Miserly Sterling’s Dump of Davis Might Open Door

In the Baron Davis for Mo Williams salary dump, the “other” piece, Jamario Moon, combined with Donald’s legendary stinginess, may open the door for the Celtics to acquire small forward backup necessitated by the injury to Marquis Daniels. With the addition of Moon the Clippers are now stacked four deep at the three spot, and the Celtics could have some interest at any of the non-starters.

Old friend Ryan Gomes is the current second string. Contracted for $4M for this and each of the next two years, he might be pried away from Sterling for Nate Robinson whose contract is a near match and one year shorter. Donald bucks = $3.3M

Jamario Moon, already mentioned as a person of interest in the Celtics’ mystery, could be acquired with Marquis Daniels’ salary. The head for head savings would be $600K but the inclusion of buyout cash could push that to or above three million. Donald bucks = $0.6-3M

Rasual Butler, also mentioned in the possible pickups, would be an almost exact match for Daniels’ salary and once again additional buyout money could push it toward $3M. Donald bucks = $12K-$3M

The Clippers have almost no incentive to retain all three and would probably be eager to move one. Donald ‘s billfold seems perpetually in need of augmentation. I think Danny might have his choice on which of these he would prefer to pull the trigger.

I suppose my personal preference would be Gomes. I always appreciated the little things he brought and the heady way he played. This would take another contract into the post 2012 epoch and that might be a tipping point for Ainge. Moon would be my second choice and might be the strongest defender.

Butler 6-7 31
Moon 6-8 30
Gomes 6-7 28