Comments from the Other Side - Clippers 3/9

Sorry these are late but I had a busy day today and this is the first chance I got to post it.  These aren't near as much fun when the Celtics lose but it's interesting to see that the Clipper fans didn't even have faith in their team to win when they were up 20 points.  That's sad.  I loved where they were talking about Tommy though. "I think he was a coach and won a load of rings."  Too funny!   Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side anyway...

Better keep an eye on Mr. Ray Allen late in the 4th!

I just hope Blake doesn't get molested by Kristic once again

Lets go clips! Show those old farts in Celtic green who is the next greatest!

I didn't realize that Boston had so many players out.

Two dunks for DJ Bet they miss Perk

DJ with 3 dunks. He is dominating Krstic

Celtics look confused. They'll start hitting their shots later in the game, but their defense just doesn't look the same w/o Perkins anchoring the paint.

Best I have seen the Clips play all year Even Gomes is playing well.

Clippers have their patented early double digit lead Can they hold it???

I think if we led by 40 at the half I would still be nervous !

Good teams tend to overlook the Clips That could explain the leads the Clips build in 1st quarters

I still don't get why the Ainge traded Perkins. Maybe because of Jeff Green's last name?

This huge lead scares me!!! This is not a good sign this early!!

DJ with AND 1!!! DJ has 13 and 6 so far, he might have his career night!

Big difference without Perkins in there. The lane is wide open. Big mistake to trade him Imo

Mo looking like the Celtic killer right now.

Good game so far, but we all know the lead will be completely gone by the end of the 3rd quarter.

Did Heinsohn actually play basketball at one time?

I think he was the coach and won a load of rings

He must have had some great assistants...he sounds like an idiot

He is in the hall of fame as a player

18 point lead on the road against the Celtics really? Am I dreaming here

Don't worry the 3rd quarter will wake you up

To be honest I'll be suprised if the Clippers win this game!!

Is anyone out for Boston? How are we up by 18?

The dreaded third quarter approaches! Will the clippers meet their destruction??

Why can't the game just end now? Why does there have to be a 3rd quarter?

Mo Williams is a waaaaaay better shooter than Baron Davis. His stroke is so smooth and I dont cringe whenever he takes a jumpshot or a 3...I am surprised when he misses...

Everyone for the Celtics is out except Allen, Garnett, Pierce and Rondo

When you sign old broken players like Shaq & Jermaine, what else can you expect?

Boston just seems way softer without Perkins. The addition of Jeff Green will do that to you.

Wow we are getting away with bad fouls

God these announcers are BAD. So are the refs trying to let Boston back in.

Refs always do that for the home team

I think its JImmy Heison or osmething like that the Celtics color guy that CRIES and WHINES whenever something doesnt go the Celtics way. He is a disgrace to broadcasting and I dont know how the nba lets him work. A replay can show an obvious Boston foul, and he will try to argue it wasnt. THe guy is horrible and I hate him.

Arroyo a heat reject in. Guy is still collecting checks.

KG doesn't seem to ever miss his free throws.

Green choked that was a huge miss

At least we still have the lead after the third quarter... That almost never happens, especially against a good team.

Rivers rode his starters hard that quarter. I’d rather be us then them right now.

Eh not really They are a championship team, so I would rather be them.

Even if he rides them again, fatigue will set in I believe they’re missing Scalabrine

Scalabrine... Also known as “The White Michael Jordan.”

God I hate Pierce so much. Most overrated played in the whole game.

Refs helping out Boston!

That’s all we need to do. Just attack the basket. Boston is soft in the middle with Krstic and Green. They have no shot blocker.

Damn, Mr. Chair Shot seems to be doing pretty good for the Celtics. I didn't think he'd fit in so easily.

Might be time to guard the pasty white dude

Mr. Shuttlesworth is amazing.

The Celts don't just go away

Good acting by Mo

Let us rejoice now that the taint of baron Davis is gone!

Rondo cant shoot for ****. Once all the HOF Celts retire, I cant picture this guy leading that team to anything other than lottery picks.

Owners will trade for a couple of superstars again. Oh, and I always thought rondo wouldnt be squat without the big 3..just like Paul pierce couldnt do anything after Antoine walker left

Have you ever seen the clippers impose their will like this? More of it to come in the future…

This aint over Still time to choke

Jeff Green is on the court. This is in the bag.

I feel like the clips always panic and turn the ball over when the defense plays full court press

Still a lot of time left Especially with Ray and Pierce

Jeff Green will still lose this game for them. Ain’t worried

If we close out this game, we'll have victories over Boston, San Antonio, the Lakers, Miami, and Chicago...

We've beaten every current division leader at least once I think we're the only team that can say that

Attack the basket..even if you destroy one of their players on impact

Wow DJ made both Heinsohn must be having a heart attack

I love beating the Celtics almost as much as I love beating the Lakers.

Celts played like trash all game Only way they even came close was down the stretch they got about 5 and 1 calls that were BS