Comments from the Other Side - Heat 4/10

Well, this wasn't fun.    As with fans of most opponents, Heat fans are very happy that Danny traded Perk.  The fact that opponents are rejoicing over not having to face Perk any more speaks volumes.  But the comment about the Perk trade being the reason Rondo was playing so poorly may be a bit off.  It probably has more to do with the fact that he was seen leaving a South Beach club at 2 am.   Lots of complaints about the refs, but they got more free throws and I could point out a whole lot more bad calls they made on the Celtics.  Of course there is the Pierce wheelchair reference.  Had to get that one in.  At least the Celtics played well to start and then fell asleep.  I do agree with them that Danny made a huge mistake when he traded Perk, regardless of if Shaq comes back or not. 

Wade+Bron+Bosh will combine for 100 points for the first time this season in this game...

Call me crazy but I believe we will win this game.

The Heat gotta get this. I'm not just talking about seeding. The heat gotta see how they fair up against the new C's

Boston doesn't care they'll let you guys take this one with no fight! This will be a blowout!

A few things have changed since last time....first off spo is actually running plays that work and 2nd....since the Perkins trade I honestly think that our centers r better then thiers.

I have this sick feeling that the Celtics will attack bibby the whole game and there is nothing we can do about it

We need this win more than they do. We will win this because for us, its more than just seeding.

I don't wanna see that mouse Rondo, and that fake tough guy KG punking us again.

Our so-called fans had better show up for this...

Oh no!! This team again. If we don't beat them now I will have no faith left for the playoffs

Wade is going to have a big game today, he's probably tired of people mentioning that he has sucked against Boston this year.

Heat by 34.

We are going to win today. I feel it.

Go Boston! Need the Celtics to win so they can eliminate the Heat with home court. Don't want this Heat team anywhere near my Bulls

I would think Perkins being gone should help Wade in terms of finishing at the rim. If he just plays like he always does, he'll rip Boston up. It's all mental for him(and for the team in general

Jermaine is only just back so we should look to attack him, and Krstic isn't the same defender Perk is. Shaq's out too, so we should look to drive as much as possible.

If Heat don't win today they should just not bother with the Playoffs and just go home.

Wow, Damp is inactive. He's gone from starting 22 straight, to DNP-CD to inactive within a a couple of days.

Why is dampier inactive?

Obviously because we need some toughness at the 5 against Krstic so we are starting a guy who can't even run at this point of his career over Dampier.

The heat are the only team rondo attacks against

Wow bosh is getting abused

Sometimes I just feel like slapping bosh

This team just hits everything against us. And of course, Wade leaves Allen and it burns him once again.

Very possession looks like a 3 sec violation on Celts...

Like I don't like calling people dumb, but Wade's BBall IQ isnt so high

How was that a foul? Oh wow. At least he got to smack Garnett in the face.

KG making a three? Oh its over

1st dumb turnover by Wade. He seriously goes dumb against this team.

Wow Miami sucks. 1 and done?

Ok!,Miami the ticket to wining this game is 2 get kg mad!

The Heat play their worst basketball against the Cs and get screwed on officiating, yet, they're always within striking distance. I'm very encouraged about our team. I don't even care if we lose today, the NBA needs a Heat-Knicks first round and the Heat need to get used to playing in Boston. We're gonna beat the Celtics in a best of 7.

Boston clearly takes it personal ive been watching them lately they never play this good the turds just don't miss

I just wanna see LeBron James dunk it on Delonte West

Joel kill yourself forever, you almost hurt Lebron

Green does look out of place on that team. Boston shot themselves in the foot with that trade.

I swear to GOD I can't take the officiating in games against Boston.

Why would Chalmers try to step over Garnett......that's just stupid. He had to go out of his way to step over Garnett. Chalmers needs to grow up, that's childish nonsense.

I like it.....the C's always try to bully us. The Heat need to be more willing to get their hands dirty against them

No one deserves a mouthful of elbow more than Garnett. Period.

C's tend to fade in the fourth. Gotta wear 'em down.

Watch out don't get Pierce hot..he might fall and leave the game and come back out on a wheelchair...Willis Reed style.

Correction, he leaves in a wheelchair, then hop-scotches back out of the locker room!

Good job JO..... Thank you for not resigning with us.

Bosh pushing the ref back lol.

I love ud talking **** to the Boston bench

GOOD TO SEE LeBron James and Dwyane Wade get in the Boston Crybabies Face

B*tch move by Pierce pushing Wade

Fake tough guy. The same guy who gets stabbed repeatedly for being a fake tough-guy. Talks the talk; gets shanked and does nothing about it.

Funny thing is JO tried the shoulder check and he's the one that got pushed back like a rag doll. Lebron is a brick wall.

I hate watching Boston play; There game plan is simple. They try to bully the other team by yelling at them, giving hard fouls and playing dirty on defense. But the minute the other team starts to play dirty or push back they start yelling at the Refs asking how are they allowing this.


Lol bosh is spitting on the ref

You can tell he was just daring the refs to throw him out the game. I love the fact that we're dominating the emotional aspect of this game.

This is why I'm not really concerned about home court against Boston. We're not going to get calls against them no matter where we play them.

Oh my GOD I've never seen a game so rigged.

Wish Tony brothers would have ripped his ACL in two

Pierce's face is so punchable.

I wish one of these refs would've slipped on Bosh's dinosaur spit and broke their leg.

Celtics wouldn't be where they are without the refs bailing them out.

Their "physical inside defensive play" is nothing more than refs allowing them to park guys in the paint to hack at guys at will.

I love how the guys are not backing down to these punks.

Good to see that we have to shoot 60% and outrebound them by 15 in order to have a 7 pt lead....Yikes!

Tony Brothers, the same Heat corrupted hater that cost the Heat a W vs Chicago .. The same fool should be banished from officiating Heat games.. This guy must have money on Heat games to lose

Miami should thank Danny Ainge for destroying the Boston team. Pre-trade I doubt the heat would have beaten…heat can beat them.

Danny Ainge = MVP for all non-Boston teams

Garnette is the dirtiest player in the league

The Celtics made a great investment on these refs.

Maybe that was part of the Perkins trade we never heard about

On ABC they're talking about how somebody on our bench should get some retaliation... Imo, I would LOVE to see Juwan put pierce on the deck!

Celtics get to play by a different set of rules yet again... Call that half fair and Heat up 15 easy.

NBA refs have their own chant "CHEAT THE HEAT!"

Boston's center position is arguably weaker than ours right now. Its more a case of feasting off of their newfound weakness.

Somewhere in OK or TX, Kendrick Perkins lold.

Wade looks tired. Looking old already. But he’s the team.

JO is so useless.

Thank God Celtics traded Perkins.

Ray Allen with the ofer since the 1st. His mom is going to need a double-dose of Delonte tonight.

Boston get's to camp-out in the paint. It's the privilege they are granted.

Is it me or the fans are so dam quiet??? We should be cheering on, and booing Boston.
This is not golf Miami

Why is Rondo hitting jumpers

As of right now Bibby + Rio >>>>>>>> Rondo

If this is the heat of the playoffs...I don't know who would stop us.

What's Doc gonna do now?

Hopefully get himself ejected.

That should probably be a flagrant on Pierce. No play for the ball, elbowed LBJ's neck.

Another dirty play from the dirtiest player in the league.

...and Pierce just can't BELIEVE his elbow didn't draw an offensive foul on LeBron's face.

I LOVE the Boston Crybabies for trading away Kendrick Perkins

This is how the HEAT are gonna play game in and game out in the playoffs. When we play with this energy and effort, who can beat us? The Celtics obviously can't

Jeff Green cant guard lebron

Boston sucks chants hahaha

Drive these scrubs into the GROUND!!!

Bibby isnt as bad on defense as we think..I mean hes not great but he isnt horibble

I think what u mean to say is....hes not great but he..isnt

LOL. 24. I actually place the blame on Ray Allen's Mom for not reminding him of the shotclock.

Boston has checked out. Tried some physical crap in the first half but just like GT3 said, when we didn't back down they've folded.

Ray Allen is great damn

Jeff Green = waste of floor space

And the Celtics are NOT taking this game lightly like how some haters will say. The Celtic players have said multiple times that they cannot flip the switch whenever they want this year because this isn't the same team. We dominated them, plain and simple.

Pierce flopping act in full view

Ref's are keeping them around...HEAT shooting from outside and Boston attacking the paint.

Are you really serious

KG sets so many moving screens

Someone make a GIF of that rim check by Rondo xD

Rondo is useless if he can't make a layup, cause he can't shoot with crap

Lets embarrass these clowns

I feel a lot better about this second round matchup now than I did 3 hours ago

Celtics really missing question about it..

Troy Murphy is such an @$$bag. He wants to go to a winner where he would also get some playing time and all he has done since going to Boston is ride the pine. Hasn't even gotten in this game yet.

Miami is +16 in rebounding

This is great. Not only can we get homecourt but also face the 76ers

I wouldn't have minded ousting the knicks in the 1st round

The Celtics walked off the court before the game was over, that's some disrespectful ****! I loved the look on the Celtics face! I hate the bulls but I despise the Celtics!

Important to keep in mind though that this will all look a little different if Shaq is back in it. Trading Perkins was pretty dumb of Boston though. Really dumb.

Doubt it. Shaq plays to our advantage IMO.

Yeah 40 year old deteriorated lower body shaq is going to be a huge facto

OLDtics going to OLD

Pretty messed up of the Celtics starters to walk out while their teammates still on the court

Clowns can't even wait for the buzzer to go off before crawling back to the locker room.

LOL troy Murphy. Nice choice there you idiot.

Guy has been awful when he has played. I knew he'd never play for them. Still don't get why he didn't sign here, but its looking like a blessing that we didn't cut one of the centers to sign him.

If the Lakers lose tonight it's almost guaranteed we get HCA if we face them in playoffs.

Great win. Loved the defense Wade played. Who possessed Joel and made him a good player?

Their centers suck royally. Would have been way different if they had Perkins.

Boston's falling off BIGTIME. You'd like to think they can turn it up in the playoffs but this isn't encouraging. They've been blown out by Miami and Chicago in less than a week. That's alarming.

Boston gave the Eastern Conference to Chicago after the Perkins trade. Sam Presti is a genius, Danny Ainge made a huge mistake.

They're body language the past few seasons has been much different. Last season, they didn't care at this stage of the season. This season, it was obvious that they couldn't keep up with the Heat and it was annoying them.

The Perkins trade took the life out of the Celtics, just look at rondo.

I don't like the Celtics.

Jermain oneal 0 points, 0 rebounds, 4 fouls, 14 minutes

Supporting Cast came up BIG. Still not going to write of the Celtics though.

Despite what the commentators were saying, I don't think the Lakers could handle that version of the heat. Of all the teams in the East, I think the Heat are the ones the Lakers want to see least.

I love the fact that Perkins is gone