Comments from the Other Side - BONUS- Heat/Bulls 3/6

 I couldn't stop myself and just had to check out the Miami boards again.  It's like a train wreck.  It's truly awful but you can't help but watch.   The officiating was pretty bad both ways, but the Heat fans had to blame someone.  Even Carlos Arroyo came in for his share of the blame... Enjoy yet another bonus edition of Comments from the Other side....

I dont think I can handle another loss I felt literally sick watching yesterday and was in a horrible mood.

We're do for a breakthrough performance, and I'm tired of waiting. This is without question a must-win game.

This game is too important for us not to execute and win in the end.

When was the last time we beat a legit quality team?!?!?!? I believe it was okc at their place and it took a 3 by Eddie house at the end of the game! He misses that shot and the last quality team we beat was. . . . . .?

We havent seen a quality Home win against an opponent since the 2nd game of the season!!!

This game is gunna be decided in the last second.....I say heat win becuz this game means more to us than it does to the bulls..

This will be a blowout unless Bosh goes for 1-18 again.

In my mind there is no way the HEAT lose this game.

If we don't win, Spoelstra should get an immediate 5 year extension. That way I can definitively bury all my emotional attachment to this team and move on.

Have more faith than that. Not everything can be put on the coach ya know. The players have to execute.

Do you guys really believe that we have a chance against Chicago? Cmon.. Did you watch the Spurs game? I can't see us winning a game anymore unless we play a trash team.

I can't see us losing this. If Wade and Bron have any pride they won't allow it. I

Great, another well-coached team. I'm envious.

I love how all of a sudden, the Bulls think they're the big bad wolf. Too bad they suck on the road.

Please for the love of god, don't get swept by the Bulls. I've accepted the fact that we suck and will likely be out in the 2nd round but I can't take a loss to the Bulls and their fan base full of insecure dbags.
If we lose this game I say blow this team up!

Damn AAA is ****ing empty

Its the freaking weekend and people still cant get to the game.

Every home game in Miami should tipoff at 8:30pm (though announce it at 7:30). it's the only way to my people out there on time lol

Bosh is so soft its not even funny, I'm actually getting really pissed.

If we don't start running people off the **** 3 point line, I'm going to suffer an aneurysm.

Lebron needs to stop with all this hero ball.

Wade was partying yesterday, I bet that.

The NBA lets the Bulls get away with so much contact and no foul. The difference in officiating is night and day.

Bibby is a stiff. Keep chucking those threes

In our own house, Miami 18 fouls, Chicago 13 fouls. The team with LBJ/Wade/Bosh draws 13 fouls, the scrubs from Chicago draw 18 fouls.
The NBA is rigged.

Were not really helping ourselves by only shooting jumpers though.

The game is rigged, Bulls are meant to win it.

This team struggles with the poor officiating more than anything. We don't have a coach that rips into the refs and we don't have a guy willing to send a message every time the other team gets inside the paint.

So tired of being a Heat fan....

Wade's stupidity is killing Miami. He's playing an AWFUL game.

We have the most overrated 3pt shooters in the league.

Refs have taken over...

Spo sucks, Wade sucks, the Heat suck. Its a mess

Are these Refs real? They haven't called anything on Chicago since the 2nd QT. Miami can't touch or get near them without hearing a whistle.

That must be a mistake, they called Chicago for a foul.

We will keep this close until the end and then miss a last second shot, bet

Chalmers got bigger balls than the LeWade cry baby duo.

If we lose this game, it is BS cuz refs are trying to give the game away

If only wade could shoot free throws

I know right. Its partly why I'm not even complaining about the lack of calls he's getting, because I'm not even confident he could hit his fts.

Heat will most likely win this game if wade gets the ball more instead of lebron

Guys stop complaining about the refs. I know theyre not the greatest, but look at our fking offense. We are running absolutely no plays, because spo doesnt know any! Spo is so unbelievably bad its sad to watch. We just improvise every offensive opportunity hoping LeBron or Wade makes a play.

Posting from game.....James runs this team, even Wade listens intently to him. Spoelstra largely ignored on bench, then James/Wade seem to plan after they walk away from timeouts.

We were better last year against elite teams. Unbelievable.

Blow it up. Get rid of Wade, Bron, and Bosh. Start over, and get some pieces that fit better.

We made a deal with the devil signing Lebron... It came at the cost of DWade, hasnt been the same all year, something is wrong.

So who's going to miss our last second shot this time?

Chalmers for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We are the Heatles!!!! HEAR US ROAR HATERS!!!

The Heatles will not be stopped!!!! We are the best team in the league!!!

Well now we have to play defense. Ugh.

DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE! Eh, who am I kidding...

Mario again!!!!



Refs just gave the Bulls the game. Literally

Chalmers game winner? Might as well hes he our clutchest player

I refuse to be disappointed. From now on I will tune in for the second half collapse and Lebron ISO for the last play.

And we go to LeBron for the last shot again. I would be absolutely livid if I were Wade.

Its arroyo's fault.....wait, he just went to Boston Damn....running out of scapegoats

Man LeWade both team up to choke another last second win.

The officiating has been terrible all game, but the Heat had the last shot and a chance to win the game, and they couldn't do it again.

This goes to show..... Putting 3 superstars on a team don't mean nothing heat have no chemistry they just know how to get on the highlight reel that's just about it....... Just cause this team has three of them mean that they gont win a championship with only three scorers what they gont do when they eventually have to rest? It takes a team to be a team and last time I checked there's no ''bosh, wade, and James" in "team"

Derrick Rose wasnt smiling after the win because he knows the ref stole this win for them.

1st half Miami had 14 ft attempts vs the bulls 3. I dont think the refs had anything to do with this.

I'm going to start calling Wade "Captain Turnovers"

This team is so anti clutch it boggles the mind.

LeBron took his talents to South Beach but left his clutchness in Cleveland.