Celtics lose at home to a bunch of bums, 83-81

We'll be editing the recap schedule in the next week, so we can start getting them up close to the buzzer as we used to do.

In the meantime, since I guess I have to sub tonight, here's my recap: The Celtics lost to a JV squad tonight and continue to be in a funk. This Bobcats team wouldn't even be higher than a 12 seed in the NCAA's. I don't give a damn about first place right now, I'm more concerned about the team and its ubuntu. Rondo is playing like trash and every scrub big man is scoring at will against our remaining bigs (thanks Danny). Time to look in the mirror and man the finagle a bagel up. All 15 of you. Shitty Bobcats team missing all their starters 83, Celtics 81.