Comments From the Other Side - Magic 1/17

Very exciting game.  I must say that there is no love lost between these two team or their fans.  I love how the Magic fans talk about Celtics fans whining about the refs and then they spend much of the thread whining about the refs.  The refs let a lot go in this game on both sides.    My favorite comment was where they described Big Baby as "a drunken brick wall wrapped up in a Swiss cake roll with the IQ of Cody from Step By Step."  I also liked the Celtics' human time line.   I was very happy that we pulled this one out but I can't wait to play them with Perk and Delonte back.  In the meantime, enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side...

We NEED win tonight. Period. We just need to go out play some good ball and get it done.

The Magic will push the ball up the court every possession to wear out those old Celtic knees. My guess is this will tire Boston and force them to sub in and out quite a bit, keeping their scorers out of rhythm.

If we can get a win tonight we should be able to keep their cocky ***** in check for awhile.

I smell a loss unfortunately. We can't play like we've been playing and win.

RUN THE FLOOR. WHUP SOME ASS. Death and Severe Inconvenience to the Celtics.

I hope J-will doesn't play tonight, we got Crawford !

Orlando 104
Boston 99
Book it.

Lol @ an Orlando/Boston game where both teams score over 80 points

Go Poodles!


If the refs can control themselves and call a fair game, Orlando has a great shot to win. Of course, that's a big if--Boston is usually allowed to play by a different set of rules and Pierce flops worse than Varejao.

Dwight should make this his game .. Defended by Baby & Semih Erden No disrespect, but they can't guard the big fella ..

Magic - 90
Actresses - 85

This game can only show how unprepared we are for the playoffs.

When the injury list before this game read - Shaquille O'Neal C - Jan 17: Day-to-Day; Kendrick Perkins C - Jan 16: OUT; Kevin Garnett PF - Jan 16: OUT; Jermaine O'Neal C - Jan 15: OUT - it is pretty clear that Boston's bigs won't be 100% for this game.


I don't think we should be talking about Boston's BigS, since Perkins & Jermaine are out and Shaq is doubtful .. Nevertheless, Dwight should be the story all night long

At least it's on national TV so I don't have to listen to the ridiculous Celtic announcers.

I could hear Heinsohn now, "That elbow was intentional! He should be ejected!" "Nonsense, Pierce is laying on the floor in agony over there! It's a miracle he can continue to play!"

I can bet that Big Baby will throw himself to the floor at least twice without any contact while trying to make a strange looking layup.

We'll be lucky if he only does it twice.

I hope Shaq can play honestly. I want to see how their amazing front court depth really affects this match up. I think it is overblown a ton. Their bigs aren't their offensive our small lineup shouldn't matter a ton, especially when you consider that their bigs have to guard our smaller guys. It's a mismatch on both offensive ends of the court.

If shaq isn't playing then you're gonna see a lot of Flopping either by BBD or That Euro guy

Hopefully Rondo plays like this.....

If shaq is not playing that concerns me because when the opposition does not have a good starting center Dwight gets into/and or is called for silly fouls

Boston will definitely attack us like crazy tonight, lets hope Ray Ray have a off-night and can't sink any last minutes 3s

Magic will crush the Celtics. 171-57

Can't afford a weak 1st quarter 2nite That being said…………I hope KG’s knee explodes 2nite.

I just hate the fact that if we win tonight, it's a no win situation.  If KG doesn’t play we’ll have to hear that’s the reason they lost, if he does play we’ll have to hear that it’s because he’s been injured the last couple weeks\

God I hate the Celtics. I hope we win tonight

I don't like the Celtics. End of story and so I will record this game and watch it if we win and delete it without watching if we lose, because I honestly don't want to see their faces.

I think the Celtics are a great team, but lose lots of respect by having the (huge) amount of arrogance they have. If Pierce, Garnett, Rondo & Perkins would be more like Ray Allen, everyone would like them.

It seems like Celtics fans have a vendetta against the magic. Never seen a fanbase more arrogant than they are. Even lakers fans are down to earth compared to the Bostonians.   Lebron James is more humble than Celtics

Seriously all Boston people are idiots who are also wagoners.

I hate the Jets, but watching them beat down the patriots was simply great.


Great, Nelson is going up against a better PG. This thread should go well.

They said Shaq was injured in a freak accident. Where any other freaks injured in the accident?

Shaq is showing Dwight up early.

Shaq almost knocked Dwight out with his shoulder. Dumb foul from Dwight

How the heck is that a foul on Dwight? There's just no way...

Poodles in full force tonight

Us missing FTs and layups, Rondo making jumpers. Typical game against the Celtics.

We are not winning a championship. We are way behind Boston and Miami. We are not smart enough to compete with the top teams.

Its not the bigs that gives magic problem, its the point guard in rondo..Seriously he knows how to find players in right places.

We are poodles, hear us chirp

They just aren't calling anything   At least 3 fouls missed in the last minute, and one of them definitely should have been against us

Aren't we so lucky that KG waits for OUR game to come back?

I hate big baby almost as much as I hate rondo

I hate this entire Celtics team equally And I mean a seething, uncontrolled hatred.

Where's the F'n T on Pierce for taunting?????!!!!!!!!

Boston is eating our interior defense up...Don't know if it's due to poor communication or lack of size.

Its ok guys The over the hill crew will run out of stamina at some point. Long game.

Need to speed up the pace and run more, Celtics are a bunch of geezers

Celtics are not even sweating yet and we're down 10.

You know we suck when we let Paul Pierce dunk.

Boston is simply a better team.

Rondo is a terrific player, but he really pads his assist stats - that fastbreak should've been a layup for him, but he passed it to Allen to get the dime.

Why aren't we attacking the basket? Oh yea that's right, no one can create for themselves.

Dwight you suck! How the can you not dominate glen fatass Davis?

Lets send Ryno to the 3 pt shooting contest and just have people wearing Celtics jerseys run at him

Time to go to Boston board to answer the question Who is damn Ryan Anderson???

I just wanna punch Paul pierce in his snot box lol...

I'm guessing there's some sort of rule that says Boston defenders can make as much contact as they want once the offensive player gets into the paint.

This game is played in Boston, and for games played in Boston, the officials use a different rulebook

Arenas got away with one there. Looked like he walked.

I wish we were as disciplined as they are. They play almost flawlessly.

I look forward to Gilbert owning Nate Robinson

I'm convinced they have the rims rigged

In BOSTON?! What would Red Auerbach say?

Red would say "Why did I not think of that. Fire one up!"

Can someone please explain to me how Big Baby is successful at anything?
He’s like a drunken brick wall wrapped up in a Swiss cake roll with the IQ of Cody from Step By Step. A potted rhododendron should score 26 on him.

It's hilarious that he leads the league in charges, because he is like the second heaviest player in the league. He falls halfway down before the player even runs in to him.

He's massive You can’t go through him, you can’t go around him, and few guys have the length and accuracy to shoot over him. Plus he never lets you get to where you want on the court, without grabbing or holding.

Nate Rob is lighting up Arenas

Harangody is like a white Large Infant

Bass is the only player in the league who can finger roll a 95mph fastball off the backboard

Others might be able to do it We just don’t know because they’re smart enough not to try.

At least twice in this game Ray Allen has pushed Dwight off the block while doing his whirley-dirvish routine on offense I’m talking both hands into his chest, forcing him backwards. And Dwight has to move because you know they’ll ring him up if he doesn’t

I wish I had a stapler...
…to permanently seal Reggie Miller’s mouth.

Oh, go easy on Reggie Miller.  This is, what, the second career he’s had where he’s been clearly overshadowed by his sister?

Win or lose tonight, we cannot take Boston in a 7 game series. If we don't drive to the basket or play some defense we will fall apart against them just like we did last year.

The nba will be a better place once pierce is gone

Garnett proving that being a prick and an idiot are not mutually exclusive.

Boston finally getting called for fouls.

3 or 4 consecutive calls in a row for the Magic vs Boston We may never see this again..

So this is what it feels like to be officiated fairly.

I don't want to play Boston in the playoffs. Not because I don't think we could win, but because I'm not sure I could put up with their complaining.

Can you blame them?, for years they have been getting some of the worst calls in their favour, theyre not used to getting called for all the fouls they commit.

Boston complains on every call. it's ridiculous

KG really needs a technical.

The things that Kevin Garnett gets away with blow my mind.

Dwight would have been thrown out by now if he pulled what KG does.

Did anybody else check out that acting job by Ray Allen. Dwight's arm grazes his upper chest, and he falls backward as if hit by a nascar at Daytona.

I like that Harangody has come on board to play the Scalabrine white-guy role.

Somebody knock KG out already

Bass would tear KG to bits. Dude better watch his mouth.

I hate KG .. He's constantly taunting and still hasn't got a Technical?? If Dwight breathes to heavy he gets ejected

The Celtics are such a diffrent team with rondo, they have a good shot every time when hes playing.

So Boston Celtics human age timeline:
Glen Davis- Baby
Harangody- 3-year old
Rondo- 6-year old that everyone finds cute for no reason
Allen- 9- year old that everyone loves
Pierce- Teenager who pisses you off
Garnett- Drunk 21 year old who badmouths you every single time
Shaq- Cranky yet hilarious 50 year old guy.

In his advanced age, Shaq has turned into Karl Malone on defense...   Just slaps away at everything.

Nate Robinson sucks so much how was this guy the difference between winning and losing last year in Game 6?

I forgot why I hate watch the magic play at the Celtics, after each shot Ray Allen makes I have to see his mom....

Ray Allen is so damn good.

I want to see someone knock kg out

I really...really hate KG

I love him... in a “I would tie him up in chains and throw him into an ocean with sharks” kind of way.

Turk is so much better at defending pierce than Matt Barnes, pierce is so passive against Turk.

So KG can throw the ball away and say "f@#king bulls@$t" and nothing
But if Dwight asks the ref if he wants Girl Scout cookies and he’s T’d up.

Who the heck is Garnett shouting at? The man's insane in the membrane

Makes Big Baby look sane. Kinda.

So Refs have went from call fouls on ORL to call fouls on BOS to call everything a foul.

Well, the whistles have become tiresome and predictable

KG slaps the ball out of Anderson's hand Nothing

He punched Dwight 4 times in the playoffs last year and nothing was called.

Yet one elbow to Large Infant, and they want D12's head

You know, I don't like PP, but that dude works hard off the ball.

God I HATE the Celtics
I hate their players, I hate their fans, I hate their STUPID city

KG has the antics of a 16 year old...
I’ve never seen someone have such an emotional outburst to everything that occurs on the court.

Dwight earned that foul. 4 fouls on KG. Dwight is mocking Garnett

Stop leaving Allen wide open!!!!!!! One guy on the floor you have to guard, and he's the one guy we keep losing.

I'm so sick of these moving screens by garnett, every single basket they made since the timeout was a result of a moving screen by garnett.

CALL THAT CRAP REFS You can't tell me that D12 wasn't hacked on the other end!!!

Ray Allen has been owning Richardson all night. The Celtics are living off of that match-up. If this goes on, he is probably gonna knock down the game-winner.

Those rebounds aren't going to be as easy to get when they get Perkins and JO back. Still, at least we're dominating them on the boards w/o them.

It's as if the Refs are scared to call 2 fouls in a row against the Celtics... Howard was hacked at least 3 times

Oh my frickin God, HOW THE HELL IS THAT NOT A FOUL ON DWIGHT ??? C'mon man .. Does David Stern really want Boston to win this game THAT BAD???

A 35 years old killing us !!!

You gotta give J-Rich credit for trying. He just can't keep up with Ray Ray

The refs are in all honesty giving them the game right now

In that trey that Ray Allen hit right after the JRich trey he got open after a clear ilegal screen from KG to JRich.... So stupid how these guys get away with these fouls and ilegal screens all game!!!

This is the worst call in basketball, why does pierce get **** if he wasnt even when he wasnt even in the air when the conact occured?

Because for some god awful reason the NBA allows that to be considered a foul.
We are the benificiary of it as well, just like any other team. I don't like it, though.

Always the same story in Boston .. Neutral officiating throughout 3 quarters, and pro-Boston in the 4th .. Not even LA or San Antonio gets calls like these in Boston ..

BAHSTAN fans are going to whine about the 34-21 foul advantage.

Boston Fans can shove it, they've dominated pro sports for too long

Did anyone else hear Garnett shouting "What? Not laughing now huh? Come on laugh!" to Howard during those token free throws at the end?

It's because Howard was playing off the trash talk and laughing in Garnett's face all-game. Would've been great if we pulled out the win. Douche had the last laugh.

I swear, if I ever see KG walking down the street anywhere in the US, I'm running him over with my Chevy Blazer.

Well that was a sucky end

As heart breaking as that was, it shows we can go toe to toe with these Muppets...have to look at the positives sometimes.

When a team shoots 60% from the floor and 83% from the FT line like the Celtics
…it’s going to be darn near impossible to beat them.

Boston fans still complaining about the freethrow disparity.
YOu would think they would get used to the fact that their team COMMITS A LOT OF FOULS. If it happens every other game, they should notice the trend.