C's Hold off Clippers 99-92

The Celtics won in LA tonight against the Clippers:

  • Nenad Krstic and Jeff Green made their Celtic debuts, with Nenad starting and looking pretty solid.  Green came off the bench and seemed 
  • Chris Johnson weighs about 90 lbs.  Watching Kaman just man-handle him inside made it look like a professional against a high school player.
  • Delonte was left in down the stretch, until the final 2 minutes for Rondo.  I wouldn't look into this too much other than Doc trying to get Delonte into some sort of rhythm.  One thing's for sure:  I definitely prefer Delonte taking the open jumpers as opposed to Nate Robinson.
  • KG, Ray and Paul were all very solid in this game.
 All in all, a nice comeback win.  They were down to the Clippers in the first half but had a strong third quarter.  Also let's not forget about douchebag announcer Michael Smith.  In case you didn't have the Clippers' feed, he had the nerve to say how "KG's best year (his 2004 MVP season in Minnesota) only consisted of him averaging a couple more points, one or two more rebounds and the same number of assists as Blake Griffin this year."  He just forgot to mention how Minneosota had the best record in the league that year as opposed to the Clippers, who are god-awful.

The Celts finish off their road trip Monday night in Utah.