Comments From the Other Side - Wolves 1/3

Some fun comments today.  As always there are the complaints about Tommy and the refs (even though they did get more FT's than the Celtics).  Although I have to agree that even though the traveling call was correct on their last play, had that been LeBron or Wade or Kobe or any star in the league,  they never would have called traveling. LeBron takes 3 steps to the hoop on every drive.  The worst comment might have been the call to shoot Pierce since stabbing didn't work. That's going a little far in my opinion.  I loved that they gave credit to Perk for what he does for the team.  If opposing fans see it, it's pretty obvious.   Also loved the last comment.  I hope you enjoy today's comments....

I'm predicting a Wolves 10 point victory. Darko and Love will be too good for Shaq and Davis. Beasley will score 25+, Webster and Brewer will lead the 2nd Unit. Flynn will have a good game.

I'm concerned about Rondo vs. Ridnour and Ray Allen setting up shop on the perimeter.

They are without KG, which is a pretty big hit. And idk if rondo is 100%. I'm hopin we can pull it off, gonna be WAY tough tho

BabyFace will take close to 100 15ft jumpers in Love's face.
Shaq might actually use Darko as a step ladder for a dunk.
Rondo will dunk a few times while the man supposed to guard him is closer to the midcourt than the hoop.
Brew will draw Ray duty which can only mean one thing: at least two four point plays for RayRay this game

Seriously. Boston is a team that will kill us on the perimeter. A very bad match up for us. I think the Celtics win in a laugher.

I predict the Wolves keep it excitingly close before Paul Pierce rips our hearts out and we all discover a new found hatred for him,.

The Boston commentators are woirst pieces of **** EVER, theres no ****ing way I'm listening to that ***

If Pierce can get away with that every time, then he is pretty much impossible to guard in this league.

He can and he is

Garnett out and their D looks horrible

Well, nice quarter. Boston really sucks on the boards

Celtics fans cheer after Boston buckets like it's a college game...props to them

The Celts WANT to pick up the pace? That’s a first…. they’re the gridingest team in the Association
I can't wait until the Wolves get good enough where the zebras screw the other guys

This Celtics team is amusing because I saw a ton of Pierce and Allen the year before KG got there and they were both absolutely D O N E done defensively. It is amazing how much better of an individual defender you can be in the NBA especially on the perimeter if you are allowed to hold your man with two hands all game.

Ray Allen may be killing it, but Boston has no defense. It looks like the open freeway in there.

The Celtics, sans Rondo are aging and playing visibly overweight and foul prone players and they have been whistled for 0 PFs. Big Baby has committed a half dozen PFs already

I just cant see how Boston can beat the heat With kg being hurt all the time with his Knee/leg problems. Boston is done

Someone needs to get the Boston anouncers a Werthers Original

Also very glad I get FSN And glad Gerald Green isn’t involved in this game. Tommy Heinsohn was convinced that kid was the next Jordan….it was annoying as hell

13 minutes into the game
First foul on the Celtics on a moving screen. FWIW, that is a actually a foul and nearly every Celtics screen is moving.

Daniels does kind of look like a floppy fish.

Wow, Jermaine O'Neal
Haven’t seen him move that quick since Indiana

It only looked that quick... Because Love was guarding him.

Tommy is a fool, that was no lane violation, jermaine took way more than 5 seconds

I think in NBA basketball you have 10 seconds to shoot a free throw.

JO is just a big fat out of shape suckzoid, Pekovic would eat him slowly w/ a knife and fork and proper table manners

After watching Pek vs. O'neal I think Pek would take out the entire C's team in a fight

The O'Neals and Baby are killing us = 20 points on 9-15 FGs

What's up with Rondo? Is he still injured? He sucks badly.

He's just overrated

We get so many terrible calls on us, it's rediculus.

The refs are making a lot of mistakes in favor of Boston.

I am a Wolves fan, but that was a terrible call to give Love those free throws.

Scratch that. They are just bad referees.

And the award for worse commentators goes to the Celts!

You know something bad happened when Ray Allen dunks against your team

The only thing worse than an annoying commentator is an annoying commentator with a Bostonian accent.

Shaq gets a foul call for being fat.

Run these fatsos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy has an almost child-like disbelief that anyone not in Celtic green and white can do even the most basic basketball play.
How the hell does Koufos lose track of Shaq????

Interesting that they are completely unwilling to whistle Davis for anything
And really quick to go after Harangody. And that both of them complain incessantly about the fouls they are whistled

Heisnsohn said Love got that call because he's popular now. OK. I'll take it.

I thought the same thing, and now I’m worried that I think like Tommy Heinsohn

Like I said, these pigs are ripe for butchering. Wolves need a killer instinct. These guys have no game.
It’s like being scared by your shadow,

It’s amazing how effective Rondo can be without scoring a single point.

Perkins when he’s healthy doesn’t get the credit he deserves with the Celtics.

Perkins does get a raw deal.   Not as important to the defense as Garnett is, obviously, but almost. 60% from the field, knows his role, great role player. If he didn’t have that scowl on his face all the time, more people would probably understand that.

The scowl is an important part of his game.
Perkins is mean. You want that in your Center.

I wish Darko would scowl…

Ha, true.
But the media won’t want to put your face on as many articles.

With Perkins the Celtics may have been champions last season
As good as Garnett is one the defense they just wearn’t the same team on defense without Perkins.

Man, I just love watching Ray Allen play
Maybe the best shooter ever, but doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how smart he is. Watching him move off the ball and react to the defense is really something

The Celtics announcers have to be the most hate-able announcers...
…total homer/whiners for a team that gets 90% of the calls.

We own the boards; we should be killing them.
And wolves have FT advantage

We give opponents too many chances to come back to life. That's what I
Hate most about our guys. It starts at the Point. I want to see Bassy.

Rondo is fun to watch

Doc Rivers is pretty smart running his fourth quarter offense through Luke Harangody.

Harangody must be auditioning for the Turkish League

If we win,
Harangody might be our MVP.

RAY is Fing awesome off screens

Celtic fans piss me off so much...
Everyone talks about Boston as this “sports town”, but those assholes were booing the Celtics and chanting “MVP” to Kobe a half-decade ago. Celtic fans are the biggest bandwagoners in the NBA, even above the Lakers.

I mean Rondo doesn't have a great outside shot...
But he is in the NBA, you can’t give him that much room in crunchtime!

Pierce is a bonafide serial killer.

I don't know if I've ever seen Pierce miss from the elbows It’s like an NBA Live hot spot for him that’s always on

It's crazy how this labeled "over the hill team" still has it. I'm not talking about the Big Babys or the Von Wafers. Older guys still have it. Can't wait til the playoffs.

Oh, and the scrub of the night to light it up against us goes to Von Wafer.

How long til Paul pierce gets 'injured'?
Only to triumphantly return from the locker room to drop 25 points in the final 6 minutes?

Paul Pierce.... Somebody shoot him. Stabbing doesn't work.

I'm really tired of losing to these guys. We must find a way to pull this out.

I cant believe we are going to get beat by Rondo scoring points

We are having a mediocre game. The only reason we are up is that they foul us a lot.

Some of these Celtics should quit basketball and get jobs as pro wrestlers with the acting jobs on some of these "hits" / "fouls"

How did they not call a foul on O'Neal on that complete hack on Pek? Hahah
This is a great example of why vet teams win close games against bad teams. The refs will ALWAYS give them the benefit of the doubt

Is Paul Pierce a HOF'er?


On his way to his HOF celebration he will get injured
Only to show up at the last minute to accept his accolades
And then minutes later emerge from the locker room that is inexplicably at the ceremony
(seriously though, no, I don’t think he is. And if he is, he should spend 10 minutes thanking KG.)

Pierce's career is a pretty good example of sticky officiating
Once he started getting superstar foul calls and being permitted to commit moving violations there was no way the refs could ever stop.

Without those calls Or more properly missed calls the Celtics never play in a Finals either of the last two seasons.

The Wolves are fortunate. Imagine Garnett playing…illegal screens, illegal box outs, illegal hooks…full repetoire, baby!

I don't think anyone would care if Tommy had a heart attack right about now...

Once again, we just don't get any calls at the end of games. If this game was officiated with no bias we would have won.

I really don't see how that was a travel. Two steps and a shot on third.

Any star calbier player would have gotten away with that walk

If that's a travel Paul Pierce would average 2 FGAs a game

The Celtics have 8 players on the floor. 5 actual Celtics, and 3 refs.

Oh my God The Celtics are an absolute fraud. Not even remotely a travel

It was a good call. I thought it was wrong at first too, but on the replay it was a clear travel.

That;s the right call, but now? Now? WHAT THE

It was a good call but they would not have called that on a popular team

Good, Nate is shooting free throws. He chokes on FT.

Love nearly outrebounding the entire Celtics team
Rondo nearly out-assisting the entire Wolves team

The refs are not bad, it was a clear travel Rambis is an idiot for setting that play up for the smallest guy on the court.

Damn the the Celtics. Always screwing us out of wins.

That was depressing. I knew we were not going to win this once Ray Allen made the three to make it 86-87. Those guys are just more expirienced than our team

Pierce and Allen are still very special players. You can't play and coach like that in Boston and expect to win.

I mean he obviously traveled, but tell me how many times out of 100 that same call would have been made had the roles been reversed and it was Rondo with the ball.

Allen blocked Ridnour's layup attempt after he traveled... Call didn't matter that much..

I feel like Lloyd Bridges in Airplane
Guess I picked the wrong week to stop drinking.

We messed it up pretty badly but the fact that Stern’s fixers no way in hell would let a team like the Twolves beat the Celtics at home didn’t help any.

To think that David Stern cares about this game and would rig the outcome is ridiculous.

He wouldn't personally but I do believe refs are human and have already presupposed who should and shouldn’t win, who is a ‘good’ player and who is not. That factors into calls, whether we like it or not. Wolves tossed the game, but the refs bailed the Celtics out repeatedly in the last five. When the Wolves are against themselves, the other team, and biased refs, ain’t got no chance. That’s why we’ve lost so many close games — we can’t close cuz we don’t believe in ourselves and neither do the refs or anyone else.

The C’s should be embarrassed that they beat the lowly timberwolves by only 3.
What a disgrace.

When Garnett's not playing
I find it very, very hard to like the Celtics.

I feel like datq
When he iz playin

Me, too Why are they so unlikeable?

At least Love now has the arena rb record
Kind of like peeing in the corner to mark the territory