Comments from the Other Side - Knicks 3/21

Some great comments today.  A little of everything.  The ubiquitous wheelchair and "old Celtics" comments are here along with the elation of fans who think they are going to beat the Celtics that gives way to the agony of defeat when they realize they won't. I had to chuckle at all the "the refs love us" comments throughout the game and the"the refs gave the Celtics all the calls" comments at the end.  I think my favorite comment was this one:  "The Boston C's are like that horror movie where you have to stab them 100 times, cut the head off, and shove the body in a trunk of a car at the bottom of the East River..."  Yep, that pretty much sums up the Celtics.  That was a close second to the guy who thought Melo did the right thing by putting his elbows up and blamed Baby for hitting his head on Melo's elbow. Enjoy today's comments.  Which was your favorite? 

I do not mind losing this 1 just not by 50.

I have a feeling we win this game

I just realize were still the 7th seed and Boston is the 2nd seed. Playoff Preview?

Ray Allen buzzer beater. I'm calling it right now.

Prediction: Knicks down by 3 with 2 secs left, Dumbtoni calls the same stupid play he's been calling all season where Amare pops out on the left elbow and shoots the 3. Celts defend it to perfection and Amare throws up a brick, game over. Pierce runs down the court like a plane with Kg on his back, Nate makes an appearance and tries to jump on KG, fails miserably and ends up breaking his face.

The knicks will win this game and continue losing to bad teams and Orlando...nuff said..

Another day another loss

I have a feeling we win, despite Melo being a black hole on offense and nearly sinking us.

I think we match up pretty well with Boston now that Perkins is no longer there

We have to win this. I just feel like BOS isn't that good, and we are due for some crazy effort for our players.

I really hope the Celtics can regain that number 1 seed and we stay at the 7 spot lol

The good news is that since the trade, we are no longer a .500 team! The bad news is that since the trade, we are a sub .500 team!

With the Celtics looking old and flabby, with Rondo being exposed as Fraud that he is. We won't find a better time to get a much needed W than right now.

It should be a good game tonight. The Celts are a team we match up very well with, especially after they jettisoned Perk.

Somebody better put that b*tch Pierce on his ass tonight - that little dance he performed last time he was here was completely uncalled for

What a downgrade from Perkins to kristic

Its real nice to know that with Perkins gone we won't get owned hard at the center position tonight.

These ref n peirce should die together

Old man billups cant guard rondo

Rondo is trash.. And I stick by that..

Anyone can guard rondo, just back off and let him shoot

We need a "No shots by Jeffries" rule. Seriously, we don't need this pain as fans. It's not fair.

Was that cheering for Pierce's free throw? What is it with Celtics fans in MSG?

It sure sounds like Boston garden tonight.

That sh*t is disgusting, front runners abound

So Green can just throw Fields to the ground and grab a rebound.

Game is blowing my mind, we are getting calls and offensive boards.

LeBron's daddy checks in.

4 offensive boards. Shocking

Why not Clyde to be the Knicks coach

Leopard print Knicks jersey's haha can't wait!

Lol at the people who wanted Murphy.

Big Baby's such a flopper. And now we know why they call him Big Baby.

LOL@ the ref who was looking RIGHT at that elbow and didn't call a foul on Melo. Wow with the favoritism!

That's what I'm talking about, ELBOWS TO THE FACE!!!!

This dude is such a jackass... He was never hit..

Nice acting job big baby

That's the best no-call the Knicks have gotten in 3 years. No lie.

I can't stand every Celtic, except Jeff Green who is not that despicable. The rest of them are pathetic. He was kind of elbowed but clearly flopped too and then had the nerve to stay down.

Davis couldn't get up cause he weighs too much to get up himself needed the TO for everyone to help him up.

That's not a foul. Melo did the right thing. You're supposed to put your elbows out when people are reaching in for the ball after a rebound. It's an old school move. Not your fault if they decide to hit your elbow with their face.

Troy Murphy reminds me of Gerry Cooney, the bad fighter who used to get his ass kicked regularly.

The Celtics are a bunch of classless babies led by the biggest of them all....KG.

Fat ass big baby is always on the floor maybe he should stay there

Where have these Knicks been the past couple weeks!!!!!!!!!!

If we face them in the 1st round awwwwww mannnnnnnn

Celtic playin unlike a team....

If only we could play like this every night...

No Perkins hurts this team, he was a very big man in the middle.

lol@ spike sitting next to ray's mom to stop garnet from cursing him

Were getting some calls tonight.

The Celtics don't have a future. Rondo, Green and Davis are doing nothing long term. Those are their only 3 young players.

Thank god the Knicks aren't in the position to have the one or two seed. They simply play better against the better teams.

Pierce is in for a looooong night it seems..

Beware, the Hornets were up quite a bit against the Celtics at home and lost

what's up with all the Celtics fans in the garden

Lets force it to amare every play with melo makin PP look like hes 35 and the Celtics as a whole look foolish.

KG can't contain Amare either.

Who woulda thought wed come out with more energy against the Celts? WHO WOULDA THUNK IT??? "Paul Pierce Sucks" Don't ease up Knicks. Choke em out.

The Boston C's are like that horror movie where you have to stab them 100 times, cut the head off, and shove the body in a trunk of a car at the bottom of the East River...
They WILL turn it up in the second half but I like the AGGRESSIVE play of the Knicks.

I think Shaq could eek out another handful of years if he did this every year. Just play a few games in the regular season, come in for the playoffs. Instant size. He'd be like a hired assassin.

Garnett is killing us right now.

Rondo is a bum..

These refs are horrible as usual, just glad they are on our side tonight.

Rondo is such trash.. Really probably the most overatted player in the history of the game.

Jeffries with the elbow. Ray ray bleeding

Make em bleed !!!!

Not classy bro.

Ray's mum is gonna slap someone in the face tonight.

Damn I feel bad for Ray Allen The only C I actually respect.

Player of the game -- Jeffries's razor elbows

Jeffries finally gets it. Less flopping more elbowing

I hope ray is ok. I like him.. I would glady exchange pierce for ray in that instance... Heck even KG or big baby..

I hope Ray Allen is okay. It wasn't malicious and even though it's the Celtics, I don't want to see that happen to him.

I'd guess Ray will need stitches and be out for the remainder of the game. Ray is all class. Probably not the best guy to crack jokes about.

Pierce would have to have them bring the wheelchair out to get him back to the locker room for stitches

Damn, Ray's mum is calling her people now. Jeffries is in big trouble.

I'd say JJ at least owes Ray Allen's mom a fruit basket.

Melo is the best 1st quarter player in the league. Last 3 quarters, not so much

Glenn Davis is annoying.

Rondo is trash.. What was that move.. This guy is a fraud

Here come the superstar calls THEHEHEHEHHEHEEEE finally we get them...

I have to say Knicks getting some calls tonight...

Melo got bailed out, if anything that was an O foul, he wrapped around.

Can someone elbow pierce like now

Losing is not a option

Pierce is a cold blooded Number 1 Knick killer

A 100 year old Nash will still be better than Rondo.

Lol Celtics are so old. They cant eep up with the youngsters after 40 minutes

Rondo jumpers should go into the books as turnovers

Game's on the line, 3 seconds left, you have either Rondo or Jeffries wide open 10 ft. From the basket. What do you do?
A) Pass to Rondo
B) Pass to Jeffries
C) Flop and pretend someone gauged your eye out?

You never ever wake a sleeping Pierce, didn't Q- Rich teach us anything???

I hate Boston and their fake tough guy scowls.

Good nice hard foul. Knock him to the floor, he likes being down there. QUICK someone get Pierce a wheelchair!!!

I really dislike Pierce's face

Down by 4 you gotta be kidding me we were just up by 7!

I love Rondo, but am forced to hate him.

Now remember what Mike said during the timeout when he was mic'd up
" they can't out run us, they can't out run us " Hahahah news flash mike, they just out ran us.

Were playing like the heat now. Chocking Down the stretch

Melo wants more points. Sorry fans, wins come second.

Knicks fooled by the same move rondo does EVERY TIME

Now melo is cut... Damn

Wow Another bleeder **** these refs have money on this game

Knicks are getting murdered by Cs but refs feel they are melting down and wont bail them out. You need to fight back against the Cs, refs let them get away with murder.

Every call has gone Celtics way, I can see why they win so much during the stretch. Celtics are made to succeed in the NBA.

This **** team. Just end the damn season already. **** worthless bums. Every one of em.

Well Pierce and Garneet hit big shots... Melo 0-8

Once again we suck

I really want to break something. That is how agitated I am at this point. We can't beat good teams of course, we can't even beat the Cavs or the Bucks. Freaking infuriating. Two games under .500 with Melo almighty.

You realize we were above .500 without him? What is wrong here... We have had plenty of time to come together now

I hope Mike looks at the way the Celtics play on offense. They run plays!

Like I said THe Garden Made pierce hot and he killed it. True winner Wish he wasn't on the Celtic our else he would be my favorite none Knick player

Knicks played hard bos does this to everybody.

Is it just me, or does it seem like if anyone just pokes amare like they do in the Pillsbury dough boy commercial, the ball pops out of his hand???

Paul Pierce is ice cold for 3 quarters so you decide to chant 'Paul Pierce Sucks' with 8 ****ing minutes left and he goes apeshit to close out the game..

Good game man, unfortunately we don't have a coach like Rivers.

Give credit to the Celtics defense though. That is what a championship defense looks like.

This is what happens when you trade your whole team in the middle of the season

How is it that the Celtics can trade half their team in the season for a role player and look good but the Knicks trade half their team for a so called super star and suck.  Is there no justice in this world?

In the first half I wanted to face the Celtics in the first round.  Now I hope to god we don't see them.  It would be ugly. 

I honestly feel bad for that fan who enjoys watching this because this is brutal. This right now is reminiscent of Isiah Knicks, yes that much suckage.

Rondo is a bum..most overrated player in the history of the game..

I'd take Rondo on my team over Mr. Clank Shot any day of the week... This hate on Rondo is ridiculous. He is a terrible shooter, but he does everything else well... He get his 3 all-stars good shot after good shot time after time again, while Mr. Crap Shot was hoisting up 30 foot three pointers, turning the ball over, and being a ball stopper...

The refs are so biased toward the stupid Celtics.I'm no Bulls fan or Heat fan but I'd root for those teams to destroy the Celtics. I'd become their number one fan overnight. I despise this stupid ass Boston team.

Stat and Melo...the new oil and water.

Peanut Butter and Fluff...

I believe there are only 3 guys who could clean up this mess right now offensively/defensively. (not saying championship need more pieces but obviously play a lot better)
Phil Jackson
Pat Riley
Doc Rivers

My reaction change from the first three and a half quarters to the last 5 minutes...