Perkins transforms Thunder into NBA's top defense

While Doc laments the Celtics soft play of late, Kendrick Perkins has made a major impact in Oklahoma City. The Thunder considered a weak defensive team prior to the trade have become the league's leading defense since the addition of Perkins to their starting line-up. The Thunder with Perkins have chiseled ten and a half points off their points allowed per 100 possessions. Offensively they've also improved, but we all know it's defense that wins championships.

Looks like the fallacy that Perk is only half the player he once was was way off. There's a reason the Thunder were championed almost unanimously following the trade for stealing one of the top defensive players in the game for a couple role players. This was a major coup for the Thunder. You can't base Perkins importance to a team on traditional stats like ppg. Perk is a major force in the game.

I'm not ready to dismiss the Celtics as title contenders. I think Rondo will become a different player in the playoffs and we'll still make a run at this. It's just that Ainge has made it significantly harder for the once favorites. It reminds me of "Major League" when Cleveland's GM would make moves to hurt the team, but the team still ended up winning despite the GM. Maybe the Big 4 need to make a pinata of Danny and use that as inspiration.