Could Boston Have D-12 In 2012?

On the topic of playing time in the All-Star Game, Doc Rivers said he was unsure if he'd play The Celtic's Big 4 together or if he would split them up.

Garnett suggested that Doc play Dwight Howard along side them, so he didn't have to play center.

Paul Pierce on the topic of playing with Dwight, "He'd look good in green."

You may also remember Doc Rivers a couple weeks ago was asked who he would play with the Fantastic 4. Doc responded playfully, "Whoever is closest to free agency."

Well that of course would be Dwight.

In 2012 The Celtics will be at a cross roads. The only two players under guaranteed contracts are Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce for 27.7 Million Dollars. In that same season LA will be paying Kobe 27.8 Million by himself. I'd imagine Dwight will command a salary similar to Lebron James and Chris Bosh, which starts out around 14.5 Mil. If the Celtics could have Rondo, Pierce, and Howard locked up for about 43 Million, they'd have a lot of spending room to fill out the roster. They'd even have the benefit of filling those spots with Hall of Famers like Garnett and Ray Allen.. as opposed to Mike Miller and Joel Anthony, which is what Miami Will be working with.

The last time The NBA's assist and rebound leader played together was the 1972 LA Lakers with Jerry West (9.7 APG) and Wilt Chamberlain (19.1 RPG). The Celtics did it from 57-59 with Russell and Cousy. Out of those four teams three of them were World Champions, The 1958 Celtics lost in the Finals.

Would you be excited to see Dwight in Boston? If "NO" then this video may change your feelings.

If you still don't like it maybe his STATS will change your mind.