Comments from the Other Side - Knicks Game 1 4/17

Knicks fans sure do complain a lot about the refs.  I was surprised that they made that offensive foul call on Melo.  Like they said, he does that all the time and gets away with it.  I love how when Melo hits a shot he is the greatest ever and then at the end he was trash and cost them the game.  Such fickle fans.  Of course there was a wheelchair crack.  Those are automatic these days.  And all the Celtics are old comments.  That gets old too.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side - There are so many good ones, I can't pick a favorite today.  What's yours?

I have a strange feeling we're going to see Amar'e and Melo play lights out defense I mean the hardest defense we have ever seem them play I don't know if we win or not but I know they're going to shock the world

Obviously Boston has plenty of players that have been there, but so do we. I expect a slugfest. A good old fashion knocked down beat em up drag em out battle. I can't wait.

I know Shaq is out, but when healthy Jermaine is a serious shot blocker.

A part of me feels as if the Celtics may be taking this game a little more lightly than they should and we might be able to steal this game. ....but then again, this is Boston we r talking about. They have the ability to switch it on for this type of ****

Weve been waiting years for this and its here. We have to punch em in the mouth tonight and set a tone for this series. We need to give a couple real hard fouls and some trash talking. Bottom line is that tonight we need to show Boston that were not scared of them

Just listening to Big FAT ASS DAVIS he commented to Sport center he is going to sit out with the Big Shamrock because they don't need him against New York WHO is this guy

Another key is the size advantage for Billups against Rondo. He's +40 pounds and 3 inches taller.

Oh another thing to remember is teams that are top heavy on talent can get by in the playoffs because there is now more rest between games. You don't have to be 10 deep and everyone plays decent minutes. With that said who do you think would be better if they played 40+mins. 26yo and 28yo melo and stat, or 35yo and 33yo Kevin Garknee and Paula purse.

Who gave big baby the right to talk smack? He cries when he gets shouted at!

We get to the line a lot, however we're also among the league leaders in free throws against despite playing some of the least aggressive D in the league. The refs are going to do us no favors down the stretch against a team with a huge fanbase like Boston.

Advice to the Knicks. Throw the Celtics off tonight by doing something new..LIKE PLAY DEFENSE! Not so hard, right?

Memphis has just defeated the Spurs, if a young team like the Grizzlies with no star power can defeat an old team, I feel more confident our Knicks can handle the Celtics who are older and have more issues.

The difference is the Grizzles play defense and rebound. With that said, I think we will win this series in 6.

Any game lost during this series will not be blamed on our poor play. I guarantee EVERY loss in this series will be blamed on the refs. Oh well.

KG is crazy. But we all knew this already.

The whole fake tough guy thing really went to annoying levels when he got to Boston. Guess he's making up for depreciating skills with a pseudo tough guy persona.

Is it me or did Big Baby eat Shaq????

The goal is to keep the game close until the fourth quarter and win it from there

Man I don't think I would ever like Pierce even if he was on the Knicks!!!!

And Carmelo hits the bench off of a biased call from the refs..

Turiaf is bothering the hell out of KG; you can already see it.

Pierce is looking very smug over there. Would love it if Walker could knock that look off his face.

Wish someone could throw an 'accidental' elbow at pierce.

We keep playing like this and Boston gets swept...

Melo is in foul trouble early and Rondo hit a Jumper. Could be a long night.

Did I just see defense?

Pierce flopped.  Get the flopper a wheelchair.  

I hate Paul Pierce.

Just keep the game close and hit them with a healthy dose of Melo in the 4th.

We are being very aggressive. Pushing Boston around and disrespecting rondo. You would think we were the team to beat looking at this.

Rondo with that luck shot.. Guy is a bum

Ray Allen scares me.  

I hate Paul Pierce....

Mr. Gloria James just got in the game.

This team is not afraid of the Boston Celtics.

Man Davis fell I think I felt the floor shake fat **** such a fat slob. It's disgusting.

Too many of you taking Ray Allen by the last month...he's been money all season before the team started cruising...2nd leading scorer after have to put a hand in his face or he will destroy you, Knicks fans.

Ok. We'll make sure to double team him immediately.


OMG, seriously. Turiaf was hammered. These playoffs are not being reffed fairly at all.

So they flop n get a call we getting hammered and no calls lol agenda much stern u ***

That's ok.. Keep letting rondo shoot.. One out of 10 isn't going to hurt us..

Sorry kg but no one is scared of you anymore

The Celtics do look old...

Pulling the chair FINALLY worked! Big baby just caused an earthquake

Scumbag garnett hasn't done too much, this is nice so far

I'm not impressed with Boston in the least.


Pierce was mugging Melo. He's gotta be able to get position!!! Omg.. How do you call that there???

Rondo cannot shoot I think I have a better shot then him

how are we letting Jermain O'neil's corpse out rebound us?

Thank God for Melo

Are these refs blind?

Jermaine oneal is becoming a problem

Can't believe old man Jermaine is playing well

At least our leaders are leading by example...and that example is, to play like ****

We're getting killed by O'Neal and it's not even Shaq

Ref Rewards A Flopper> Terrible Call> Corruption In The Nba Still Rules>

Ok how do you let ray Allen open

That's the one guy who can't get going....*Sigh*

Knicks have to run, run run... If they play slowdown the refs will let the Celtics throw punches, dropkicks and elbows and wont call a damn thing!!!

If melo is going to be playing like trash on offense he better do something on D

Wow that whore west literally bear hugged Douglas on the screen

We need melo in there now or this game is over... Stat is done.

Way to show up in the 2nd half Knicks. No heart.

Not guarding Rondo is killing us. Cuz no one boxes him out.

Wow thatss a foul I just give up why do they even play games why doesn't the nba just pick who they want in finals

That was a bad call? It had to be. MELO couldn't be that STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He stepped in, how is that 3 fthrows..And Melo is picking up some dumb fouls..Gosh play smart...Welp... Atleast he'll make up for it when he Wins the game in the Final Minutes.

5 on O'Neal that is huge. Get that scumbag o Neal out of the game.

How in the Blue **** did we let Ray get another Offensive rebound?

J.O. Filled in fine for Perkins. I don't want to hear any Kendrick Perkins excuses if they lose.

Hey refs, you see what rondo is doing, you can't do that. that's a foul

I wonder how much the refs bet on this game?

Love how the refs have swallowed their whistles on every amare drive

As a knick fan I'm bracing for another painful loss ..... I just can't help it

Refs refuse to let Boston lose this game.

Melo has single handedly lost this game.

Celtics - 3000 lucky rebounds that landed right into their hands
Knicks - 0

Refs letting both teams play.... On the replay billups got wacked on the head

This officiating is absolutely atrocious

Did that just happen? Damn Boston made that play look easy .. Some shish I would do in 2k

What the ****. We are up 3 with 37 seconds left. Now we are up 1 with 37 seconds left. How the **** does that happen?

I guess these guys didn't watch the Celtics vs 76ers game. The Celtics run that play every game

That's why Doc Rivers is one of the best coaches!

He was one of the worst coaches till he got his big 3, remember that

Horrible offensive foul call on Melo. Just horrible. Refs gave the Celts this game.

Worst call I ever seen in my life. Pierce was draped on Melo like a cheap suit...

Horrible call.....Pierce was hacking him like crazy

That is a terrible call. MELO DOES THAT ALL THE TIME!

Why Would You Let Melo Take The Last Shot!?!?!!?!?!?! He Sucks!

We were outfoxed twice: On that alley to KG and on the open look to Allen for the win.

I think the refs definitely kept the Celtics in the game but Anthony was appalling today. I reckon the Knicks are the better team. Played better most of the game and can win this tie. Anthony needs to sort himsef out.

COACHING MATTERS. Rivers gets the easy alley-oop to KG. MD, the offensive genius, once again cannot design a play to get hiss quad a good look. There's the difference.

Well boys its either a great win, or once again a heart breaking last second loss to the Celtics like always, will be finally break the trend or will the Celtics pull the same old **** on us as always

That was a terrible call. Refs giving the Celtics the game now...

All you ****ing blind dumbasses. That's an offensive foul. You can't just shove a defender outta the way with your elbow. We better not lose because of this selfish prick face ****ER.

That was some call at the end of a playoff game right call but it could have just let it play out. But why swing the elbow that high?

That was the most pathetic execution I ever saw on both end ...this losers don't deserve to win

Refs make it about themselves again. Instead of letting them play they whistle Melo for some ****ing ******** and cost us the game. Awesome.

I love how Melo got called for that phantom foul, but Pierce can charge into Melo and its legal. BS refs

Three Doc timeouts, and a easy Pierce jumper after a pick, then a alley oop with no time off the clock to KG, then a three by Allen to win it with 20 seconeds on one pass. After timeouts on offense we took all three's and melo made that offensive foul. We can look no further than our futile play after timeouts and Melo tonight.

The referees robbed the Knicks again...

On Melo's last 3 pointer look at the replay...U have Doc Rivers and another Celtics coach both 2 feet on the court directly behind melo yelling for is players to foul.....That's a Fkin Technical....A coach cannot be on the court of play..

This team cant play with us without help from the refs. Our bench will play better next game. Melo will play better. I'm hoping Billups just had a cramp. Looks like he extended himself too much on that play. Game 2 we wont let the refs decide who wins.

That call was BS but it's not fixed guys, that's home court advantage for you. If we beat them next game we will have 3 chances to win games on those kinds of calls

Carmelo's a closet Celtics fan.

All I can say is--this Celtics team sucks. The only way they're getting anywhere this year is through the refs.

Calls or not, we cannot beat the Celts in the 4th. They hit the shots. Refs don't make them. We lost. Get over it. Lest win game 2. I'm drunk.

Even when New York was winning the second chance points kept Boston close. Made Jermaine O'Neal look legit again.

The refs took it away. Celtics games are always officiated crookedly.

Ray Allen owns the playoffs.