We may never see another KG

The NBA has changed.  Gone are the days of Bird and Jordan . Everyone is friends with each other now. Players are opting to join forces with each other rather than trying to beat one another. David Stern has created a league where any sign of emotion can warrant a technical foul. The league is becoming soft.

But then you have a guy like KG. In my 25 years on this earth, I have never enjoyed watching a player as much as I do Kevin Garnett. The intensity he brings to the court every night is absolutely amazing.  All he cares about is winning. He doesn't care about being friends with the other players. He talks a lot of smack on the court but doesn't say anything off it. He knocks his head against the foam padding of the basket before every game.  He pounds his chest not to say look at me, but rather to pump up himself and his teammates. He is the leader of the best defense in the league. He loves the game so much he can't even sit on the sidelines during games when he is injured. Who else is like that? The answer of course is no one these days.

It's easy to forget to appreciate certain players.  We don't realize that in 5 years, when we are watching some 22 year old more concerned with his Twitter status than his jump shot, we will yearn for the KG's of the world. I imagine it was like that with Bird. I know it was like that with Jordan when he retired(the 1st time). I just kind of figured he would always be around and it was a shock when he was gone. Appreciate your favorite players. Remember these guys aren't around forever.