Comments from the Other Side - Sixers 3/11

 Comments from fans never cease to amaze me.  Usually we see comments wishing injury on a player (like the one below wishing a blown Achilles on KG) and those are bad enough, but a fan wishing that a team's plane crashes is beyond my comprehension.  I love how the Philly fans ignore the fact that they beat a team with 5 key players on the injured list and feel like they made a statement.  That last graphic is priceless.    And as with many of the games recently,  there were complaints about how may Celtics fans were in their arena and plenty of KG and Pierce hate.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side. 

The Sixers can beat Boston they lost 2 games earlier that they could have won had a few things went their way.

While I'd like to see a win, I think this one's a loss. At the beginning of the week, I was hoping to beat OKC, expecting a loss against Boston. Lowering expectations is not a bad thing for this very young inconsistent squad.

Hopefully their plane crashes on the way to Philly.

Tough match up for the Sixers. Hoping they play a good, tough game. Boston has some injuries, but even while incorporating 5 new guys into the lineup and without Shaq and Big Baby, they are a force.

Please win from a Bulls fan. If you win and we beat Atlanta finally (Something we havent done yet all year) then we will only be .5 games behind them in the standings. We are counting on you guys.

Almost as important as the game itself, is there any chance that Snow and Zumoff will be announcing the game rather than Tommy Heinson? As far and away the worst announcer in sports, he makes all games painful to listen to even during a win. Snow is no great color guy by any stretch, but Heinson makes Clyde Frazier sound elegant.

I think we've got a shot with our backcourt playing really well as of late and with their lack of depth down low. Without Shaq and Baby, we match up pretty well with the C's.

The officiating has been absolutely horrible in the first couple minutes. Disasterous even.

Garnot is such a douche. Please blow out your Achilles or something.

Who are those tools Cheering for Mr. Wheelchair?

KG looks really slow. Even Brand looks faster than him.

Anyone who knows basketball knows he's close to being done. Brand is just a better player overall right now.

This is not good...we are not getting any calls tonight...

It's amazing how Rondo lights the league on fire every night when he's completely inept shooting the ball.

Krstic is actually much better offensively than Perkins, but defensively he's a joke. Attack their interior.

Our bench should own. Half their team is in street clothes.

We should definitely win this game. Boston has no depth right now. They look weak actually.

I hate Paul Pierce.

Alot of Boston fans there

Someone needs to step up & foul the **** out of Kristic.

I guess there are a lot more Celtic fans out there than I thought

According we to espn box score we only have one turnover and it’s almost halftime. that’s unreal against the great D team like Boston

Rondo was listening to coach talk to Lou so later Coach Collins pulled the plays our of his jacket and offered them to Rondo classic

I don't hear any Boston fans. They aren't really known as a traveling fan base. The city I mean, not just Celtics fans. My buddy down there said it's a packed house all Sixers fans

I'm watching game in crappy SD quality on league pass and even I can hear Boston crowd.

I remember when the Sixers almost beat the Celtics in Boston earlier this year. A ton of Sixers fans there. A little less than 50% I'd say. Especially shocking because the Sixers were pretty bad at that point in the season.

Rondo... Offensively challenged much?

Spencer Hawes is the 76ers' version of the Heat's Joel Anthony.

It's a battle of the big white stiffs.

The Boston team ain't s---. Not saying that we could beat them in 7 or anything, but there are going nowhere in the playoffs. Depth is lame as hell. Jeff Green and Troy Murphy? Sasha Pav and Avery Bradley? Smh.

Their starters aren't the same either. Physically Pierce and Rondo are fine, but Garnot has very little left, and Ray Allen was done last year IMO. Let alone this year.

What’s worse: 1/4th stadium in Celtics gear or booing the sixers when up?

Marc Zumoff is a liar. The Celtics are not one of the best defensive teams in the NBA.

C'mon, open it up in the third. Ray and Pierce aren't gonna sleep ALL night

Did they try to throw an oop to Garnot? He can't even jump over a newspaper.

Jrue is making the Celtics D look like Swiss cheese.

Danny Ainge, this Boston team is weak as hell. Good job trading Perk.

Can't believe all the phony baloney bandwagon Celtic fans in attendance.

This Boston team we're playing right now is not as good as us. At Full strength we lose but we should def win this game

We always get outplayed in the 3rd quarter. It's like clockwork.

Alright you know your screwed when Rondo is hitting jumpshots.

I thought Doc didn't let Rondo shoot jumper's..

Garnett has never made a set screen in his entire career. He is always moving, always using his elbows and forearms.

There are way too many Celtic fans in the building. I'm pretty annoyed by it to be honest.

Sixers got away with one there. That was not a turnover by Boston.

Boston has the weakest bench of any playoff teams besides Miami. If we lose this game to them, I'm going to flip out.

At some point, Young is going to realize that Green can and will shoot and make his shots.

Watching Garnett with the moving screens sickens me....Collins needs to say something about it

Let Arroyo keep shooting. Please.

Kristic is killing us we have no bigs that can at least counter other teams bigmen. Were pretty much at the mercy of other teams bigs playing a horrible game.

I don't think I hate a player more than Paul Pierce

Please do not let Ray Allen get any looks.

Lose this game and I'm breaking all of my sisters barbies.

Braking barbies? Please, settle down. I can take the wishing death, but breaking barbies...down right barbaric!

This team is so lucky that Celtics are off today


Don't take this the wrong way, I'm THRILLED with this win. But man that was closer than it needed to be. Boston played like trash.

Boston looks seriously suspect come playoff time. Their roster is thin. With the age of their big 3, the only capable bench player they have is Green.

These refs are helping out alot tonight. Definitely calling our way

Maybe now, but at least for the first quarter they were definitely helping out Boston.

Weve beaten more championship contending teams thant MIA

There can be no doubt that the Celtics are happy they won’t see us in the first round. After this no team at the top in the East wants any part of the Sixers!

Heinsohn making excuses. Says the Celtics frontline is tired. HAHAHAHAHA

Wow, Tommy is such a homer. I can't stand the dude but everyone from Boston worships him.