Comments from the Other Side - Suns 3/2

 I don't think I've ever seen fans wish terrible harm on players as much as these guys do.  I mean they were even wishing a season ending injury on their own player.  Now that's bad!   At least they can't call the Celtics old because their best 2 players are just as old or older than the Celtics!   I love how they call Rondo overrated and then talk the rest of the game about how good he is and how he is dominating their team.  And maybe Rondo was a little classless in shooting that 3 at the end, but so were they when they went in for a layup after Pierce dribbled out the 24 second clock and the Celtics had basically stopped playing.  And the refs let a lot go both ways.  I wouldn't call them terrible because they were pretty consistent in ignoring stuff on both teams.   Anyway there's a lot of good stuff in today's Comments.  What's your favorite? 

This is going to be a tough game for us. Our guys are tired and we are facing the best team in the East.

Paul pierce makes manu ginobli look average in flopping.. Grant has to play smart..pierce has been getting 50% of all his points from the free throw line.

Pierce has the best pump fake in the game, no contest.

We have won the last three games against the Celts, tonight we will make it four in a row !!

Most of u sound like cetics fans... They got worse with the trade... And whats crazy is all u have doubt in the suns....... THEY ARE GOING TO WIN.... GO SUNS

Be prepared to be angry. Getting any kind of decent calls in the Garden is nearly impossible

I agree. In the Garden, unless you bring your cell phone you're not likely to get any calls at all.

We should throw Hill, Peitrus and Warrick on Rondo just to make his life that much tougher.

I know I will get a lot of heat for this but I feel like Rondo is overrated.

You won't get any slack from me. If Nash was on that team he might average 15 assists. Nash is averaging 11.5 with a hobbled VC, a 38 year-old Hill, Channing Frye, and Gor-pez. It's not even a contest to me. I'd also take D. Williams, Westbrook, D. Rose, J. Wall, T. Lawson, and C. Paul ahead of him. That's 7 other guys I'd rather have.

Rondo is the new Kidd, only (as far as I know) without the domestic abuse charges. Who knows, maybe Rondo will develop a 3-point shot 15 years into his career, like JKidd has.

Ive been looking towards this game since the road trip started, its gonna be tough but at least they dont have Perkins and Shaq and Jermain, not so bigger then us

This is gonna be such a poorly officiated game...

I predict an epic defensive collapse from the Celtics tonight!

Lets offer Carter to the Bball Gods. We need a sacrifice

I want channing to make KG so frustrated that he intentionally gets himself thrown out of the game Or commits suicide Right there on the Garden floor. That should make for an interesting play-by-play.

I have another question. Why isn't Arenas playing anymore? In Orlando.

Cuz Arenas is even less functional than Charlie Sheen?

I hope that "force rondo to shoot jumpers" is part of tonight's game plan

Not "force Shaq to shoot jumpers?"

The game plan for shaq is: “force him to run around really fast, thus inducing a heart attack”

Wow, that's the 3rd player we've wished death on and the game hasn’t even started yet. Good Job!

Has KG just become a bigger asshole as he's gotten less talented... Or did we just notice it less b/c he was in Minnesota?

I hate Paul pierce...

Who doesn't hate Paul pierce and Kevin garnett? Honestly.

The more Carter plays the more it hurts this team. He's a garbage chucker who shouldn't even have a roster spot.

Rondo is dominating.

Garnett has not missed a shot.

Yeah, when he walked to the court before the jump ball, he looked like he'd be willing to kill his own mother. Looks like he wants this one badly.

Rondo is insane on D

Boston is playing dirty ball already, we need to shut up and just get tough on defense and around the boards

Celtics playing with a vengeance, and their new players trying to prove a point. On top of all that they are a better team

Frye doesn't even want the rock tonight, KG has him shook.

We can't get any calls at all. It is ridiculous.

Suns had no realistic chance to win tonight. Doesn't matter. Still a good road trip. Just enjoy Boston. The passing in that first quarter was of a mathematical beauty.

Yes Lopez foul trouble!! Please injure yourself too so I dont have to see your *** on the court again!

I guess the moving screen is legal in Boston?

Wow.. I know teams dont get calls on the road.. But come on.. We cant even get one

How did Nash not just get ejected? Wow 3 second and he went end to end Nash was def trying to get tossed.

Nash should have been thrown out of the game but he wasn't. Hope we can show some fire in the second half

I hate the star treatment that every player on the Celtics gets

Jeff green is killing us

We are killing ourself

They're all killing us

Murphy is gonna revive his career tonight

I hate seeing the Celtics throwing laser passes to wide open guys just under the basket

It's weird to see Krstic in a Celtics uniform. But even weirder to see Perkins in a Thunder uniform.

Rondo is a very good defensive player... Aka. He’s good at reaching in and not getting called

KG is such a fake thug Scores a basket on Frye and sneers at him the whole way back.

I don't like Rajon Rondo. That completes my dislike of the entire Celtics starting lineup. Except whoever starts at C. ‘Cause whoever starts there doesn’t really matter.

I hate it when teams get credit for being "great" defensively when really, they're able to foul a lot without getting called

Look on the bright side...if we lose this game at least we'll be mentioned on ESPN and NBA TV I mean they HAVE to bring up this game…it’s the Celtics.

I'm not sure if I hate anyone in the NBA as much as I do Kevin Garnett.

Seriously though, it's one thing to get blown out by any regular team. I can deal with that.

But it's another thing to get blown out by the pieces of trash that make up the Celtics. That's harder for me to take.

Robin Lopez has one of the ugliest games I've ever seen in my life. Just ugly. He and Joel Anthony should hang out.

You know, it sucks seeing Phoenix play this poorly, but I must say, I LOVE watching Ray Allen play basketball. I respect KG's game, hate his guts every time I watch him. Respect Pierce's game, indifferent towards him, but love watching Ray play.

VC is down

Well I hate to be the one to say it but too bad this didn't happen earlier, get VC out of the game

The best thing that can happen to the Suns in their playoff hopes is for Carter to have a season ending injury.

Celts fan behind me: “wow, vince carter looked like a corpse for a minute there.” Should I have told him that that was actually a preexisting condition?

Can we blame Vince that he didn't at least collide with a Celtic?

I noticed Paul pierce has 10 rebounds How is that possible?

Boy without would have been so much easier

Just a thought. I wonder if the Suns could have traded Dudley for Perkins. I would have liked to have Perkins even recovering from injury.

Hack a rondo

Vince Carter looks disheartened.

He realized he's Vince Carter. Must be a sad thing, being such a star player and realizing you just can’t do it anymore…

When is shaq going to reach that??

Love how Celtic fans oooh and aaaah at Rondo's behind the back fakes even when they don’t do anything

Nenad Kristic is 27 years old. He looks 45

The idea of Kevin Garnett dying in a fire pleases me

He'd probably die talking trash to the fire “try and burn me, bitch! Just try!”

I'll request the Taliban to land a plane on KG's house. And make KG eat bomb. And explodes like a dog.

Bummer to see Big Baby go down. Knee injuries are scary...

Bahahhaha he hurt himself when no one was near him... That sucks.

I'm not usually one to laugh at players getting injured, but the Celtics have acted like such pricks, its kind of karmic.

Sucks for Davis, I have to say he gives effort out there

Big baby looks hurt. Good thing they still have Jermaine O’Neal and Shaq still. They wont get hurt.

Gortat blocks Murphy! That is pasty white guy domination!

Tale of 2 games tonight. KG is now my #2 most hated basketball player. Congrats bud! Ill be sure to run out on the court when you break your ankle to film your new Adidas commercial. "What can they say now" KG?

So many FT's for Boston... The NBA really does have favorites. Unfortanately for them, they don’t realize that by showing attention on only a few teams, the NBA will start to lose small/mediuml-city fans, and soon the only teams they’ll have are L.A., Boston, New York, and Miami.

The Celtics do a pretty phenomenal job of making themselves unlikable

I'm disgusted with the entire Celtics organization, the players are classless, the fans are classless. Really sickening.

Wow **** you rondo. Coulda just dribbled it out you cocky alien eyed bastard.

Rondo is so classless

I wish Dudley did hit Rondo harder. Just make his act of falling worth it.


Boston is really classless. Their fans, coaches, and players. Garnett's as good a player as he is bad a person, and I really lost some respect for one of the only two players I like on the team. There was no point in dribbling around and pulling up for 3 when the game was over; glad Dudley told his ***.

What a chump squad they are now. Aurebach would be ashamed

Did we really need further confirmation that they're the most classless team in the league?

Rondo is a punk, and big baby reminds me off Earls best friend off "my name is Earl".

The whole Rondo thing is really just a product of a dumb "rule" that was made as an act of sportsmanship, but it is really just robbing the fans a possession of basketball.

Boston has always been classless, and this showed that even more. I friggin hate the Celtics.

Celtics behavior down the stretch and for both games we've played them really
Makes me OK with the Big Baby injury.

I want punch those big headed jerks!!!! Classless!!! I have never dislike a team more then them. Why must they always mock the other teams.

KG is a schoolyard bully, nothing more I so desperately want someone in the league to step to him

After that last-second crap by Rondo If I were Gentry, I’d have called a timeout with that .4 seconds left and run a play right straight at him, with the intention of, shall we say, drawing the contact.