Comments From the Other Side - Kings 2/1

 The Kings have a very nice young team.  They are talented, athletic and play hard.  But they are young and will make the kind of mistakes that young teams make.  For once there wasn't a thread with fans bashing their own players throught.    Kings fans have a right to be excited about their future.   Once again, another arena with lots of Celtics fans in it.  That's always fun.  I love the way these fans still hate the Celtics but they respect them at the same time and recognize great team play.  Enjoy today's version of Comments from the Other Side.... 

A week or two ago, I would have laughed if someone told me we’d have more than a faint hope that the Kings would beat the Celtics. Now, though? I’m pumped. I think we actually have a good chance; after all, we did just beat the freaking Lakers, right? And we busted the Hornets’ epic, crazy long winning streak.

I have only a faint hope These guys are much smarter and dirtier than LA

Go Kings! Aim for KGs jewels.

I fully expect a blowout win for the Kings.

If Kings pull off this one I'll be giddier than a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert

The Celtics use screens extremely well, and ‘Reke, uh, is not so good at dealing with them yet. If he’s on Ray we could see the single game 3-point record lol.

Celts by 14,,,, errr...I think Kings will do better than losing by 14. Celts by 6.

Kings can beat them I saw the Celtics fall to the Wizards after blowing them out by 30+ in Boston early in the season.

I luv seeing JT not play!!! Sorry that he is hurt but I cant stand watching him play nemore. I have given up on him!!

I love giving up on players that haven't completed their rookie contracts as well!

Yes because its not like we're facing the deepest frontcourt in the league tonight or anything.

Is it a bit overzealous of me to have a cigar ready to puff should the Kings pull out the victory tonight?

Wow, other than Rondo That is a HOF line up

He might get into the HOF, I doubt it, but ya never know

Considering how young he is. He’s pretty damn spectacular right now and if he continues to get better and/or just play at this same level, he’s potentially HOF.

Wow Arco looks pretty full.

I hope they're Kings fans It’s painful when the arena is full and almost half the fans root for another team.

I'd say mostly Kings But plenty of Celtics fans

Bill Walton on the Radio feed ugh

I am so very, very sorry

Ugh Bennett Salvatore

Hope Ray Allen has an off shooting night.

Celtics fans @ Arco Definitions of bandwagon fans right there folks

Celtics Have an established bandwagon that makes sense. The amount of random Miami Heat jerseys this past year is the ultimate bandwagon.

I can understand wanting to go to the game because of the Celtics, but actually pretending to be a Boston fan is just sad.

I hate Rondo's hands. They are EVERYWHERE. Didn't we draft Quincy Douby over this guy?

Young and fast vs. Old and slow

I didn’t expect Bos to play like this. Maybe this kind of play will wear out their old guys

Rondo may run a halfcourt well, but from what I just saw, his fastbreak skills are awful,

Garnett looks like Humpty Dumpty

Rondo is like the Tazmanian devil

JR with the funny “hard to spot that bandaid” when speaking of KG’s bandage

I think the Celtics are much harder team to beat than the Lakers for the kings at least

And everyone else in the league

Rondo is taking so many shots that I wonder if he bet someone he could get 5 layups against the Kings

I don't think thats a bet too many people will take

The crowd is even louder for the Celtics than the Lakers

Perkins is such a hard guy for DMC to score on. It's going to be tough for us to win if he doesn't contribute, and as long as Perk is on him I don't see him doing too much.

The Celtics are good.

Our strategy tonight appears to be making the Celtics think we'll give DeMarcus the ball and then not.

I dream that the Kings would play defense like the Celtics.

Ray Allen is like 50 you can’t get in front of a 50 year old man?

We're making Allen look like we're the veteran team right now. He looks like he's like 27 in his prime out there!!

Am I the only person that wants to punch nate Robinson in his face?

Repeatedly? Or just once?

I'm not sure, his tiny face may only be able to take one.....

Kings making the hustle plays.

Shaq looks a bit feeble his hands and his feet are at least a step slower
Kinda sad in a way. . I don’t feel sorry for him, but he is a shadow of what he was. That said, he is still in the League

I can't be sad for him I hope he breaks a leg, and not for show business

WTF Landry didnt foul, Rondo slipped on Shaqs sweat

LOL at Rondo..dude is so dirty lol. He tripped Big Cuz from getting the loose ball off the block on Rondo

Confession: I love Bill Walton.

It's great. He's saying what I would say if I drank nothing but paint thinner for a month.

Shaq really seems to have no talent left aside from being a blob that consumes half of the paint.

Dirty, dirty tripping play by Rondo there. Can't knock him for being savvy though.

DeMarcus nearly turned Rondo into a pancake

Shaq really needs to lose weight. He's just too fat to move.

Our defense right now... Is phenomenal.

Cs are crying like a bunch of you know whats

C's can't handle us!!!! That technical proves we're getting to them!!!!

The Celtics play really dirty But are smart since they don’t get caught

Cousins went to help up Garnett And Rondo pushed him away. Nice call for the T on Rondo with DMC being the sportsman

It's pretty shocking the King are getting these calls. But I’m happy they are.

I love how people are freaking out on the Boston side.
The 1986 Celtics lost in Arco too.

Will someone please get in front of Rondo? Please he’s not that fast.

It is kind of strange how many C's fans there are.

Bandwagoners , didnt see this many "fans" before they got KG and Allen.

I have a bad feeling there will be some ejections in this game. Things are getting too chippy. Seems like KG, shaq, rondo and Perkins are all trying to mess with cousins.

Everything seems to be covered in KG's sweat

I'm waiting for the bark on your knees defense.

The Celtics play great villans

People wonder why the Celtics are so aggressive and always pushing and grabbing a player's off arm If you keep doing it over the course of the game, refs are less likely to call it

Kings look tired

The Celtics starting to become one of my least favorite teams

I never have liked Boston But I never really watched them play enough to realize how dirty this team is. They are moving into my hate territory reserved for the Redacted

They're always my least favorite team except when they play LA

I hate Boston more than LA honestly. It’s all because of the BS histrionics they perform mostly. That, and Orlando is my 2nd favorite team and Boston gives ’em trouble. But mostly the former.

Whenever it's Celtics Lakers I just want the earth to open up and swallow the arena

Way too many Celtics fans in arco.

It was funny as hell, but I don't know about Cousins mocking Nate like that that after that 3.

KG has always been a dirty player. I really don't like him.

The player Cousins reminds me of the most is Bill Laimbeer

Allen really is incredible

He really is one of the best shooters of all time.

Ray Allen can shoot

Well this game is probably over. Boston up 8 midway through 4th. They won't blow this lead. Vet teams know how to win always.

If the Kings played defense like the Celts they'd be callled for a foul every time.

Robinson is garbage right now.

I can't stop sweating Can’t tell if its cause of the game or it being 105 degrees here.

Damn This is a good team

You think? You think that having the East’s best record might indicate that?

Dang It’s a good thing I’m a big fan of Ray Allen, or I’d be realllly pissed right now.

When the Celtics are clearly the more talented team, my anger is somewhat lessened Granted, it’s because I like this team…there are those I hate. Lol

Really cause I hate this team (Celtics)

Not a big fan of a talented team Who still rely on dirty tricks to get in other teams heads, to get calls for them they don’t deserve, or to get open by fouling

I’ve always liked Ray. He’s a class act.

I have an idea, how about a kings player just slips next to a guy in green? They been calling it a foul this game.

Only if you are wearing green

You think maybe the guy you leave open shouldn't be Ray Allen?

C's D showing why it's number one in the league

WAY too many cheers for the Celtics at Arco

The Celtics set great if not totally legal picks Especially Davis Garnett and Perkins

Kings are going to be 46-0 in learning experiences this season

Why does the NBA make the Kings play 4 quarters?

Screw these Boston fans And what is up with no calls on all these screens where the Celtics hold onto the Kings??

Because believe it or not the refs hardly ever call it, on anyone for that matter

And that's the Truth

I hate Paul Pierce. I hate…just hate him.

We did what we could. Boston played very well for the most part with the exception of their bench in the 2nd qtr. Hard to beat them when they’re playing well.

Boston is the better team and played like it for the most part.

I thought the Boston bigs won the game for them
The inside D and the rebounds giving opportunities to Allen and Pierce to score

I think the Celtics are the most classless team in the NBA, even more than the Lakers

All the jawing and woofing and crying every time a foul doesn’t go their way. It’s really annoying.I

Apparently Kings bench=Celtics bench Both had 26 points

Can't wait till the Celtics/Lakers get old and retire. Then, both fan bases will go back to putting paper bag's on their heads. Horrible fan's, just horrible...

Superior Mental toughness won this game That’s no surprise, we tightened up/loosened up when the pressure was on and the Celts were staring our (mostly) kids in the face. A lot of talent is just plain mental toughness, which can be learned.