Comments From the Other Side - Heat 2/13

After the Lakers game I said that the Lakers fans complained about the refs more than any fans in the league.  I have to say, Heat fans are right up there with them.  The refs let them play both ways and there were no calls and bad calls on both teams.  At least some of the Heat fans were honest and realized this and saw that some bad calls went against the Celtics too, especially during the Heat's "come back".  Most of the Heat fans are delusional but all of the Laker fans are delusional.  Like I said about the Lakers fans,  when your team was HANDED a championship by the referees, you shouldn't ever complain about the officials!!   And I can't believe that with all of the Celtics injuries there were Heat fans pointing to the fact that they don't have Haslem as a reason for their loss.  I think my favorite comment was how the Celtics not having a bench hurt them because if we didn't have so many injuries Wafer would never have played and scored 10 points.  Definitely having Wafer score 10 points is way better than having Shaq, JO, Semih, Quisy and Delonte.  Too funny.    Some great stuff today and I know you'll enjoy it...

I cant stand cry baby pierce

Playing in one, if not the most, hostile environment in the league right now with a must win game for the Heat.

ECF preview, cant wait for the Miami to win this one out and blow the Boston Celtics by 20+ points then James would tweet- great to bring our talents at TD Garden, atleast the wheelchairs werent around for injury queen.     Haters? Enjoy hating, youll eventually get tired of us winning it all

Rondo will have a triple double.

Watch out for KG's cheapshots and illegal screens

Totally different team since the last time we played them. Only thing we're missing now is UD. We should get the win here and remain in 1st place.

If the heat don't win this game I honestly can't see them beating the Celtics in the playoffs

If we play smart on defense our only problem is rondo
Plz god strike chalmers down

Stop Ray Allen from killing us and we win the game. Wade is one of the worst defenders of Ray Allen. I know it's hard to keep up with even a 35 year old Ray but it's one game and Wade needs to find himself on defense from the beginning. Don't give him any early open look that gets him going.

Rondo's dribble pentration must be bottled up as best possible. Allen can go off and provide a spark, but if Rondo gets the team involved and gets them easy shots were done.

Boston is one of the worst rebounding teams in the league, we must beat them on the boards. Our guys will be ready.

The sad thing about this game is the fact that if we win,everyone is going to say we beat an injury depleted Boston team,If we lose,everyone is going to say we cant beat a Celtics team that is nowhere near full strength.We really wont be able to shut the haters up until we dominate in the playoffs(Though they will still come up with something to say)!!!

This will probably be the most important game the HEAT play in the regular season.

All of us here have complained about miller not being there the first couple games so its natural that they would do the same.

I don't care what any Celtics fan says though, a win tomorrow is a win. No matter what.

If Miami wins, it doesn't really count because Boston has a bunch of "injuries" right now. But if Boston wins, it just proves Miami will never be able to beat them.

Boston has their 6 best players healthy, and we're still missing Udonis Haslem, the heart and Soul of this team.

A very tough game, today will tell where we stand - if we cannot beat them today, we have problems

Ridiculous that a regular season game is a statement game, but we have to win this game....

I think this is the first time this season that the visiting team is favored in Boston.

Wade forcing his way through the lane will kill us today

With Boston short handed, I just dont see the NBA allowing them to get in foul trobule or pick up many fouls.

They're the better team. I don't expect us to win against the Cs until that changes.

How the hell Bosh let Rondo get the rebound?

C'mon, if u want to foul, throw KG down

I hate big baby

Perkins with that "certainly it couldn't be me" look on his face...again

Has Perkins ever committed a foul? He has to be the most wrongly-accused player in the league.

No calls for us so far.

Refs aint gonna do **** for us. We gonna show them.

Ray Allen always destroys us.

I call bull. That was a legal crab dribble.


Less donuts and you could dunk that you fat pig Davis lol
That makes Joel look like a superstar

Please get 6 fouls as quickly as possible Joel Anthony, I hate watching you play basketball.

Has Perk gotten a tech this season? As long as the refs call it down the middle like that, then I'm fine. But that's a tech in most games I've seen.

The Celtics seem to get into Wades head. He looks off now.

How difficult is it to pass the ball without it getting it stolen

Why don't we just hand the **** ball to Boston when we cross halfcourt? It'd save time.

Davis and Allen are two most annoying Celtics.

One of these Celtics need to punch Wade in the mouth for him to play serious.

I cant stand Pierce, I used to like him when the Celts where **** but like Garnett who was a loser most of his career they taste a little success and become punks!!!

KG gets away with so much

I'm glad people are finally realizing that Wade is the second best player on this team..

That was a generous foul for Old Man Pierce.

Were better than Boston you can clearly see were more talented but for some reason are executing sucks..

Coaching, wade are the main reasons we cant beat Boston this yr.

I'm getting tired of Chris Bosh

I'm waiting for the day Bosh "accidentally" elbows KG in his grill

I want to See Z and Big Baby in a high jump contest. Who will be the one to clear 4 inches?

I'm going to start calling, Bosh Cinderfella

KG gets to Bosh. If there's one person who manhandles him, it's KG. He needs to toughen-up and smash this guy.

We are not going to win playing like this, we look disjointed. I just cannot believe we have no post up game at all. All of our bigs are either jump shooters, finese players.

Celtics best offensive player 0/7, good job Heat

Oh, and Big Baby is a JOKE.. That dude seriously needs to be able to dunk at like 6-8 without fail hahahahah

I'm trying to figure who is more anoying btween Perkins and Davis

Davis hands down, guy practically drools on himself. I like the rest of the Celtics though but Perkins/Davis are 2 players I cannot stand

I can't believe Perkins didn't get a technical foul after his yelling and screaming...I'm sure all of you know what play I'm talking about. ANY other player in the league would have gotten a technical the way they are calling it this year. Show some f'ing consistency ref's. Stephen Jackson would've probably gotten suspended for that lol.

Paul pierce is slow

Games like this make me see why we are NOT elite.

Perkins has been KILLING Z all day. KILLING

Take a timeout Sporon, our offense is awful

Perkins is a better FT shooter than Wade

Our offense is so terrible to watch when playing legitimate defenses.

Rivers owns spo

Miller airballs an absolute wide open three and then Ray is wideopen on the other end

We're NOT beating this team in the playoff's.
4-1 Celtics, 4-2 if we get lucky. Our offense is trash, and our players don't have the mental toughness to hang with these guys. We're weak and pathetic.

The Heat are making Kendrick Perkins look semi-competent. Theres no reason he should be eating us in the post like this.

No excuses in this one. If they lose it's all mental (turnovers) and fear of contact (physical play).

Don't forget the lack of an actual offensive system.

It's crazy how much the refs are letting Rondo get away with.

I used to love Garnett but this guy has become the biggest piece of trash in the league.

What Boston gets away with is absolutely unreal, complete and utter bull.

Imagine if Haslem was out there. Would we have seen the first murder on a basketball court in NBA history?

Spo cant coach this team. We need a tough coach. A GOOD coach. Spo is a puny little video coordinator talking about mental toughness. He needs to go. We cant win a championship with him as coach. Theres no way. I just dont see it.

The refs decided this game with their p**** officiating. Garnett has really become the league's biggest b****.

They just have our number at the momment. They snuff out our middle school offensive sets, and they get under our skin on both ends.

I say bring in Dampier! If someone knocks out Rando or Garnett I call this a win.

Why do they insist on passing the ball to Joel like he's an NBA player?

The crowd moans and groans on every single foul against the Celtics, **** idiots

Is it just me, or does this fat dumpling always kill us?

I don't think we can beat this team.

Honest to god I dont give a **** if we lose to any other team but I ****ing hate losing to Boston

The Heat just gotta accept that the NBA wants the Celtics to win and they have to play better to overcome that adversity. You can't let the refs be a factor.

The shot at the NBA is unnecessary here.. The Heat have played a **** game.

Heat are soft and have a terrible coach, there just isnt much u can do about it.

We need to lure Perkins out of Boston this summer. Tempt him with playig with LBJ or with the weather or no state tax. Do what it takes. We need toughness like that.

This isnt Spo's fault. We just flat out are worse than Boston. And I ****ing hate it

Ya know what? If all our players foul out tonight, I'll be fine with that. I don't think the refs can call all the fouls, and the Celtics have taken advantage of that over the years to reach elite status.

Somebody should have knocked Rondo out

I'm waiting for one of our players to knock out one of the Cs players.

Were not being aggressive...thats are problem were more talented were just not more aggressive...

Keep fouling them, don't let them get in offensive rhythm.

Lebron was HELD and it was considered great D.

I wish David Stern liked us.

We need to be the bullies here, forget about the score right now. Win or lose, we want to send em home bruised up.

Refs handed this game the the Celtics.

Whoever thinks house is a good 3 point shooter needs to get their eyes checked

Stop blaming the ****in refs, the heat sucked today.. Wade sucked, spo sucks. Get over it stop making excuses

How does rondo have more rebounds than bosh?

YES, Bosh fouling KG and they call it against KG, I love it

Big Z pops Rondo good, nice
Get aggressive on these scrubs

When Snaq and J.O. Are back for the playoffs what are we going to do when the Celtics get bigger?

Not confident in us winning,when they can out muscle us without those guys in the lineup.

You can complain about the refs, but there's no QUESTION what team has been the aggressor tonight(Boston). And the aggressor always gets the benefit of the doubt from the officials.

2 bogus calls on KG in a row. Refs finally giving the Heat some love

Boston in penalty now, time to attack and make free throws.

Reftics getting that full circle treatment

Celts arent getting away with fouls anymore

KG rubbing off on his teammates I see. Dirtiest team in the league.

Celtics are classless honestly they remind me of that smart ass cocky under 16 team

Dear Dwyane and LeBron, if you guys don't intend to win the game, please leave the court. You're embarassing our franchise with your soft, sloppy and arrogant play

We're gonna lose this because Wade & LeBron are trying to play hero

These refs are god awful on both sides.

The wear and tear is showing on Boston and that's because we're hitting them harder.

House for 3 on this last play, don't expect a call near the rim.

LeChoke. For supposed "clutch" superstars these guys sure to choke at the line.

At least Davis is shooting

That fat dumpling can play.

Glen Davis is more clutch than anyone on the heat Blah

I liked how LeBron had a lane violation on the FT and it wasn't called because big baby made it. Make him shoot that sh-t again.

Why would they make him reshoot when he made it and the vio was on the other team?

Its actually only a lane violation is he misses it.

I still don't think the cletics can beat us in a 7 game series. But if they do, then they deserve to be the champions

Always the same ****. Boston is far above us. And we do not know how to play good offense when we are well defended. We lack a lot.

It should be obvious by now what the NBA allows the Celtics to get away with and we need to make adjustments

Pierce absolutely sucked today, Allen was terrible. Still they win?


This loss hurts, but I can only give props to Boston for being the aggressors. The last thing we wanna do is be classless sore losers. From here on out it's just about improving every day. There's a reason they're the EC champions.

Cut Wade, Cut Lebron, Cut Bosh soft ass, fire Spoelstra. Rebuild this stupid team.

Disappointing ending, but the bright side is for how terrible they played it was only a 3point loss. I still like their chances against Boston.

I am NOT looking forward to a playoff series against the Celtics.

BTW Paul Pierce only scored 1 point. And they still won

Lebron can't defend all 3 big 3 Celtics at once

No excuses, out hustled out hearted out testicled. They didnt have both oneals, daniels or west.

I still feel good about our chances vs Boston in a series despite our offensive system.
This was IN Boston.
The NBA refs rigged this BIG TIME
Lebron and Wade are the 2 best playoff performers in the NBA.
Miami played like trash but still almost won in Boston despite the NBA rigging

And Boston was missing their entire bench with Pierce putting up an 0'fer.
You think thats going to happen again??

Pierce ALWAYS does flat out terrible against Lebron. Last year against the Cavs Pierce constantly had 2-10 shooting games. The Oneals barely play minutes and with Jermaine coming off a huge surgery he is even more useless. Also with Shaq on the field Miami can just run fast and run his fat a$$ off the court winded. Plus remember Haslem comes back for us.

In the playoffs last season Boston basically owned UD. Remember UD has heart but not the size or speed to match up with KG or Big Baby.

No point in bitching about the refs, because it is what it is. I do think that the next time we meet, we need to foul them hard the whole game. They're not pulling any punches, so why should we?

By ECF, UD will be back to help with the physicality of Boston. We need a Keith Askins type of player to come in and slap KG, somebody that we dont need to worry about coping with their loss via suspension

Doc always out adjusts spo, this is the main problem. I guarantee you Eric will blame the defense on this loss

If it was not for the refs we WIN the game.

If we get homecourt, we beat this team. Refs would not make it out of Miami alive calling the BS that they did

The attitude on this team about the fact that they don't need to play together and that they have individuals who can play one on one against guys has gotten old with me.

Lebron could not break that defense and was holding that ball while deciding on what the hell knows.. FT missed was a game basting play.

I hope lebron elbows b*tch rondo in the face next time.

The unforced turnovers by Lebron & Wade set the tone for this one. We were in control early before their unforced turnovers came flooding in. Once that happened the offense became timid and Boston's aggressiveness only made calls go their way.

Bosh was the only one driving all night. Thats how he got 10 free throw attempts

Where was magloire at? When rondo went into our huddle he should have picked up rondo and tossed him across the court like a rag doll...sure hell get suspended but hes not playing anyway, might as well

There is no excuse for us to have lost this game NONE
Pierce didnt have a FG, Allen wasnt that great, and Boston was basically benchless
All of this and we couldnt win that freakin game???? You have got to be kidding me if you have high hopes that we will defeat this team in a series

I ain't that mad once Udonis Haslem is back no more Joel Anthony and Boston Celtics not having their bench in a way hurt us this kid Von Wafer would have never played and scored those 10 points and come playoff times once Lebron James looks at Delonte West IT"S A WRAP

I know it sounds a bit ridiculous,but could we just be sandbagging it against Boston until we meet in the playoffs? I have absolutely no basis for this train of thought,and quite frakly I'm just looking for someone to validate this idea for me.It sounds better then the alternative of we just can't beat them

I think twos things to learn from this game is that A) James Jones cannot guard Big Baby and B) Eddie House was pretty effective guarding Rondo.

Discouraging loss, since the Heat couldn't even win despite a poor offensive outing from the Celtics combined with their injuries. The Celtics defense went to work in the second half, and it seems as though the Heat's only chance to win is if someone catches on fire and starts making impossible shots.

The fact that Rondo was near our huddle like that disgusts me. Somebody on our team should have decked him, or at the least pushed him out of there.

You think come playoff time well get some calls?

[From a Bulls Fan] the refs did everything they could to give the heat the game. The announcers kept sayin those calls were BS on the Celtics.
It was a whistle fest down the stretch. Not a Celtics fan by any means, but they were not getting the calls, the heat were

Who here thinks we can beat Boston in the playoffs?

We're gonna beat them. At the very least, they're going to limp into the next series with injuries.

Lebron James 2-3 fts off of 10-21 shooting?

[From the Bulls Fan] LBJ was given a chance to tie the game by the refs now wasn't he

Pierce 0-10 shooting, only 1 point. Both O'Neal's out, Erden out, Celtics still win. Heat 0-3 against the C's. Greatness.

The heat are affraid of the Celtics. The Celtics straight punch us in the mouth every game, and we let them.

Stop whining... Wade didnt show up in Boston, like usual. We lost. Stop blaming it on refs, stop being such sore losers.

We play the same game vs Boston... What thing changed? Nothing just that Miller plays today

Tell me next time von wafer goes 4-5 and baby get 16 points, house goes 0-4 and miller goes 1-5. I said that we need to make our 3's to win this game, we didnt, and we lost.

[from a Celtics fan]  Tell me next time Pierce plays hurt and goes 0-10.

Dude Pierce was not hurt. I can never take any "injury" that this dude has seriously anymore, and I don't think I need to elaborate.

We have no consistency, outside of the Big 3. THIS IS NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP ROSTER. Eddie House barely played in Boston, he's like our 6th man.. Joel Anthony, Damp, Howard, we srsly have NO DEPTH

Boston is a washed up team and they rely on the officiating to decide the game in their favor. That's why they lost to the Lakers in game 7; the calls weren't there in the final minutes and they didn't know what to do.

You guys are ridiculous blaming Spo, offciating, etc. Stop talking ****!!! We got outplayed, out hustled and flat out beat by a better team. End of story.

We had 2 oppurtunities to tie the game down the stretch and we didnt. The refs did not GIVE Boston the game by any means. Regardless if the calls lean their way, we could have won the game. No excuses, WE LOST. I hate the Celtics

KG is basically scum. He takes shots when players aren't looking then flops when they blow on him. I swear that guy is from Europe. When was the last time you saw him square off against someone. NEVER. He always takes a cheap shot and whispers trash to get a reaction. His coach says "people would love to have him on their team" WRONG!!!! I seriously would stop watching this team if we ever got Garnett. If there is a FAKE TOUGH GUY LIST like that btch Durant said, then KG is on top of that list. Take his shots but doesn't want to follow thru. Nothing but a coward. When is this guy going to get called out for what he really is, scum. Do you think that shoulder to Miller wouldn't have been met with mor ethan a shove from Wade is UD was back. I guarantee you KG will be more mellowed once UD gets back.

I was happy Wade retaliated against KG, but I would much rather Haslem do that. KG wouldn't do it again after that. Next time, someone has clothesline Rondo and but him on his ***. That's for sure. Don't mean to sound malicious, but Rondo needs to be put to the floor by somebody. We can't have squidgets lurking around our huddles.

It was nice when they sucked all those years before KG and Allen joined up
It will be over soon enough though, their window is closing

I hope they suck again in the near future just like they sucked all those years before KG.

The officiating was bad, we should have lost by more than 10. Yeah, I said it!

I know we don’t have UD but according to the rankings we have the worst bench in the league. The top 5 teams in the league all have good benches. We lost to them by 8,5,and now 3 IF we had 1 bench player score 10 pts we would have won. Were stuck with this roster because no team will trade with us, so until we get a better bench we won’t win any titles.

We need to bring our A game in order to beat a C+ effort from the Celtics. The Celtics played just as bad man

So Day 1 after the realization that the Heat won't make it to the NBA finals. Has Lebron blamed anyone else on the team or in the organization yet?