Ainge Looking For Another Small Forward

"We may be looking at the trade deadline to make a move,'' Ainge said. "And not just for the short term. We'll see how Marquis does. I like our team. But the Marquis situation could give us something to think about at the perimeter. We'll just have to see where he is.
Even the biggest Quisy fans had to believe that him getting sidelined by an injury this season was a possibility. It's the reason I wanted the Celtics to keep Tony Allen over Nate Robinson. My guess is so did Danny, but Allen surprised the C's and went to Memphis. Danny tried to bring in three possible small forwards to camp in Luke, Gaffney, and Lasme, but only Luke showed the ability to play the small forward position at an acceptable NBA level. But do we really want Luke D-ing up small forwards in the playoffs?

In terms of trade chips the Celtics have some minimal assets in Bradley, Luke, and their upcoming 1st rounder. Then if you wanted to think bigger, I'm sure Erden and Davis would be attractive to other teams. Nate Robinson has negative trade value due to his contract and play. Same with Jermaine O'Neal. If you have some trade ideas feel free to suggest them in the comments. We'll forward them to Danny. ;)