Comments from the Other Side - Bulls 4/7

I'm always surprised at the amount of Rondo hate from Chicago fans.   They were right about one thing.  The Celtics did look disjointed, flat and disengaged last night.  For all their talk about sending a message in that game, the message I saw was that they really didn't care much about the game.  There was no intensity and no urgency.  The lack of effort was particularly visible in the rebounding where the Celtics bigs didn't give any effort at all.   It's never good to give a key playoff competitor to go into the playoffs with the confidence of a blow out win in their building, especially since they will have home court advantage.   Maybe they really don't want the second seed.   Rondo spoke after the game about this not being the same as last year.  I think the problem is that they aren't the same team they were 2 months ago.  It wasn't just the Perk trade, but the fact that they now have 1/3 of the team who are new and that has clearly changed the chemistry.   Hopefully they don't lose to the Wizards again.  That would add insult to injury. 

Defending East champs that they are, there is still something... Fragile... About Boston to me.

I usually can post a W for the Bulls with confidence. This game scares me. Luckily Rose will be pissed off that they almost lost because of his terrible shooting performance against the Suns.

Payback game for not giving Thibodeau to us 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, I'm expecting a loss & the defensive breakdowns to catch up. & a Tough night for DRose. Hope I'm wrong...

I'm feelin a slugfest in this one.

I want to continue the deterioration of the Celtics swagger.

Celtics are Very Good on D an will come in with their Championship Swagger carrying a Chip on their Shoulders... Hope I'm wrong

Championship swagger? From 3 YRS ago? They have nothing like a champ's swag And yea we've been giving up leads to average teams..but the Celts have been losing consistently to them

Statement game. Boston losing its swagger after Perkin trade.

I'm pretty confident we're going to run the Celtics out of the gym.

I expect few ejections (preferably Kurt Thomas and kg for Celtics) it will be an epic matchup

I can see Derrick getting a new career high.

That does tend to happen when he plays Rondo.

Honestly **** the Boston Celtics overrated ass team thinking they're bound to the nba finals.. Chicago > Mia > Boston.. We handle both teams regardless of playoff position. Boston without Perkins = they are done.

If Bulls lose, that means they help Boston get closer to securing the HCA for them vs Heat. I want Heat out in the playoffs ASAP

Bulls have Not beaten Celtics with KG in the lineup this season So Noah better come Ready... Or Garnett will thoroughly Outplay him.

As much as I hate the Celtics, KG's Passion & toughness is Unrivaled among Bigs.

The Celtics are just as contemptible as the Lakers and Heat, if not more so. I liked them more when it was just 4 idiots standing around watching Paul Pierce push off with his free arm so he could jack up contested shots and get his numbers for the night. This current lineup is chock full of flop artists, a guy who thinks being a huge jackass to his coworkers means he's being "a fierce competitor" in Garnett, and then a bunch of ring-chasing hangers-on.

People don't talk about Perkins much in the context of Noah, but Noah did struggle with his size at times as far as fighting for boards and even his occasional post moves. Shaq is strong (if he comes back) but he is also ridiculously slow, Noah could run up and down the floor on him all day.

The Perkins trader hurt them and I'm thankful they did it.

Even if Shaq is healthy too, he can't defend like Perkins. That is one less quality stopper at the rim to slow down Rose. Shaq's defense is pretty much just to hard foul at this point, which is concerning for one's health, but less effective at actually stopping points on the board.

Yea, I tend to fear for Rose's life everytime he takes it to the hole on Shaq....

Let all the Celtics burn and die in their young age...cept Pierce...becuz hes awesome

Rondo has nightmares of rose breaking his ankles

Drose is going to kill Ronda tonight.

Idea for a drinking game Take a shot every time Rose makes Rondo look like a fool.
Caution: May cause alcohol poisoning

Boozer can't even guard JOneal this is pathetic

That jumpshot by Rondo looked like it was shot by a 10yr old

The refs are not calling the same game on both ends

They won't call a second foul on Pierce. That would ruin the fan experience. And TV ratings?

Please don't leave Allen open for 3 all game like you always do please.

*waits for Pierce to fake his career ending injury, and play about 30 seconds later
I think it happens in most close games

Booz makes his first defensive play of the year!


Refs trying to take over smh

I'm disappointed in Sager..he looks like he may have dressed in a dimly lit room as opposed to pitch black.

Boston brought their own refs,

Kg just flopped.

Kurt Thomas in Garnett about to get injured
They call him Hurt Thomas.

I hate Garnett. Such a fake tough guy.

Someone in Vegas made a call to the refs

So Rondo is Such a great defender that the Celtics are now doubling Rose.

Rondo is so predictable when he drives with that fake pass turnaround he does.
I wonder if he realizes Thibs is our coach =P

The Celts just look flat, disjointed, and not really engaged tonight. At least not yet.

Jeff Green is soft and intimidated. He shouldn't be scoring anything.

Kristic looks like Al Bundy trying to play ball

Green's causing problems. He's oversized at the 3, the position he should have been playing since he was drafted.

The Celtics are so much softer now. They're done.

Watch out for Delonte West Literally, he’s as likely to shoot fans at the United Center as he is the basketball

Boston is getting so many calls

Forgot how deep Boston is when they actually have their guys playing

The refs are the only thing keeping Boston in this game

Rondo is falling all over himself...pathetic

Celts are missing Perkins around the rim...

KG is one of the few players that I've loved at one point and now I despise him. He's gone from hero to villain.

Rondo is trash.

I'm still laughing over rondo's horrible offensive ability.

Awful transition defense. Cmon guys, they are old as hell.

I don't have much of a problem with the refs tonight. Even though the Celtics only have 6 PF for the game.

Rondo should be in the d-league

Kurt is all up in Big Baby's head.

Why does Davis, more often than not, have that facial expression like he's about to cry? And he wants people to stop calling him Big Baby.

KT using some veteran wizardry on Big Baby's pea brain.

Rondo couldn't stay in front of a building

Rondo never lets his guard down. Because his guard has such low expectations.

That's like 3 blown lay ups for rondo in this game. Rose is really in his head

Rose is making Rondo look as retarded as his face is ugly.

Rondo is so awful.

I can't believe how terrible Rondo is! I'm sitting here laughing my ***** off watching him miss lay ups and wide open shots!

Even short white people school Rondo.

Rose is ****ing making Rondo look like a five year old.

Noah cant guard bigger stronger guys that the Cs have That's what is worrying to me

Rondo is a lot closer to Kevin Ollie than he is to Derrick Rose.

They're calling everything in favor of the Celtics.

I'm waiting for Rondo to just break down and cry.

He won't Martians don’t cry

I heard he wanted to phone home.

Bulls getting in the C's heads :)

it's amaing that there's nothing to fear about these Celtics anymore Used to be that I was always worried we’d get blown out by these guys. Man, Rose erased all that fear!

Rose is completely in Rondo's head

I would say we need to rip their hearts out right now But Danny ainge already sent it to Oklahoma for us

C's look dead

The Celtics just look old out there.

Our defense is so scary. I love this team

Please bring in Scal to rub it in

Man, this game was easy I hope we keep the wins coming

Celtics are a classy organization Imo. Compared to the Heat........... Wow, what a difference

Did Ray Allen even play tonight? Kieth Bogans outplayed him

I expect the C's to play better when they meet in the ECF

Yeah because Ray Allen and Rondo can't play that awful again

Dude, cant you recognize the Bulls defense made them play like that?

Yeah the Bulls are better and younger. Have the leagues best player and defense.

Expect Noah to play better in the ecf And the C’s still don't stand a chance

I don't think they will necessarily beat the Heat This isn’t the same Celtics team that owned them in the first half of the season.

I hope the Celtics can pull out a win Sunday and beat the Heat in the semis.
I really want them in the ECF.