Comments From the Other Side - Wizards 1/22

 Well, the Wizards fans got their miracle.  The Celtics played well the first half but forgot how to play team ball in the second half.  Way too much hero ball and not enough passing and Celtics basketball.  Both teams were playing back to back so no excuses there.  Just a mental lapse on the part of the Celtics and some luck on the part of the Wizards (including some help from the refs).  Wizards fans knew this one was a gift and not the result of great play by their team.  I guess the good teams have these stinkers once in a while.  Spurs had one last night too.  Here's the Comments from the Other Side for today...

I could use a Wizards miracle tonight

The Celtics will be taking us lightly, that’s for sure. I’m counting on it. And I’m counting on a win!!

This has the feel of a road game Soo many Cs fans

Few things make me angrier than tons of away fans in the VC, even if it is the C’s

This is a live practice game for Boston.

Tonight's moral victory Not letting Semih Erden drop a double-double on us

Maybe I'll just watch Star Wars tonight I’m pretty sure the right guys win in that one.

Erden has 3 rebounds in opening 4:30

Have we stopped the Celtics on a single possession yet?

When a bad defense meets a good offense This type of game happens

Last night we started out great then died Maybe tonight we’ll get a consistent (lack of) effort.

At least I have no hopes that can be dashed...

I just want to fast-forward to the off-season already.

Celtics Basketball IQ: 150
Wizards BB IQ: 5

I hate listening to fans cheering for the other team in a Wizards home game

I wish Doc Rivers was our coach

You mean the same Doc Rivers that won, what, 15 games in a year? I can coach KG, Rondo, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce to 50 wins. Rivers is a good coach, but he couldn't do much with this garbage.

Yeah the same Doc that took three team leading players and turned them into a title contender..
The same Doc that added an unknown rookie point and developed him into an all star.
Turned Big Baby in a legit role player and is managing players like Nate Robinson and Kendrick Perkins..

I like Doc a lot, but no coach is perfect. Flip can compete with the right pieces, and Doc can lead a team to the worst record in the league. Both of these coaches have proven it.

Doc is a decent coach. Let's not get carried away though... he's not responsible for Rondo's talent. If anything, he's clashed with Rondo, almost to the point of wanting him traded away.

Celtics just make shots, play great defense, hit jump shots and do all the lil things, which makes them great

Wizards have no hands.

Garnett loves f***ing with Dray

It tends to be pretty successful, unfortunately cause Dray has zero mental toughness

You're dumb if you dont mess with dray... he's a head case

Garnett messes with everyone... He has no internal fire, unless he manufactures some…..He needs to talk trash to pump himself up.

When he was with Minnesota he was a very, very good player – one of the best….. He has slowly lost what made him great – and can only pump himself up by trash talking now.

Some players are really intense KG is just a jackass.

Bandwagon Celtics fans are a disgrace. You couldn't find them at our games when they were lead by Delonte West and Al Jefferson.

Wall is getting abused. Showing no passion or leadership

Why blame him? The Celtics play superior defense, doesn't matter who is at PG, they have it on lock

Rondo is making him look foolish. Wall isn't real . Any time he goes against a legit pg he gets embarrassed. He only plays well against the sixers.

2nd qtr gives me hope.

Maybe our key to success is to suck early, and lull them into a sense of complacency

How are the Wizards only down 10? Feels like it should be 20 Yi is not very good at bball.

Wow four on Pierce
Lewis is getting whatever he wants on him.

Come on refs. Really ?  Soooo When baby has a clear block on Wall its a charge. But this clear charge is a block now?

Makeup call!

I hate to bytch about refs cuz I like to think thats never an excuse but these guys here…

Feels like it's always like that against Boston They are allowed to play very physical, which is ok. But it never seems to go both ways.

Nice non foul on Garnett, he pushes Cartier out of bounds but no call

No-matter how -bad our team is, some-how we manage to give Boston a fight.

Nick is tired from chasing Ray around the whole game

Refs are doing a horrible job tonight

I love it when we get up for the Celtics
Really starting to hate them

I'm just so sick of Boston sports fans
Anything to shut them up is good by me

I'll say this for Flip, it must be exhausting to have to damn near be on the court urging your players to guard their man. I see it 5 times a game, at least.

I hate when the Wiz give me hope

Get ready for a lot of Paul Pierce bitching and scoring this quarter.

Boston hacks every play and dares refs to call it

Wow, Really refs ? I so hate the refs in this league

McGee is having the game of his life

Well both teams played hard but it's about that time for another meltdown

The Celtics are going to turn it on... Especially as the game comes closer to an end. The Wiz need to put some points on the board NOW and keep up the intensity

Maybe we can foul a couple of guys out

Lucky 3 by Wall but I will take it
What a fluke by Wall

After all those isos and attempts at being the hero, it's good that someone finally got a shot to go in

So the basketball gods hate Boston, too, huh?

That was SUCH a foul on dre I know, if this were in Boston, he'd have definitely got it

I cant believe Paul didnt get that call

I take back what I said about the refs all game.  That no call just made up for it. 

Is it just me or does Glenn Davis get fatter as the game goes on?

He has a twinkie supply under his seat

Other players get IV fluids, he gets IV hostess

Someone paid tribute to the Basketball Gods…. Because that 3-point shot from Wall was an answered prayer – and Pierce misses a wide open shot

The Wizards allowed 27 points in the entire second half. Granted, much of it was because Boston couldn't make a shot, but still, that's a nice defensive effort.

That’s called “escaping with a win”.

My favorite part was shutting up all those punk ass bandwagoning Celtics fans in the house!

Let's face it. Boston is a way better team and it took a few lucky shots by our team and a lot of uncharacteristically poor shooting by them for the Wiz to get the win. But I'll take it.

I had to listen to the Celtics announcers throughout the first half and they were talking so much trash. I wish I could have heard the sound of the bones crunching of the crow they just ate.