Comments from the Other Side - Rockets 3/18

Another game, another wheelchair reference, and another "old" joke on the Celtics.  Oh, and more wishes for someone to hurt KG.  Same script, different team.  The Celtics looked more like a team tanking for the lottery than one fighting for the top seed.  Hopefully they bounce back and get a win in New Orleans.  In the meantime, enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side...

If Celtics are really aiming for that first seed then they will come out and play like champions. If they play careless then we might steal this one.

I think we have a good chance to get a W here.
Rondo playing hurt
PPat can handle Garnet
Hayes can handle big baby/kristic/and O'neals are probably out.
Kmart will have a hard time covering Allen but I think CLee will do a good job.
Bud is going to get handled by Pierce.

Boston is always tough, but we have a better chance now that Perk is gone. If PPat can get points vs Garnett I'll be impressed.

Rondo's playing hurt and has been below par for weeks. He looks worn out, doesn't drive much, and doesn't have much lift.

 We beat them in Boston ... Shouldn't be that tough at home.
One thing that worries me is the Kmart Allen matchup..
Both of them are very good off the ball players but one of Martin's main weaknesses on the defensive end is fighting through screens.. This is Jesus' bread and butter so I think the Celtics might exploit that...

Learn your history, fella. Martin shut down Allen so bad every game in Seattle that when Allen was asked about Martin after the game, Allen got this frustrated look on his face and just said he'd rather not comment.

The Celtics’ bigs are old, injured and/or slow. (Although I don’t know much about Krstic) Ray Allen scares me, but we’ve beat the in 2 out of the last three games, so maybe they struggle against our schemes.

All you need to know about krstic is that he regularly dominates us

Krstic and Green Seem to have helped the old age problem the Celtics had with their bigs. In fact, the main old age guys, the ONeals, won’t matter much.

Basically, we need to play a near-flawless game and hope the Celtics mess up.

Atleast Perkins wont play

I am going against common sense and reason; calling this one for the Rockets.They are not as good as the Celtics, but they need it more.

Celtics need it pretty bad.

The Celtics are trying to get back number one in the East, so they're going to take this game seriously. Which means this could get ugly for the Rockets.

I would love for 2Pat to slap the **** out of KG

Unbelievable cheers for Celtics in Houston with tons of fans in Boston gear. More visiting fans than even when Spurs are here

If you watch the Celtics road games there are tons of Celtics fans in the crowd every game!

Someone should really have told bud that garnett is really good at blocking shots

Boston announcers Whine a lot for a supposedly contending team

I'm a horrible fan to wish for this But I really wanna see Patterson rough KG up

No your not You’re just like every fan of every other NBA team not called the Celtics.

We can’t breathe on em w/out a foul. Why are the zebra making the games best teams jobs easier for em against us

I must have committed some unspeakably bad act in the past for nba league pass to stick me with the celtilcs announcers

Wait, Arroyo's their backup? Where’s Nate?

OKC Traded in the Perk deal. Which still remains the strangest trade of the trade deadline.

.Bud needs help! Pierce is slow but he makes Bud look even slower

Too many Celtic fans in Houston!!!!!!!

There's a ridiculous amount of Celtics bandwagon fans in the stands..

Delonte James checking in

Hide your moms, Delonte's in

Seriously when did Kyle Lowry learn to shoot like this?

I hate the Celtics' uniforms....good call on the Rockets' part to not wear Rocket red - would've looked like Christmas instead of St Patrick's.

Boston is letting Houston win because they want the Rockets in the playoffs so the Rockets can give the Spurs a run for their money and tire them out....

I hate Garnett and his dirty plays. Chuck'll mess him up if he isn't careful .... And oh, how I'd love to see that.

Oh Garnett. You're old as hell and you're still a poor sport.

We are playing mind games! We are in the Celtics minds!

I can feel Heinsohn's blood boiling

Results of this game aside, I'm still picking Boston to win the whole tamale. We might get this one tonight, but it will be a green year in June.

Rondo has a layup and he passed it to big baby 18 feet away. So ridiuclous

Big Baby falls down like a drunk circus bear.

I hate the Celtics more and more everytime I watch them.

they’re old and just have not matched HOU’s energy so far.

Is this the T-Wolves in St. Paddy's unis?

Rondo should stop shooting

I'm glad our PG can shoot Kinda helps.

I'd like to see Heinsohn get a stroke on TV ... Don't take it so damn personal BOS is already in the playoffs, ok?

It's obvious the new Celtic players are not yet fully integrated into their system. Plus Rondo is playin' hurt

The Cs are just mailing it in They don't need to win, and they don't need to waste their energy

Pierce needs to get his wheelchair to take him back to the locker room. 

I think the ECF will be Heat vs. Bulls.

No way Celtics will make it. Youth an energy like to night is exposing the Celtics age.

The absence of Perk really hurts them. I remember Martin saying that what was tough about BOS was all the hard picks given by their bigs. Well, Kristic is soft

Hope the Celts take it out on NOLA tomorrow night.

Lol the Celtics commentator calling every free throw Kevin martin has taken is a flop, these guys do realise Paul pierce is on their team right? Lol

Duh, the Celtics don't foul. Ask any Celtic hall-of-famer (like, for instance Tom Heinsohn).

I wish the tommy guy dead. That is how bad he is.

Why did the Celtics trade away Perkins for a bunch of soft-assed players??? Perkins was key to their defense.

Celtics are not competing this year, they effed up big time trading Perkins.. They should have coughed up some good dough

Very awkward seeing Boston with no interior d. Not that I'm complaining

If the Rox play like this and every team play like the Celtics tonight....Rox will be NBA champs

Do broadcasters often show a lot of the impressive plays from the opposing teams? The Celtics broadcasters have been showing a lot of Rockets plays, like the "Energy Play of the Game". Or is it because the Celtics have no good plays to show again? Haha

I've always been a fan of Baby... he's got a very colorful personality and has always had a rep as a great teammate.

Boston looks like a bunch of free agents in green jerseys.

Everyone who was saying RONDO > LOWRY should apologize for poor analysis.