Today's Video: Dwight Howard Mocks KG

This is from yesterday's game and comes the same week where Howard mocked Lebron's chalk toss and photo taking and James proceeded to score 51 on him. I think Howard tries a little too hard to be funny and generally fails (Remember his interview of himself last season?). I do think he's slightly underrated as a player. Hard to win a ring when your second best player is who? Jameer Nelson? Hedo? Could totally see him following the Shaq route (another guy who would have had a better career if he took the game more seriously) and leaving Orlando next year. Put him on the lakers with Kobe and Gasol and he wins a couple titles and has more of a spotlight for his lame comedy routines. Now I've stated before that I don't see Howard coming to Boston as a realistic option, but my hypothetical question for you is "Could a Rondo/Howard duo win an NBA championship?"

Today's Video (Part 2): A Unisex Fragrance by Khloe & Lamar

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