Comments from the Other Side - Bucks 3/6

You have to feel for the Bucks fans.  They seem to have lost all hope in their team stemming from having no faith in the owners or GM.  I have to say I know how they feel after going through the Pitino and "Thanks Dad" Gaston years with the Celtics.    There is the obligatory KG hate that every team seems to have these days.   I think my favorite was the comment about Mike Brown being surprised that players were moving... good stuff!   Enjoy...

I am actually looking forward to this game. If we win it inches us closer to the playoffs while giving us a preview of our likely first round matchup.

I would love to make the playoffs if it meant Bogut clocking KG right in his bald ass head.

It would be exciting to see that for the Bucks if watching kids getting beaten to death withbaseball bats is your thing.

Championship run continues tonight, 2014 championship that is, loss.

I think I hate KG more than I hate Lebron somehow.

KG is a thug. He literally pushes opponents into his teammates to get fouls called on them.

Cant wait to get blown out on national televison

Haven't seen BJ pass like this in many moons.

Anybody here doubting that we can beat Boston in a 7 game series? They have nothing inside. They are a very beatable team.

The Bucks couldn't beat Cleveland in a 7 game series.

As much as I would love a series from Boston, no way the refs let us win one. KG and Bogut will get in a fight and Bogut would get suspended for 2 years.

Jeff Green's value is going to plummet at Boston.

I never understood why people liked Jeff Green so much

Bucks stealth tanking tonight. No one will think they are tanking if they win on national television.

Ray Ray is a great basketball player, greatest shooter ever and one bad a@@ actor. "He got game" is one of my favorite sports movies.

I'm not going to lie Every time KG goaltends a shot after the whistle, I kind of root for him to twist ankle. Me = bad person.

Jennings is having a solid game tonight which is kinda rare

I can't believe EPSN is talking Bucks and the playoffs.....playoffs.........are you kidding me.

I actually think Jeff Green could have been an interesting player for us. Similar size but has more of the skills we wish Luc could provide on offense.

Keep in mind when I'm saying Jennings is easily our most talented player I'm not necessarily saying he's this awesome great player. My point is that it's sad that it's so glaring he's our best player on the court and he's not even all that good.

Game over, suckas

Pssh We got this

Spoken with a false arrogance that would make Sheen proud.

Boston floats around until they feel like turning up the D. When they do that we won't shoot over 40% and our only hope is our D keeps it close.

It was also obvious in the first few minutes the Celtics are coasting tonight and have this game on lock whenever they want it.

We're an effort team. We'll surprise some talented teams when they don't care, but most teams in this league would have no problem beating us if they focus and care

At least last year though we had enough talent/chemistry to beat the bad teams and win a couple vs the good ones. This year we just flat out suck.

Salmons is steaming trash.

I think I might even take 80 year old Jerry Stackhouse over John Salmons at this point.

I think this games ends the fake tank debate. Bucks are trying to win.

Others might point to the Dooling on Green defensive strategy.

Like when it matters (aka the playoffs). I think this team is way more about effort than scheme or talent. Which means when more talented teams give true effort they'll likely dominant us. We were lucky to face Atlanta last year. No team wants to put in less effort to win then they do.

Can we just assume Drew Gooden isn't even bothering to try to come back this year from his plantar issues? Yet I'm sure he has no problem walking up to the ATM to withdraw cash that the Bucks are depositing in his account.

How much did BJ want to put that one in over Garnett?

He punched Brandon in the back on the last possession I’m not sure there’s a more despicable person in all of sports.

Looks like the 24-call was at least correct The out-of-bounds call not so much, but at least they made up for it on the Pierce carry

Fairly sloppy Bucks dragging the Celtics down to their level…

This game is working out perfectly for the 'stealth tanking' theory. Moral victories on national TV. Perfect.

Lol @ Salmons. I think there was a crowd saying he was injured so it'd take him a little while to find his legs this season. Apparently someone's moved his legs.

The Celtics let us hang around too long,now with a lucky shot or bad turnover by the Celtics we could steal this game. We won't though don't worry.

Stealh tank, have to appear as though we're tying to win then blow it in the last seconds, lose out all close games with one or three wins. High lotto pick since "we attempted to win and are deserving of the pick"

I don't see how Mike Brown can say our offense executes well, then someone monopolizes the shot clock with over-dribbling. We need better ball movement.

You catch the cavs offense the last couple of years? he's just surprised that people are moving

Haha this guy on the radio complains ''more people need to support the Bucks''. Maybe if the Bucks didn't put a hot steaming pile of trash product on the court year after year after year after year after year they would deserve more support.