Comments From the Other Side - Lakers 2/10

I read a lot of fans comments after every game and I can honestly say that Lakers fans are the most delusional and ignorant of any fans in the league.  The first half they were all about how horrible the Lakers are and how they need a trade and how the Celtics are the better team.  Then at the end all of a sudden they are the best team in the league again.  And I think the most ignorant comments of all were these two  "Their missing pieces weren't significant pieces." and  "The Lakers were without Barnes. It levels out."  Ummmm Ok.  The Celtics were without Shaquille O'Neal, Jermaine O'Neal, Semih Erden, Delonte West, Marquis Daniels, and Nate Robinson and along with all the injuries, Pierce was playing with the flu.  That means NO back up center, small forward or PG and them missing Barnes levels it out.  Like I said ignorant and delusional. 

And, I've never seen fans who complain so much about the referees as these guys.  And again, they are delusional.  One comment says the Celtics are getting ALL the calls and the next talks about how many Celtics were in foul trouble.  And Laker fans have a lot of nerve to complain about any refs when the refs literally handed them the title last season.   As far as the loss is concerned,  I would say that the Fakers are still without a quality win.  The last comment shows that there is at least one Lakers fan that isn't completely delusional.  Knowing that they were without backup, some of the starters held back, knowing they would be out there longer and couldn't afford to foul out.  Pierce was a step slow.    Also, I think breaking the record took a lot out of Ray.  He wasn't the same after the record breaker.   Some of that was foul trouble and some was that he was just emotionally spent.  So, I'm not worried about this loss.  The Lakers can feel like they won it, just like they did with the title last year.  But in their hearts they have to know that they haven't really won anything. 

Big game, we gotta prove that we can beat elite teams

This is a huge game.. I want to win this one so bad

Yah I still got a bad taste from losing to these guys 2 weeks ago

Is anyone buying this "pierce is sick" bull? What a load of bull. Can't believe they expect us to believe that about Mr wheelchair. Pretty sure the lakers aren't gonna buy it either. Pierce is probably gonna enter the arena with an IV hooked up to him just for show.

Cue excuses for the Boston Celtics. Pierce is home sick with the Flu.

We will see. If there not playing that not our faults and I want to hear Boston fans qq if they lose. And no shaq. Oh Jeez such a big loss for Boston... What will they do...

who's going to knee guys in the thigh if Shaq isn't in there? Big Baby's knees are a little too low to cause that type of damage.

To the Celtics, this is a win win. If the Lakers win, it's because Paulina is just getting back and Shaq is out. If the Celtics win, they did it with Paulina just getting back and Shaq out.

We don't have Matt Barnes but we haven''t made excuses.

Hmmm...everybody is expecting a blow out for the Lakers? I say we will lose...101-93

With all of the trade talk and negative energy following their big losses to top 5 teams this season I think they really do have something to prove and will prove it tonight. I really just don't see them losing.

If we win it's not going to be by more than a few points, games with the Celtics in Boston are always close until the end or THEY blow us out.

What I DON'T want is it to come to the last possession and Allen its the game winning three to break the record.

Allen wont break the 3 pt record at the buzzer because he will break it in prob the first quarter especilly if Kobe is matcvhed up w/ him instead of rondo

Kobe will not be guarding Allen. Well he better not Ray Ray would run him off screens all night and Kobe is lazy when it comes to guarding players through screens and guarding players, period.

Bynum always has a big game when his name comes up in trade rumors. Remember vs Toronto and Charlotte last year he was beasting big time on both ends

Again that is Toronto and Charlotte lol

Hopefully our defense tomorrow wont be like this
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Not excited, just a normal regular season game that we should win.

No game against Boston is just a regular season game.

UGHHH Lakers are gonna be wearing their 71 72 Retro jersey. We're gonna lose again. We're 0-2 with it on

I want Ron Artest to give Paulina Pierce a FRAGRANCE Foul that Pierce will remember for the rest of her life

Well, he has admitted to pre game meals consisting of beans so this is very likely.

So the big diesel isn't playing? I was pretty sure he would make a miraculous one game recovery somehow to be able to play against the lakers. Everybody else does...

As of now he is listed as out but you never know with Boston they have a track record of not telling the truth about injuries.

It'll be a close game.. Which we'll squeak out by some last second ft's by Kobe.

20 point blowout loss coming up for the Lakers. I can't remember the last time they DIDN'T get embarrassed on national television.

Gotta feeling KG wants a little payback on Gasol for the head laceration.
Elbow to the grill maybe?

Hopefully lamar and gasol come out to play.. And hopefully someone guards ray Allen..

I think Drew plays like a mad man. Hopefully he doesnt break both of his knees in the process.

Is there any possible scenario where Ray Allen doesn't get to shoot a 3 tonight??

Only way is to foul him on every attempt. Free throws don't count towards the record. Doubt the Lakers will use this tactic

I don't trust games played at Boston. Seems like they would do anything to gain an unfair advantage to win the game. And that includes cheating. I wouldn't put it past them. Red Auerbach cheated and used to do all kinds of stuff to gain an unfair advantage back in the day.

If KG stays healthy, there's little chance Miami can get past them in my opinion

If the lakers lose this game I'm walking home naked

I have a sick feeling Ray Allen is gonna go off tonight.

I think big baby only knows the up and under move
As well as where all the you can eat buffets are located..

We need to win this game but it's not a statement game, Celtics aren't at full strength and neither are we. Until both teams face off at full strength then we can call it a statement game.

They are hit hard with injuries - we have to win this game.

In all honesty if we don't win tonight they need to shake up the team. Celtics are down to 9 players with Pierce having the flu and if we can't beat them now, we need to hang it up.

What do you think Doc's excuse will be if the Celtics lose? "Paul was feeling under the weather."

Celtics getting away with moving screens as usual.

Celtics getting away with alot of offensive fouls on Ray's screens, nice

I hate Ray Allen

Would laugh so hard if ray wouldn't make 2 3's today

Keep the fouls coming Boston

Bynum better make big baby cry tonite

The refs aren't helping us.

Wow ray is getting on my nerves alread

Wasnt Paul in the restricted area?

Handicapped area but yeah…he’s allowed to take charges there

WOW calls not going our way Because Paul, didn’t allow Bynum space on the catch so that should be a foul on Paul refs, get it right

This Fish on Ray matchup is not looking very promising at the moment...

Fisher why the **** would you leave RAY ALLEN, and TRY to DOUBLE INSIDE?

Ok now we can play some ball Its just a 3pt record not the tittle

For this one second, I tip my hat to Ray Allen Congrats to him for the acheivment. Now let’s make sure a loss forever taints the memory :)

I hate the Celtics, but I have a lot of respect for Ray Allen. I hope he stops chucking in this game, it's not his style.

Love how these idiots don't even mention the fact that LA has been hammered by the injury bug all season long as well. No Bynum to start the year, a F'ed up Bryant, Theo goes down, no Barnes. What a joke.

I wish Bynum would be more of a bully especially against dirty teams like the Celtics!

BOston is just a better team, its that simple

Frustrating quarter, to say the least. The Celtics are crippled with injuries, and I'm still waiting on the Lakers to step up.

I think our team really is scared of them.

Do these guys go this crazy over every record in Boston god damn... This is a little to much.


See why pau needs to be traded? He gets blocked by Paula pierce
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Very few things are as aggravating in this recent rivalry as watching pau try to post up Perkins.

Why does baby always own us?

I'll consider this game a W if we can at least manage to keep drool-boy contained. We're pretty much never able to stop him, so, you know. That's something to watch for.

Even though Ray is with the Celtics. Congrats to Ray Allen on accomplishing that record. One of the greatest shooters in the history of the NBA.

Even though the Lakers aren't playing terribly here, I still see a drastic difference between the two teams. The C's look like they have their sh*t together and have an identity. We on the other hand look a bit awkward on offense... I don't really get a sense of our identity... Other than Kobe taking over. We look hesitant and confused about what to do.

Frankly, they are a better team.. Sad, but I don't have a problem admitting this. Sure, we can still come back, but right now it doesn't look good. We might lose big, and I expected our guys to come out hungry and determined.

The refs are so heavily favoring the Celtics right now, that every call against the Celtics makes them flip out.

Now we're getting touch fouls all of a sudden? I guess the refs were instructed to not let a big TV game be a blowout so early.

That was a quick 3 second call.

It's called, the Lakers are making a huge run, let's help those guys out.

Looks like they called a "Boston ball" it's in the rulebook you know, well, they put it there in 2008, but it's a pretty good rule, if they don't help Boston out, who will?

We have no D. We dont even play bad D. We honestly dont play any D. But like everyone worry its just regular sucks

Clearly lacking energy and toughness tonight. Our bigs should have an advantage inside with most of their bigs injured, but what can you say

Lol Luke tried to pass to ray Allen's legs. Maybe the ball has a better chance of going in if it touches ray!

The injuries are piling up for the Celtics...bruised knee for nate Robinson may not return

I hope nates knee caps have exploded, hate that little turd

Odom is failing so hard right now. He has been our worst player by far. he's getting bullied

There's no way in hell the refs let the Lakers win this. I've seen enough.

7-0 run by the refs.

Every call goes their way. Hate refs that get caught up in the home crowd.

Four on Ray!!!

I want Ron to hurt Allen and pierce. IF this is the team we are gonna go to war with lets go to war. Ron put a knee into Allen in game three last year. Dude sucked the rest of the way

The energy in the building is gone. Crowd is dead right now.

I guess it's like playing at home then right?

LO and Pau are just watching Rondo getting rebounds that should be theirs. Pathetic.

Wafer 5 fouls! Guess he'll be wafer a while on the bench...

Win Or Lose, Melo Is Coming.

How is rondo getting all these rebound LO can you grab the ball instead of letting the alien out hustle you

The Lakers are playing a great comeback game yet the Celtics are getting all the credit by these eastern biased TNT commentators

Kobe is workin' the Celtics and they can't do anything about it. I'm glad Tony Allen is on Memphis now

The year they won, they had Posey to put on Bryant and annoy him...
Last year, it was Tony Allens job... This year?
Von Wafer? HA... Kobe baptized him...
Delonte West? It is not Kobes mom who he nailed.... It will be on Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to contain Kobe... Allen is too old... It will be on Paul Pierce


And Perkins and Shaq would throw Pau around like a raggedy Ann doll.

Why cant the lakers play defense like this all the time

Finally a break. A hot point gaurd that can't shoot ft's Rondo you suck!!!

I await doc rivers' excuses

No need... TNT already made excuses.

Now whenever Celtics fans re-watch Ray Allen's "record breaking game" they're forced to endure a loss to the Lakers. LOLOLOLOL.

Better job by our bigs tonight. That's the difference between the last game and this one.

We kinda just helped Miami get the best record in the east

Is Ray Old School Allen the guy they almost let go last season the C's best player this year?

And this game dipped Boston down into a tie with Miami for the best record in the East while the Celtics are all banged up.

The Lakers have served NOTICE to the League.. They are the CHAMPS and Just proved it again!

Glen Davis wasn't annoying tonight

Is he ever not annoying? Maybe that was harsh. I don't like to make fun of the mentally challenged.

Suck on that ray Allen Shoot all the threes you want… we’ll take the trophy thank you.

Did Kobe just hug ray Allen? Kobe hates Allen.

A win is a win, but let's be honest. With all those injuries it would've been embarrassing if the Lakers had lost.

The Celtics had been rolling without Perkins, without Delonte, without JO, and with Shaq as a minimal contributor. Give the Lakers some credit.

Add Daniels and tonight Robinson. I stand by my comment.


Their missing pieces weren't significant pieces.

The Lakers were without Barnes. It levels out.

Shaq was their only significant player who couldn't go. Pierce was sick, though.
But LA won because they were the better team.

I want another sig win on Sunday in Disneyworld

Yea and we'll deliver pau for Dwight in person

WAIT! Did we just beat their starting five?

Yeah but not their bench So it wasnt a quality win

Nope doc will say that one of their towel boys wasnt there

This is more than just another win We have all been starving for a quality win and above all to win on the road in Boston so I guess we all got fed.

Doc- We didnt fight through it in the 4th, the fatigue
Threw in the fatigue real quick…aka we were short

Fixed it for Doc Threw in the fatigue real quick…aka we were short too damn old

You know if it was up to Shaq to sign with the Lakers or Celtics he would
Much rather finish his career here

Great win. The Celtics D is a farce, since its predicated on fouling with getting called. When the refs started calling it, we got back in the game, and our bigs got comfortable again.

Celtic fans saying we shouldn't really feel that great about this game, saying we should have blown them out. Also said we shouldn't be glad about beating a 7 man team. Well by the same token we haven't had our full team damn near all season.

Doc Rivers tomorrow: They've never beaten us with our entire roster healthy. We know our top guys were game, BUT STILL

Celtics did not play an inspired game.. After ray hit his 3's, they didnt play inspired ball. They had their core players in the game in the 4th, but I think the lack of healthy bodies zapped the life out of them. I'm glad the lakers still beat them, and Kobe was sexy at the end, but the win just feels like a normal win. I still dont think we have a statement victory.. Sure we beat Boston at their place, but sure dont feel like much. Sorta like beating up the bully, but he only had like 1 eye and like a broken arm