Comments from the Other Side - Hornets 3/19

I loved how in the beginning they were talking about how Chris Paul was going to own Rondo.  Even not at 100% I Rondo got the last laugh.  And it was very odd to see the Hornets fans complaining about the officiating when I saw countless bad calls and no calls on the Celtics.  I came to the conclusion that either the refs were letting them play or they were just incompetent.  There weren't many fouls called on either team although the C's had 6 more fouls called on them.   The worst non-call was when the Hornets first tried to foul Pierce intentionally and no call.  Then they tried to foul Ray intentionally and no call and they finally called the foul when they mugged Big Baby.  The only thing that I could think of is that the refs were trying to pick who got to take the free throws.  It was clear that they let a lot of stuff go both ways.  And another arena where Celtics fans made their presence felt.  Good stuff!    Anyway, enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side... 

Rondo has also been god awful the past 6 or so games. We should murder that matchup

Seems like when a good team is on a slump, they play us and look like their old selves again. Hopefully not this time.

We should easily take the Win.. I think okafor will **** the hell out of garnett (who is the biggest p**** with the biggest mouth) and make him useless.

I just don't see us pulling this one out... I think Pierce goes off and KG abuses DWest on the boards.

I'm usually pessimistic but I have no doubt in my mind that we are going to beat the Celtics.

Don’t underestimate the power of 2 LSU players on the opposing team, even if one is out.

Damn the Celtics got louder applause than the Hornets did. There were actually some boos for the home team.

CP will embarrass Rondo.

If Chris Paul lets Rondo get more than 4 points it's a loss.

It will all come down to how the game is officiated, and how our guys handle it. This will be a great barometer for the playoffs, if Boston is given their usual right to play "playoff basketball" all season long.

I'm at the Hive and as expected it's hard to tell who the home team is. I'd say it's 60% Hornet fans 40% Celtics. I wonder if all these people are from Boston ?

Even some Celtics fans behind me couldn't believe the Celtics got a much louder ovation than the home team. Heres to a blowout causing the Celtics fans to leave early.

Rondo is playing hurt apprently... Has been for a while. So it will be rondo on one leg vs cp3 on one leg. Break out the wheel chair basketball!

Chris is abusing rondo

Good. I can't stand Rondo's punk *** That NBA 2K commercial where he's rubbing in that ring he won off of KG, Ray, and Paul Pierce's coattails probably wasn't a stretch of the imagination for him.

Rondo is the most over rated pg in the league

Man..that big baby can really push out Okafor he's like a pulling guard in the NFL!

Best first quarter of the season

I love watching kg when he plays other teams but when he plays us I want him to shut up and just play ball

Ariza with the lucky three

Please, pass the ball to ariza for a shot only when 1 second is left on the clock, he’s almost 100% in that situation. Lol.

Oh Pondexter.…why does your only contribution that we notice happen to be a fumble and a foul?

Hornets sure are drawing a lot of fouls

Celtics comms are aggrieved Lots of complaining about phantom fouls.

They are *always* like that Always pretend the refs are out to get the Cs.

Never would have predicted 60% shooting against the Cs

Too bad rondo is actually hitting his jumper or we would have an even bigger lead

Since when can Rondo shoot?

Jeff Green's back on the court. Now's our chance to blow this lead open.

Two straight terrible turnovers by Chris...lead down to 5. Ridiculous

Their bench doesn't miss...ughh

The hornets go through stretches where they completely forget how to play basketball on both sides of the floor.

Does anyone sees the elbows garnett is throwing? Ive always thought he plays dirty

Disgusting how many Celtics fans there are at this game They’re louder than the Hornet fans

Nice CP 0-7

**** these refs. KG should have 5 fouls.

Ray Allen is one of my favorite players ever but he needs to stop shooting.. And big baby is killing us

Too many Celtic fans here. Annoying.

The refs need to freaking decide if they are going to allow a physical game or not. Be consistent

Their bench is killing us.

Does anyone else notice that whenever Green subs in for Beli we end up playing horribly? Dude sucks, and I have NO IDEA how he is still even in the league.

Some crazy officiating too I can’t believe KG didn’t get his 5th

Not sure why West had to do that. This is a close game. No time to lose your cool.

Lol kristic was actually tapping him in a friendly way west needs to stop being paranoid

He is frustrated..Celtics have been throwing elbows and pushing the hornets around all night.

Is it bad that I never want ariza to touch the ball unless its a rebound, steal, or a block?

Wow. These refs refuse to call another foul on KG.

Getting killed by big baby

The guy can play ball…I hate his Baby ways but he can play

Rondo's back We should start pulling away again now.

These refs absolutely suck right now….how many times is KG gonna foul someone and get away with it…he is killing CP out there

Hard to set a screen When KG is holding you

Celtics D is good

It is good But it is made to look better when fouls don’t get called on them. KG should have fouled out, but once he hit 4 fouls the refs just started looking the other way.

Celtics always suck on 2nd game of back to backs And we still cant get a w

Nice Marco, let ray Allen out rebound you.

The refs were clearly in favor of the Celts towards the end, refusing to call KG and Big Baby for fouls countless times. It's times like these that the whole Tim Donaghy situation makes me feel like the NBA is still sketchy.

Congrats Paul. 0-9 tonight. This was a game the team needed.

Ive never really witnessed the refs taking over before so didn't believe it until now. They just make all the "right" calls when needed.

Old Boston team down 15 in the 2nd half, on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. Honestly, this team doesn't deserve a playoff shot. There's other teams behind them playing harder right now. Their efforts stink.

The reffing changed when KG was mugging our players with 4 fouls in the 3rd and the refs refused to penalize him.

Paul Pierce’s foot was on the half court line before he called a timeout, really is on of the worst officiating that I have ever seen in a long time.

Overall, the refs’ disinclination to whistle Garnett for fouls is what really eats at me. It really did feel like they were protecting him from getting into foul trouble.

We don't play again until next Thursday!!

CP3's shown me that when he's got fresh legs, he's golden. And the team in general needs some time to continue to regroup.

He should have been fresh tonight, especially fresher than Boston who played last night. This loss was a killer.

I really didn't think this was the referee's fault in this one We actually had a few calls go our way, we were in the bonus, yet we continued to shoot jump shots. The offense was just terrible to watch.

Excellent defense by the Celts in the 4th… the problem is, they shouldn’t have still even been in the game because they should have fouled out by then. Ugh. I’m still so bitter.