Murphy to stay in Golden State? Powe to Boston?

Marc Spears was also on WEEI today and mentioned that former Celtic Leon Powe is considering signing with the Celtics, Knicks or Lakers, but that the Celtics are the "front runners." My guess is that the Celtics are the front runners in Powe's mind, but do the C's feel the same? We have KG, Davis and Green who all play the 4. It's center where we need the help. This also pisses me off more about the Semih Erden deal. A young promising center like him (imagine how well he would have played if he didn't have to play injured, because Jermaine "Living Corpse" O'Neal and Shaq "I'm old and I'm fat, so I get injured every other week" O'Neal wouldn't suit up?) for a 2nd round pick in 2013?

You wanted open roster spots Danny? Well first of all (Barkley voice) you got one with Marquis leaving. 2nd you could have just cut Harrangody for another. Trading Semih was dumb. Add in the fact that you didn't even have a prearranged deal to bring in Murphy now it seems (I know those deals are illegal, but come on. Get your head out of the sand. This is the NBA. Everything is prearranged. 3 amEGO'S to Miami. Big Z trade and buyout last year. Melo to the Knicks. And on and on). Semih si the only decent draft pick you've made in the past few years and you trade him for nothing. When we're in dire need of centers? Really?

Obviously I'm not still bitter about yesterday. Ha. Figured Semih needed some love today too. I hear he's heartbroken over the trade. And the thing is I like Jeff Green. Would have loved to have added him for let's say Davis and a first. But the gamble that Danny took yesterday seems more about saving money that "All about 18." Just saying.