Comments From the Other Side - Magic 2/6

Good game.  I had to chuckle about Magic fans talking about Celtics fans complaining about the officials and then proceed to complain about the officials throughout the game.  The Celtics did end up with a big free throw advantage but I thought the refs pretty much called the game even.  They missed some calls both ways.  Maybe I was looking through green glasses but I didn't see blatant favoritism.  The Celtics were the more aggressive team and the Magic were shooting jumpers.  Jeff Van Gundy was so irritating with his rant about how Howard gets abused and the refs don't protect him.  Then when they showed Howard shove Perk out of bounds with no call, JVG had nothing to say.  Believe me, Howard gives as much as he takes.  He swings those elbows all the time and gets away with it.  My favorite comment was the one talking about Perk committing a fragrant foul.  What's yours?  

I was incredibly surprised to hear they didn't fine or suspend KG for touching a ref not once, but twice.

Yeah, I don't know how he continues to not get disciplined for his antics. Oh wait, yes I do, he’s KG and plays for the Celtics.

He clearly plays in his own league with his own rules Amazing how the NBA seems to bow down to this thug.

Honestly, the way we've been playing recently my expectations aren't that high, but I just want to see some effort and intensity on the defensive end regardless of the result.

The Celtics struggle against team that makes them run, we need to run every possession ,we cannot let them set their half court defense.

Gonna be a close game both ways tonight. Dick Bavetta is calling it

We gotta get Boston tired. The more tired they get on defense the poorer they will play on offense. Also gotta try to force rondo to shoot jumpers.

I'm at a loss for words... Jon Barry just picked us to win..

KG should not be playing in this game. He elbowed JJ Barea on purpose, and then actually slapped a REF's hand away. Twice. But he most likely will be playing since KG is intense. Without him, I think we win.

Garnett, unfortuntately, is a guy who can get away with anything in the league strictly because as you said he's viewed as "intense". I hate Garnett, he's a thug and one of the dirtiest players I can recall, especially of his generation.

Not hopeful on this game. I don't see us beating the Celtics on their home court, especially since they lost against the Mavs last night.

The whole point about KG getting away with being physical with a ref is that Dwight would have been T'd up for not even touching him but looking at him wrong. Now Dwight touching a ref just like that? 5 game suspension and $500,000 fine. Probably more.

I say the Magic emply a Hack-A-Rondo strategy.

The game is in our hands. If we play smart and hit a decent % of 3's then we win. We need JJ on Ray and put Rondo on the floor when he penetrates and the game is ours

I hate Boston. If you could punch any Celtic in the face, who would it be? I call Big Baby!

Rondo, because he only hits jumpshots against us.

I would pull a row slap on all of them including Doc and I would even put Tyronn Lue In there just for the fun of it.

KG. Not even close.

It's a three-way tie... Between Pierce, KG, and Fat Baby.

I think it's time to stop calling Perkins a "Howard-Stopper" That was so '08

Oh yeah, Davis is TOTALLY bowled over by the 5'3" Jameer Nelson

Speed knocks over fat, apparently.

At least hitting his head isn’t going to hurt Davis.

Ahem, excuse me Smeltics fans- I'm waiting for you to whine.

If Davis didnt flop all the time trying to get charges, stuff like that wouldnt happen to him

Glen Davis has an extremely soft brain...He's always having "head" issues.

Celtics shooting like us the past few weeks

Does Dwight seem different today to you guys? He looks like his head is in the game for once.

2 fouls on Rondo makes me happy.

We're showing up in a game against a contender .. Has Hell Frozen Over?

That's bull. Dwight gets smacked in the face, and no foul, then they get 3 free throws on the other end?

How the **** did the refs not see that smack in the face Howard took? oh yeah I forgot we playing the celtricks.

I'm guessing the refs aren't going to call the Celtics centers for any fouls today.

I don't ever wanna hear another C fan complain about the refs. Ever.

That was the right call on the Nate Robinson foul which resulted in three free throws. Arenas made such a dumb mistake. Everyone was screaming to foul since Dwight was hurt and Nate knew Gil would try to foul him, so he went into motion to shoot the three. Problem is, Arenas decided to just wrap him up anyway as if they wouldn't call it in the act. How dumb can you be, seriously? You see the guy pick up his dribble and gather in a shooting motion, yet you still choose to wrap him up?

Arenas isn't fit to play basketball anymore

How was that a foul against Arenas? Better question, how did Arenas cause Daniels to injure himself?

I hope Daniels is ok though.

Dang that is crazy what happened to Daniels. Hope that dude is alright because he isn't moving right now. Everyone is getting hurt in this game..

This could be a serious injury, neck issues... I never saw him move at all.

Why couldn't it have been KG.

So, does this spark them to a victory, or an emotional excuse for a loss?

Every injury is just a potential excuse for these guys.

This needs to be said... Marquis Daniels has to have the most fragile body in the NBA…along with Greg Oden…I mean…I could see this guy getting hurt putting on his warmups.

This game is going to take forever if the Celtics keep having naps on the court.

Boston has played atrociously. Yeah we've done ok on defense, but that's a very uncharacteristic quarter for them.

Damn Gil looks bad... Slow... Hurt... And Scared

Is it bad to wish we had Rashard back instead of Gilbert?

I hate the Celtics, I hate the Lakers, I hate the cHeat b/c of the freaking calls they get

Perkins commits 3 fould, one fragrant, and D12 gets T-Ed up


The thing is, kg gets away with all the time.

Perkins baited him so bad there and deserved the technical, at least. Should've been a flagrant for unnecessary contact.

Extra elbow was unnecessary

Dwight that was stupid... THE WHOLE WORLD SAW THAT ELBOW

I am not one to get upset over the refs, but, this is the worst officiating I can remember

I LOVE it that JVG is sticking up for Dwight.  Finally someone sees the abuse he takes with no calls from the refs.  

Only, if Rajon Rondo would shoot a three.

With our luck he'd make it

Refs make a mistake against the magic every sinle possession.

Ok how was baby able to draw a charge when he moved after nelson left his feet but Anderson has te spot and gets a foul?

Rondo hit a 3? I hate life.


I guess this is sympathy officiating. Except it's been this way the entire game.

Seriously, I like Marquis Daniels and all but its gonna come back that he just has a concussion and that was a soft 1 @ that.

Celtics will be leading going into halftime and then we will come out with another 1 of our usual 3rd quarters and be down 10 going into the 4th... Come back and lose by 4 and be talkng about those 2 meer missed layups

Jameer get out of the game. Rondo is going by him like he a slow center

KG called for a foul. Hell must be freezing over

I do not get NBA coaches. How does ANY defensive scheme involve LEAVING ray Allen.

Howard needs to grow up. He's embarrassing. I don't care how good he is.

You would think these calls are home team calls but there not. They give Boston all the calls in Orlando too.

JVG is trashing Garnett LOL

8 on 5 in Boston, where have I seen this before

Everyone should thank the REFS. They single handlely keeping Boston this game within reach

Rondo is OWNING Meer and Arenas

FIRE OTIS NOW. Gilbert is trash, Hedo is trash, Jason is trash. Get rid of them now. THIS TEAM IS GARBAGE.

It's time to fire Van Gundy...He had a great plan a few years ago when we made the finals, but teams have figured us out.

The Orlando Magic coaching staff, general managers and players need to issue an apology for tricking its fans into believing that this team is capable of winning a championship.

It doesnt even make sense on how many more free throws they have than us..

It kinds does We’ve spent most of the half jacking aimless shots. Only Dwight, Clark and occassionally Nelson have been aggressive and got inside.

I haven't analyzed this.. But it seems that when Howard scores alot, we lose.

Ray is a beast.. I fear his jumper.

Don't cover Ray Allen and take contested jumpers... Recipe for success.

Oh my GOD Rondo “down

What happenned ?

He ran into Jameer SO they called a foul on Dwight

Every Celtic has been to the Paul Pierce School of Drama.

The problem with this game... Is the Magic are playing with energy. And they’re still getting worked. Not a good sign.

Ok now, seriously, you don't have to double rondo on the post, he can't shoot!

That shot just said othewise

We're not getting open looks. Boston doesn’t allow them.

Not looking forward to this team until trade deadline if any moves are made. Right now we just SUCK.

Well, it does take a while for a team to gel   I mean…look at the Spurs. They’ve basically had the same guys for years and they’re really working it this year. Idk…I think we need to stop with the incessant trading and work on what we’ve got.

Spurs have good players though

Jameer != Tony Parker. J-Rich != Manu.

You're right Jameer isn’t a cheating bastard and JRich isn’t a flopping, balding giant nose

The Third Quarter Collapse definitely is fitting to this team!

We have the worst defenders at 4 positions on the floor in the league. If not for Dwight this team would be the worst defense in the league. Boston doesn't go to the line much and even less when Shaq not playing. Yet they lived at the line in this game. Its really because our guys can't defend there man.

Carmelo is gonna shock the world when he goes 180 on his "NY or nothing" stance and gets traded to Orlando by the deadline.

I'm tired of Dwight getting abused by the league, the officials and the opposing players.

Magic will win this game. Dwight will get his touches and hit his tree throws thanks to his eye adjustment in the first quarter.

The irony in calling a moving screen against a team playing Boston.

It's obvious that Stan is not telling his team to attack the basket. Or by now someone would have tried it.

2 too many richardsons on this team...

Rondo is just playing with Gilbert Arenas. Looks like we got damaged good with Arenas. He can't even move on the floor.

So glad I opted for the 24 pack of beer over the 12. I'm gonna need it.

I don't even know who to blame. Hedo sucked in the first half, Gilbert couldn't defend a blind-folded Rondo in a wheelchair. This sucks.

The refs won't let Dwight smile. The refs don't care for the little children.

This is exactly like the Boston series last year. Except we got our asses kicked the whole game. Now it's the second half.

So you're saying we've improved. This is good.

The Celtics are playing stifling defense. Rondo cannot be contained. I don't know what we're going to do versus them in a 7 game series if they're 100% healthy

Hard to score when the other team is allowed to hold your arm, reach in, push off, etc and no whistle. I understand the Celtics have no one who can guard Howard and is ashame that the officials have been told from above that the Celtics bigs have this handicap applied.

As a Bulls fan: welcome to the 2nd tier of the Eastern Conference. Your hallmates are now Atlanta and New York. We pushed you guys out.

As a magic fan I hope to play you guys in the playoffs. Overrated and have had the easiest 17 game stretch in history? Just keep thinking you're so good.

I'm convinced we are nothing but Cavs 2.0. Lebron demanded better players, he got them and he left anyway. Dwight demanded better players, he got them. Guess what happens next.

Arenas may be the first player conspiratorially murdered by a coach/GM to free up cape space.

Pierce gets every single call

Someone needs to give him a nice hard flagrant Then stand over him and say “flop now you little girl.”

Celtics get more bailouts than AIG

We suck obviously Celtics win convincly without huge numbers for anyone other than Rondo

I keep saying that the Magic are playing like they could care less about the regular season. Reminds me of the Celtics last year. The Magic also have injury issues right now as well.

We can salvage this game if Malik Allen punches Garnett in his smug face.

Baby Davis showing our team how to making a defended layup.

This team has alot of problems that needs to get of the main problems is the dumbass coach we got.he needs to go.

**** this game! At least the Heat will lose to the Celtics next Sunday.

The Celtics have had the same core for 4 seasons now. Their chemistry is what makes them great.

I hate hate hate losing to the Celtics.  They are a dirty team and get all the breaks from the refs.   Unfortunately they are also good.  Life Sucks!