Comments From the Other Side - Jazz 1/21

Jazz fans are down on their team after a couple of losses.  The one thing most of them had to hang onto was Williams being better than Rondo but even that was shattered after this game.  However, DWill was in foul trouble much of the game and never really had a fair shot.  Jazz fans did have a reason to complain some about the refs but they were classy enough not to resort to blaming the refs for this one and blamed their team's soft play instead, realizing that most of the time the more aggressive team will get the benefit of the calls.  It's not pretty when a good team goes on a losing streak.  Enjoy this version of the Comments from the Other Side.....

Logically, After laying an egg the last two games we should get blown out tonight.
Since when are the Jazz tied down by logic though? We win this in a close one.

I hope Deron shows up proving that Rondo’s not there yet…

Blizzard already stopped shootaround. Perhaps Boston players will be snowed in, in their posh subarbun estates

Just read that Boston is undefeated when they lead after the first quarter. Awesome.

What a ****ing nightmare stat.

On the bright side the Jazz play better against good teams. On the downside the Celtics are a great team with their **** together.

Jazz have no chance tonight. You're a fool if you think we can win.

And you're a fool for thinking the Jazz CAN'T win. They've always played well against the Celtics. Oh god, they're having issues and lost to two terrible teams, jump ship! You'd think there would be nightly suicides with all of the negativity on these forums.

I think the Jazz will pull this one out. I also hope DWill has 16 assists and Rondo has 8 with 6 turnovers just to help the "Dwill is the best PG" argument.

I was reading the injury reports. The Celtics are a bit bruised up. The Jazz were listed as having no injuries. I guess they mean physical injuries and not psychological ones.

Rondo is damn overrated.

I don't think so, if anything he is underrated. IMO, the five best point guards in the NBA are Rose, Williams, Rondo, Paul, Wall in that order...

Do the Celtics still blow a lot of big leads? I smell an ugly one tonight.

I LOVE Boston’s court. Best in the NBA, in my opinion.

I just realized I wore a green shirt all day today... I’m a bad fan.

Boston is a machine

Tommy Heinsohn has to be the biggest homer in the NBA.

What team do the refs like? The Celtics

Funny thing about Ray Allen

Celtics are good I think this energy would have beaten Nets and Wizards

Jebus the whole Jazz team is gonna foul out in the 1st qtr

Jazz lose by 18, and that's only because Boston's scrubs blow a 26 point lead in garbage time.

I think I'm kind of tired of having AK on the team.

How can you be tired of airballs and flailing layupturnovers?

I watch 3 minutes and what do I see? Boston grabbing, holding and pushing, and fouling on every play. Jazz finally try to play physical And are called for the offensive foul.

The Jazz need to get several T's refs suck as bad as the Jazz

Williams is so stupid. Why is he going over the picks with Rondo? The guy can't shoot

I thought with the new rules when players complained about calls they were supposed to get techs? Or does that not count for the Celtics/lakers/heat?

Heard Greg Miller wants to change the name of the team to the Utah Masochists.

Raja Bell has flopitis tonight. Lol I’m not complaining cause he’s on our team but dang. He’s flopping like Bruce Bowen

This is a really quiet game, The arena, the announcers. Feels like a funeral

I find their arena quite loud

The Jazz are acting intimidated of the Celtics

OK so far I have to say this is a bad April Fool's joke...the Jazz sent a Jr. College team against Boston and the real Jazz just stayed at home right? Right? Right?

Ray Allen is disgusting. That 3 and 1 was amazing.

Is the Celtic D a product of their personnel, coaching or both?

Where is our rebounding? Why do we make everyteam look like amazing rebounders.

Is it bad that I’m now watchign this game solely because i’m enjoying how good hte Celtics are and not because I love the jazz?

Honestly, I wouldn't be sad if raja just never checked back in... Ever
Hes such a Liability on both ends


Cmon let's not blame the refs

He has somewhat of a point. Its hard to play physical against a physical team when the refs are calling it tight. They are doing it on both ends at least.

Does dwill even care anymore? I hate how he whines but then just jacks up 3's and makes them only here and there, doesnt take it hard to the hole, Watson played harder than dwill has in the first, thats sad,  I love dwill, but his attitude and team mentality sucks really bad sometimes

Deron may still be God, but Jazzfanz are quickly becoming atheists.

People like to talk crap about how old Boston is, but look at how easy KG, Pierce, and Allen get their shots. People also say that Rondo's job is easy cause of his teammates, but the man has great court vision! This team is tough as nails.

Honest to God I have never complained about sloan, but his lack of willingness to change the offense a little bit or the defensive philosphy is rreally showing why he is unable to win a chip.

Anyone else catch Garnett dropping the F bomb really loud there?

How are you guys losing to the Celtics? They are OLD OLD OLD! All you have to do is run around the court and you can win easily right? I thought that was the plan.

Could you imagine how lethal this Celtic team would've been 5 years ago?

They're pretty lethal right now

The refs got rid of Deron and kept him out. CJ does ok, so they get rid of him. GIve Boston a bunch of ft's. I dont' need to watch this. This is Boston appreciation night by the refs. Jazz never had a chance.

The lack of effort and energy tonight is a real eye opener. We're not even trying out there, the most pathetic looking Jazz performance for a long time.

I have no idea who said the Jazz could win easily or what exactly you’re referring to. We just lost to the Wiz and the Nets. Right now, we consider watching games kind of a masochistic ritual that will help us reach a better place in the next life.

Well guess we're gonna see the bench get heavy min, not cause of the blow out or cause starters playing like butt, but because the refs are fouling out the whole damn team

At least the best point guard in the league, Deron Williams, outplayed the 5th or 6th best point guard in the league, Rajon Rondo.

Hey at least we are only down by 21 now? Thats promising huh

Our guys need to get rid of those gay mouth pieces. Maybe if they quit chewing on them, they can concentrate and get their heads in the game.

Who cares about dwill at this point, he is part of the problem

I want Fes out of a Jazz uniform, this guy has no hope an NBA player.

Pretty sad when Tommy thinks calls have gone against the Jazz....

Awful, awful, awful refereeing this game. But we absolutely deserve it for playing like whimpering bitches.

At least we're not hawks fans tonight.

Shoot, with New Orleans kicking ass, we slip from 3rd to 7th in one freaking night.

I just hate watching Semih Erhden destroying our front line....

I want to turn it off, but I can't...I'm pretty sure Dr. Kevorkian is recording this right now

Dr. Kevorkian is a jazz fan? That's awesome

No, he just knows useful material when he sees it

Those Celtics players are so weird. Why are they acting like they have so much energy?

Does a win in LA atone for an 0-4 east coast swing???

If they win by 50 And Kobe and Gasol go out with career-ending injuries

That was ugly....

Say good bye to any talk of Mr. Big shot DWill being the best point guard in the NBA. So much for that when does baseball season start?