Dave from GGTV breaks down the second half

To quote the late president FDR “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear itself”. This is the motto the Celtics should take with them into the second half, there are many teams waiting to take the NBA’s all time winningest team down, and the chips are stacked high against them. With injuries piling up more and more everyday who’s to tell what the future my hold for the man who run the big green machine. Below is a list put together on why we are the best and there really is nothing to fear but fear itself!

10. Jesus Shuttlesworth is the new king of the 3’s- Ray took over the all time record last week and no longer has to worry about beating Reggie Miller. Jason Kidd is next and line but still has a looooong time before he’ll catch up.

9. They can beat the Heat while still in the kitchen- They have become 3-0 against the Heat this year and is still striking fear in Lebron’s eyes.

8 .After the all-star break we have it a little easy like Sunday morning-…….or so we hope . Next up after the break we play Golden State (26-29), the Bucks (21-34), and the Clippers (21-35). Let’s just hope we can stay in the plus side of the heat during our bad team tour.

7. It’s midseason already! With the all-star break here all but 4 of the Green can take it easy. But none of our guys have to start and Doc is coaching and I’m sure he’s going to over play some east coaster a little more.

6. No one is speaking out of school- This year this team has been drama free and one word comes back to mind, UBUNTU.

5.There is no way we could slip to the 4th floor in the east standing.- Even if the heat become in full effect and the Knicks can get their act together…..(doesn’t seem likely) there would be no way the C’s could fall lower then 3. It’s way too late for the Nets to come back up from the cellar even if they get Melo.

4. Web MD- sooner or later everyone will be healthy….well maybe not JO but everyone else will. D-West had a small set back and Shaq and Semi are taking slower than normal to get back but now with a little while off and a slow 2nd half coming we should have the right pieces back soon enough. We also wish Sleepy D a speedy recovery.

3. KG is playing on younger legs- He’s playing like its 1999. He’s in rare form and showing no signs of slowing down, plus with the way he’s trash talking and acting on the courts and stealing not only the ball but everyone’s lunch money.

2. The Cavs just beat the Lakers- That’s it! Well there’s that and they lost to the bobcats and there’s a little in house fighting going on.

1. Home Field advantage- Even if we have to play the Lakers in the finals again, as of right now we have the better record and would take home court. Something that would have been very useful last year…..well that and Perk not getting hurt.

Enjoy the rest of the season and stay Infected!!