We going to have to play a flawless second half to beat Boston and handcuff Ray Allen

They are bad offensive team outside of pierce and Allen who are shooting 50% + today

should have never traded for melo...

This team all year has been very disappointing making the playoffs doesn't cover that neither does the odds getting swept to an over the hill Celtic team

Why is ray Allen always open

Refs are on their side, Celtics getting every lose ball..its destiny that they win

Oh well at least we made the playoffs We can try winning next year

If rondo is hitting contested jumpers there is no hope

The refs are terrible

Oh sure, blame the refs, because we're playing SOOOOO well

Hurry and put the Celts bench players so we can cut this lead again.

Ray probably thinks he filming he got game the sequel

Shut up with the refs ****. Honestly. They screwed us out of game 1 and that's it. Enough. Theknicks did not come to play today and amare doesn't belong out there. It is what it is. Admit it. it's ok

Wow, I'm like really getting upset. I don't ever get this mad either. I might kill a Celtic fan tonight.

I wish someone would just flagrant foul on rondo or pierce or something

I feel so sorry for every knick fan who waited 7 years just to watch this abomination. Utter **** disgrace. I hate this team.

Kg and Pierce will be posing the whole 4th quarter.

At least we aren't the raptors.

Ray Allen is some dude was shooting like this in 2k11 you'd accuse him of cheating

Someone break Allen's ribs !

Do we blame melo now for destroying the roster ?

I hate hate hate hate hate f^ing hate to say this but if Isiah was coaching right now
At least he'd tell melo to drop a body on the floor and start a nice brawl to finish the season with a big BANG!

I have no respect for Stat and Melo their younger then Garnett and Pierce and their getting owned I'm starting to like a pair of Starberrys

Garnett and Pierce are older which equals wiser

Lets face it this series was over the second garnett set that moving screen that never got called

I'll be satisfied with this series if Paul Pierce is sent to the hospital

We are the New York Bricks!

Id be happier if someone breaks Allen's legs ... Right in front of his mama so they both suffer !

Paul pierce is a fat gangbanger. Whoever stabbed him outside that club shoulda finished the job

I'd like to take up on the finishing part. Ill do it for Free. Hell I'll even pay for my own bus ride to Boston.

You've got to be kidding me...I hate the Celtics from the perspective of a fan, but I wouldn't wish death upon any of them....It's a god damn sport.  (from a Lakers fan- Even Lakers fans have more sense than these Knicks fans)

I kind of hope we get swept so I don't have to suffer any longer lol

Stat didn't even try to help on Allen. Pierce once again left wide open. They should just put the damn Knicks dancers out there so the crowd can at least cheer something.

I really hate Pierce. Someone hurt him, or knock him down or something.

I hope Pierce knows to stay in his hotel

I don't see the Celtics getting past the heat.

Why don't you guys ever listen to me more often? I said that the Celtics were our worst matchup. But noooo, you kept saying, "These guys are old! We can just keep running!"

They seriously can't send their bench out now? They got to run up the score like that?

Just lose on Sunday.. Don't prolong this shit

What I don't get is how the hell did we keep the games so close on the road, but couldn't show up in our own house? Weak.

In Boston it was that you vs. The World thing so everyone knew they had to give 110% to stay with Boston....that and the 2 grandpas weren't unconscious from the 3 point line.

This Just in! Right after knicks get swept out the playoffs there is an immediate fire sale on the chopping block are
Mike NO D-Antoni
Laundry "cant buy a bucket" Fields
Chancey "Injuries is my middle name" Billups
Jared "where is the Rim Coach" Jefferies
There is also a 2 for 1 special on Roger mason Jr Sheldon Williams Renaldo Balkman and Andy Rautins

Look at that nasty trip dup from rondo...eww

Doc Rivers calling Timeout after 2 straight baskets with a 20 point lead = 10x better coach than Mike D'Antoni

Just to think we could of had Tom T.

Boston took away our three point shooting Doc owns Mike D

Stat is sooooo soft go back to Phoenix chump

Pierce is so freaking clutch and smart

Yay ray Allen all day every day.god we suck

Rondo is so ****ing good

Well at least it won't be a cakewalk for Miami, I feel the celtice will take them down in 7.

Game 4.... Where MVP chants for Pierce happen

Props to the Celtics. They came in to our home and made the knicks, look like, the knicks.

Somebody stab Paul Pierce

This is worse then missing the playoffs has any team lost 8 straight in one year to the same team in any sport

What bugs me most is the ****ing idiots who thought Boston was a better matchup for us. Let's see, who'd you rather play, a team you're 2-2 against or a team you're 0-4 against.

I just don't wanna get swept. Just please win on Sunday.

There is a slight possibility that the Knicks will win one because the Celtics want to celebrate at home.

I've been saying that we should have avoided the Celtics like the plague. Too deep, too experienced, and too well coached. The team can execute when needed