Comments from the Other Side - Pacers 3/29

 Another team that shouldn't beat the Celtics does.   Another disjointed offensive performance and spotty defensive performance by the Celtics.   Teams are gearing up for the playoffs and playing hard to get playoff positioning.  But the Celtics are in a tailspin going in the opposite direction.  This was the second of back to back games and thankfully there aren't any back to back games in the playoffs.  But it goes deeper than that.  The Celtics are no longer playing as a team.  They need to figure it out quick or it could be a short off season.  Here are today's Comments from the Other Side....
Don't expect us to get this one, but I would be really nice!

No Rondo, they’ve been struggling lately, second of a road back-to-back. Aside from Rondo, Allen, Pierce, and KG all being injured at the same time, Indy may not have Boston in a more vulnerable position.

Rondo has been ruled out with his finger injury. West is starting in his place.

This is FANTASTIC news! Now we just have to take advantage. I'm way ready for this game.

Uh, Rondo is starting

No wait, Rondo is out there. What kind of update was that?! Pretty sure I see Rondo

Darren Collison literally plays ZERO defense.. Just doesn't take it seriously, I guess.

I really really hate Garnett.

An injured Rondo killing DC !!! Merciless man !!

Of course Conseco is a sea of green

Old Celtics outrunning the young Pacers !!

Well at least that's piece of crap Garnett is in foul trouble

That is one epic staredown KG is giving the ref
Wow. Defense is unnacceptable. 5 layups in like 7 minutes? And that's just rondo

Good news, the Celtics will get tired if they keep this pace up Right? Right?

Unbelievable how every "fan base" of opposing teams dominate Conseco

Feels like the Pacers are leaving a lot on the table But they’re shooting 53%. Celtics are only shooting 80%.
Never ceases to amaze me how contenders are always picking up guys that suck too much to play for other contenders.

Our bench is kicking their ***!

Love keeping KG off the floor. Send that glare to the bench!

With West off the market, I'm warming up to Jeff Green

C'mon, guys Gotta stop Rondo!

I can't stand Paul Pierce. If he's not flopping around on the floor screaming like he's being fouled he's yapping at the refs constantly with this stupid f-ing look on his face. One of my least favorite players ever.

Its freakin frustrating to hear cheers for the other tem in our arena As I type this I hear the roar of the crowd and look up and its Boston who scored

Paul Pierce fails at facial hair.

Man, DC couldn't guard a dead body

We played a terrific second quarter! Gotta use Boston's foul trouble against them immediately at the start of the 3rd

Boston board complaining about foul calls. Who would have thought? Their entire team flops every play.

Now they know how we feel every time or any other team feels when we/they play them. C's always get the better end of the whistles.

If I'm Hibs I'm shooting over Davis Trying to back that load in is not gonna happen.

This is a winnable game. The Celtics are only 4-6 in their last 10 games.
With that said, we'll find a way to lose it, or at least make it unnecessarily close. It's what we do.

Keep picking up those fouls, Boston bigs.

Big Baby He does have a nice stroke.

Loose balls are going the Pacers way

Did big baby just posterize George?

Yes, but I don’t want to talk about it.

Haha Tyler just hit that bald, racsist piece of trash in the back of the head and he got hurt!!



KG with the Pansie flop, ouch my head!

Boston's shooting has improved from 63% to 65%. When did Vogel plan on working on the defensive personality of this team?

Wish Pacers could play some defense, this game is too close, and Boston will turn it up a notch in the 4th quarter.

You mean the refs will warm up their whistles for Boston? Yeah.

We are getting some VERY favorable calls.....

Pacers have really come out on the right side of 50-50 balls tonight

Man I hate the Celtics.

They bought a championship And their bandwagon fans

I want these refs to call every one of our games.

Shaking my head in can a team lose consecutive games to Sacramento and Detroit, then beat the Celtics? Will the real Pacers please stand up?

Why can’t the Pacers look like this every night? They look like they want to win tonight! Hell yeah!

This game is wacky. Never seen the Celtics this discombobulated.

They are old that's why

To be fair the Bobcats also beat the Celtics and Celtics barely won against Wolves yesterday. The Kendrick Perkins trade has effected them greatly.

That or they are just coasting to the end of the regular season. Shaq is out JO is out. They will be a completely different team come playoff time.

Celtics are also on a back to back......But who cares about that? Lol. The Pacers are trying to keep their playoff hopes alive here.

I don't think we can beat any of the top 3 in a 7 game series, but Boston did us a huge favor by trading Perk. Before I would have said they would easily sweep us. I don't know about that anymore. I'd much rather see Miami or Boston before Chicago. Rose is just too good. We still gotta get in obviously.

Is KG injured he played like it.

No, just old.