Comments From the Other Side - Bobcats 2/7

 I don't know where the notion comes from that the Celtics get favorable treatment from the refs.  For the most part this just isn't so.  These Bobcat fans watched the game through orange colored glasses.   Last night the Bobcats shot more free throws than the Celtics and the officiating wasn't one sided toward the Celtics.  They let a lot go on both ends.   I did think that Fitzgerald was a bit quick with the T's on Jackson but he did the same thing to KG in the Knicks game - 2 quick T's and out for pretty much nothing.  Not too worried about this loss.  Back to back on the road and short handed on the bench.  The Bobcats played way over their heads and the Celtics didn't come to play in this one.  So... it's on to the Fakers.  
I don't care who wins tonight, as long as it's a good game I'll be happy as a clam either way.

No chance tonight. 0. None. Zilch. Nada.

If we played 100 times, don't you think we'd have a chance to win at least 1?

There old so around game 98 they might wear down and let us win one.

Yeah, I guess maybe we could win 1 out of 100. So I should rephrase... We have 1% change of winning.

Boston has our number

I only hope we don't suffer through another beat-down from these guys...that will be depressing if it happens...

Bobcats are not on the same level with the Celtics, but anything can happen on any given night.

SLAMonline Spike Lee Wants Kevin Garnett to Quit Cussing Him Out Class act.

We'll probably lose but I'm hoping that Garnett pulls a Channing Frye on Stephen Jackson.

Celtics/Bobcats is always one of my favorite games because I get to see my two favorite teams. Indiana is like my third team

No idea why but I had a feeling Ray Allen was going to end up passing Reggie Miller against us…..Least we get our name in the record books lol

Death to Ray Allen....He is clearly the antichrist.

Liking the pace so far. Got to keep pushing the ball against these old Boston legs as much as possible.

This is still looking like a basketball game, but their bench will slaughter ours...

Whats a Harangody??

Nice basket there by Rondo

Rondo this Rondo that

Najera getting the best of Big Baby

They're calling a LOT of fouls on us. Some on them too, so maybe they're just touchy.

Nazr Mohammed Bball IQ fell off a cliff.

And in a touch of irony, his timing followed his BBIQ off that same cliff, only 5 seconds later.

Why not pass it to Najera? He didn't have anyone within 10ft of him.

Because nobody on the floor can pass.

It's a pity that Livingston isn't 20lbs heavier, played better D and had three point range on his J because if he did, he'd be a pretty good SG. Of course, that's a LOT of "pity he doesn'ts"!!!

PP and Rondo are such floppers, Digusting.

Yep and Garnett is as dirty as they come. 3 main reasons I absolutely hate the Celtics.

Is it me, or are the refs playing this one sided tonight. I know that's a shocking allegation and all

How did the ref's fall for that ****. A 7 footer acting like he has been hit in the back with a sledge hammer. Jax barely touched him

You ****ing idiot Jackson! That's a dumb freaking T. No need for that you idiot!

You are a total **** moron Stephen Jackson and because of your lack of personal control have just cost us ANOTHER game

Are you serious. Even the Celtics announcers are beside themselves.

These new rules are getting out of hand Especially for someone like Jackson, who ALWAYS will have a target on his back, because of you know what… The refs are always on the lookout for the slightest thing to t him up.

The rules are ridiculous, but Jackson is asking for it.

God forbid the Bobcats be allowed to compete with the Celtics. Let’s just eject their best scorer for the silliest of reasons.

They wouldn't have said a damn thing to Garnett.

I'm not one to engage in conspiracy theories but NBA are awfully suspect and seem the most likely to actually be crooked.

It's pretty ridiculous that they threw him out, though. Garnett jaws at the refs like that all game.

Jack should had gotten the T. It's not that freaking hard to just walk off the already cost your team enough, just leave. If someone is dumb enough not to just do something so simple as that, they deserve another T. Idiot.

When Mike Gorman and Tommy Heinsohn are literally shocked (about a non-Celtic player!), you know it was a questionable call.

The first T was probably warranted, but running him out of the game was insane and wouldn't happen to 99.9% of the league. That isn't in question.

I can't blame Jax for flipping out there. This game seems one sided to the away team. They're getting all of these ticky tacky fouls while the Bobcats get hacked on the other end and unless it's blatant, aren't getting the call. You can only take so much of that before you lose it.

Without Jax in the game, there should be much better ball movement. A lot of times when Jax gets the ball, all movement stops and the offense can become stagnant.

When we played the heat Friday, Wade literally waved off the ref when he called a foul on him, where the EFF was the T

Kwame was fouled 3 times in one play and it took running into Perkins for the refs to call anything. If the Refs called the first foul or the 2nd or the 3rd, the kwame tech probably wouldn't have happened.

Jax is a great player, but just not mentally balanced. We will hang with Boston a bit, but I think his loss will take its toll in the end.

I've always like Ray Allen as a player, love the pure shooters

I could honestly being Jax so selfish and stupid to get two T's in a game 6 of the championshp for something so small as someone said he sucks.

I think we'll see that in this years playoffs if the refs continue to call it how they are now. Dwight Howard might get thrown out every game because he complains every time he gets fouled and they don't call it (which is alot). In fact, most big men get fouled alot more than what they call. Its going to be interesting.

Time for our mandatory 3rd quarter beatdown?

Allen is so going to get the 3pt record tonight.

And half the arena will erupt

well, even though he is the opposition, you should applaud an achievement like that shouldn't you?

He deserves a golf clap from the bobcat fans in the arena... Not the standing ovation he will get from the 10,000 Celtics fans at the game. Ugh.

I'm sorry, but I shouldn't be hearing massive cheers when Boston shoots a 3. Stupid bandwagon fans

I am literally shocked when Ray Allen misses a shot. If ray and dirk played on the same team my head might explode.

Should probably guard that Allen kid at the 3pt line, I think he can hit that shot

Its so disgusting that Jason kidd is #3 on the all-time 3pters made list

When he grimaces, Augustin looks like Justin Bieber.

Hearing Stephanie ready talk about ray Allen's gameday routine... Wow. What a pro.

Seriously what does Kwame Brown have to do to get a call??!!!!

Nazr is unbearable to watch! We've got to find someone that is going to score...Boston is giving us every chance to win this game.

I fully expect to see KG draw blood from Mexicat before this game it done.

Pierce didn't make a play on the ball and there was excessive contact leading to a hard is that not a flagrant?

Lucky for Paul Pierce he's wearing green so that won't be a clear path or flagrant

Why couldn't we play like this against Dallas.

The only thing that pierce does flagrantly is fake injuries. C'mon guys.

The Bobcats don't get those calls Especially not against Stern’s Celtics.

Pretty sure Pierce just travelled And then charged. These refs are so unbias.

You can't expect games like this out of Liv every night though.

Liv can only play like this against midgets like Nate Robinson

I feel a heart breaker coming on...............

It wont be heartbreaking. We have no chance to win.

Stern will not do anything but this is the most blatant ref favoritism ever.

Damn alotta Celts fans A lot of bandwagoners Too many for my liking

I missed when the Celtics sucked And there were no Celtic fans to be found anywhere outside of Boston.

I went to the Celts/Cats game back in December And it was embarrassing how bad the green outnumbered the orange in the arean

Does Silas always leave the bench players in like this if they make a bit of a run?

He coaches by feeling rewarding players who are playing well. I love it.

Well, we wanted at least 1 out of the 3 - and by George we got it!!!

Great win after losing to Dallas and the lebrons

A foul? Are you kidding me? Those refs must have some big-time money on this game.


He didnt he didnt even touch him

He totally got the elbow. It was a foul. Dumbest play I have seen all night, including Jackson's techs

I cant believe they even called that dont ever make that call as a ref

Great win. A combination of BOS not playing like themselves + Henderson's D on Allen + surprising offensive performances from a few of our guys.

Never would have imagined Najera would get the better of KG at the end of the game and Hendo would get the better of Ray Allen.

Livingston, Henderson, Najera and co. Just beat 1/3 of the East All-Stars.

KG has another fan: #Bobcats F Eduardo Najera: "He did elbow me in the face at the end. I just told him he hits like my grandma."

I've always had the philosophy that in the first 20 seconds of the game, somebody should "sweep the leg" on Ray Allen and knock him out for the remainder of the game. He is too dangerous to be allowed on the court.

The Bobcats were outmanned on the court 8 to 5 but they were still able to come out with a win


Amazing game There were a TON of loud, obnoxious Bostonians there, and shutting them up at night’s end was absolutely priceless

Best win since the 3 OT win over Lakers in 08. Nothing better than watching a Green Army leave the building with a minute left LOL !!!