Comments From the Other Side - Pistons 1/19

I really don't like these pull it out in the end wins over teams they should blow out.  But, very happy the Celtics know how to close out games even when they play sluggishly the rest of the game.  Shaq was incredible.  We should call him "The Big Bargain."   He really wants that 5th ring and is doing whatever he can to help this team win.    Seeing him dive on the floor for loose balls HAS to motivate his teammates. As you might imagine, a lot of the chat on Pistions boards centered on the announcement that the trade that would have moved Rip was off but still lots of game chat too.    Enjoy this edition of Comment from the Other Side....

We beat them once, we can beat them again.

KG won’t do anything because KG is all mouth, no fight.

Lets get a win again tnight and hope garnett gets hurt again. I hate that bastard.

We're winning this one folks. You heard it here first.
Oh, and after the game, CV will totally out-tweet KG.

I wonder what kind of reception Chaz V will get in Boston?

I doubt that Celts fans will even notice him.

They might get one of those kids with no hair to visit with him.

So KG can come over to mock both of them?

I doubt its even on their rador. They are concentrating on winning a title - like we used to do.

Boston looks really good this year. I can't see anyway they don't win it all barring injuries.

I tend to agree. If they have everyone healthy come playoff time, they'll be very hard to beat.

They are really old. I'd say it's more likely than not that they suffer a serious injury to one of their key players. But if they are healthy I certainly like their chances.

I think tonight might get ugly, but we've been playing a lot better of late so I think we might put up a fight.

Ugh Rip is still a Pistons. F*** you Melo and F*** you Denver.

Maybe Hamilton could learn to speak some Russian That way he can impress the Nets owner and he will still do the Murphy/Hamilton swap?

If ONLY Joe D had picked Carmelo over Darko, this would have never happened!

Maybe We can trade Rip for one of the 60-CD Europe ’72 box sets the Grateful Dead are releasing next fall…?

Why are the they booing CVill? KG is the bastard!

Prince is getting abused by Pierce

Shaq is looking pretty fat these days and slow

Heh, they're booing Villanueva.

Well... He is cancerous to his team and the league

Is it just me or does Pierce seem to step-up against us?

Tommy of the Boston commentary just has to complain all game doesnt he?
He really needs to stfu when Boston always gets calls their way

That Charlie V 3 was Cancerous.

Love the way Shaq hustles up and down the court That’s some real energy!

McGrADY LOOKS like Jordan!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say this has been one of our better halves of basketball this year, especially considering the opponent.

Wouldn't shock me if the Celtics turned on the afterburners in the second half and won this game by 20, but for now, they are really giving Boston every thing they can handle.

The Boston TV guys said Rip just stared at the TV with a look of disbelief on his face when he heard the NJ deal was dead.

You know your career has hit the skids when you'd rather be in New Jersey...

This is so strange. Our best player is on a vet minimum deal and almost surely to leave after the season, our highest paid player is banished, and we look like we’ve found a rotation that could threaten for the 8th seed.    I don’t know what to make of this.

Excuse me, I appear to be lost. Could someone please point me in the direction of the 3rd quarter collapse?

KG has looked like shit this game.

If this game stays close and the Pistons have a slight lead near the end.
I fully expect Paul Pierce to cry, get every call and have the national guard airlift him out of the arena when he stubs his toe on Monroes hooves

The Celtics commentator just said that “the refs were good enough to give the Pistons an 8 point lead.”

Why do most announcers suck so badly? Or are we just that lucky to have fair/unbiased/good ones.

I no you guys hate stuckey's TO (so do I) but those last 2 calls were horrible.

Actually they were both good calls IMO. On the charge he just bullrushed into like 3 Celtics, even I knew what he was gonna do when he crossed the 3 point arc. And he clearly pushed off trying to round the corner on the other one.

I will say this about Tommy... Yes, he's a homer, but he's brutal on the Celtics when they underperform. He's not a sugar-coater.

That Erden guy is so goofy

I love Turkish dude…

Are the Boston fans cheering that Tay is hurt?

Maybe they’re just big Austin Daye fans.

Even the charge called while Stuckey was guarded by Rondo was weak. Paul Pierce has been arm hooking his defender all game and never gets called

I giggle everytime the announcers say “Wafer will get a pair.” Congrats Wafer! Welcome to manhood!

No Tech's for Pierce? That dude has been whining like a bitch all game

How this man ever got the nickname “The Truth” is beyond me.

We are witnessing an intense, low-scoring defensive battle on the road. It’s… * sniff * …just like old times!

Is it possible that we really are looking at a competent basketball team? I know it’s only four games in a row. And they are playing even, on the road, and against an essentially injury-free title contender that is always hyped up to beat the Pistons.

Man that Celtics crowd is loud.

Ray Allen winning this game for us

Two misses by Ray Allen? A once in a lifetime opportunity We have to win now!

Ray Allen missed BOTH FTs The basketball gods are smiling upon us tonight.

Garnett selling himself for fouls

That foul Is a cancer to the league and his team

Wait... I thought Boston fans hated guys who were classless shit talkers who wore green and white. I’m confused.

KG's so tough. It’s why he’s allowing Charlie V to shove him around.

He's afraid to catch cancer

You just can't leave Shaq unattended in the paint

We can't defend friggin' shaq.

Wontcox just got trampled like Big Baby trampling children in the front row.

Careful of Ray Allen   Celtics are running him the screens from this point on

Wow, Shaq is getting away with anything

Feels like a playoff game. Or maybe I havent seen the playoffs in a while

Shaq Has the ugliest looking free throws ever

This coming from a fan of the team Ben Wallace is on

BG TOTALLY WOULD HAVE LOCKED ALLEN DOWN   /can’t look you in the eye after that statement

Taking bets:
Ray Allen Dagger 3?
Rondo uncontested lay-up?
Garnett hitting an 18 footer?

Wait. How do you win a basketball game again?

KG clearly got under CV skin and he is doing nothing but stupid things out there.

Thought there would be a 3rd Q collapse

There was, but Boston was worse.

PP is money from the high post...

You got to be kidding me. How the hell Rondo got that board?

Man Ray Allen is unfair sometimes.

Well, that was predictable... Remember how nobody wanted to trade Rip for Ray Allen...?

Pierce and Allen are probably two of the clutchest guys in the league...

The refs were robbin us ever since Stuckey got called twice for offensive.

Those were good calls.

The last no call was terrible. Davis was in the restricted area.

Tayshaun Iso dribbing out the shot clock, McGrady taking horrible shots, Stuckey playing terrible, and horrible coaching, are the reasons we lost in the 4th

Eff you, League Pass Freebie. I don’t get as frustrated when I don’t actually watch them lose.

The bright side We keep on playing well, and had a shoulda-won against the best team in the East. That’s something, right? Just writing that made me need a beer

Celtics missed 11 free throws and had 17 turnovers and tried to give the game to the Pistons, but we failed to capitalize on their mistakes. We got killed on the boards especially on the offensive end. Moral victory?? Nope a heartbreaking loss.