Sit Shaq

I've been half joking for months that Doc should sit Shaq for the remainder of the regular season in preparation for the playoff run. Now I'm dead serious. First off, Shaq was not brought here for the second half of the season. He was brought here to fill in for Perk until he got back and for the playoff run. He's exceeded expectations this year, but it is time for the big Shamrock to take a seat until the May flowers bloom.

The fact is we don't need Shaq for the rest of the season. At most, we lose 1 or 2 more games in his absence. I think Perk and Erden are enough to fill the void until then. It might be for the best in some ways as it will get Perk more reps and give him a chance to get back into form. By the way, although Perk has played well, he is still far from what he was last year. He'll get there though.

The bottom line is, there is a lot more to lose than gain by playing Shaq the rest of the year. Make no mistake about it, without Shaq we are not going to win the title.  Shaq isn't as important as the Big 4, but he will be the reason we win at least 1 big game in the playoffs.  A fresh Shaq with a rejuvenated Perk and a healthy Delonte will not be beaten in a 7 game series.

I know this isn't going to happen but if you are reading this Doc(and why wouldn't you be, this site is awesome at life)sit the big man down. Here's to hoping the big Shamrock assumes the role of Scal the rest of the regular season and becomes Superman again in the playoffs.