Comments From the Other Side - Hornets 12/31

Well, another losing edition of Comments from the Other Side.  I think most of the Hornets fans realized that the only reason they had a chance was because the Celtics were so short handed.   I sure hope the Celtics get back to winning soon.  These things are near as much fun when the Celtics lose. If the Celtics would just play as a team with everyone out and not play hero ball, they'd have more of a chance.  There are a few fun comments though, so enjoy...

Sure hope KG and Rondo sit this one out. I'm sure Cp3 will dominate Nate "thug" Robinson.

I'm a little sad that Rondo might miss this. I can't prove it, but I really think CP3 doesn't like Rondo one bit. But Nate isn't on much better terms, I imagine. They nearly scrapped once. And while I like CP3...I really think Nate would've messed Paul up.

I'm gonna go ahead and expect a 20-point loss. Just going off the last 2 embarrassments. Id love to be proven wrong though...

Yeah... I'm usually really positive, but we ain't winning this one.

Without KG we can win this one, we need a 30+ game from west...

We will get slaughtered even if rajon and kg dont play. Don't forget we may be without West

I dont know I think we can win this Paul should destroy Robinson and with kg out we might have somewhat of a chance

With KG gone, Boston’s bench is far thinner b/c Baby has to start. Jermaine O’Neal is a wreck and the Hornets bench in the backcourt is far superior to Boston’s

Kevin Garnett haunts David West’s dreams but if West can go today, he won’t have to face K.G., M.D. (I refer to him as a doctor, because apparently he can diagnose cancer patients).

I really REALLY hope I don’t have to listen to the Boston commentators.

No Rondo, No KG Hornets ought to be able to take this. End the road woes Hornets!

YES RONDOOOO IS OUT! Oh that guy makes my blood boil. We have to win this game, with KG and Rondo out. But I don’t know if West should be playing on a sprained ankle, then again it’s not like he jumps much…..

I really like Doc Rivers Was just watching the pregame interview with him.
He’s a really likable guy… especially compared to most NBA coaches.

So I forgot that I hate the Celtics announcers We’re in for a long one

Why is okafor trying to do a left handed hook shot over shaq??? KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS Celtics announcers said it best...when you try to do more than you are capable...that is when you lose

Imagine if it was 2005 and Shaq, KG and Jermaine O'Neal were all on the same team Not to mention Allen and Pierce That would be insane.

I'm not a fan of Pierce

Nor am I, but he's an incredible player

I forgot the Celtics have Von Wafer. Please Hornets, don’t get posterized by Wafer. I’ll bet the name Kirk Snyder still haunts Wafer. LOL!

You mean we don’t even get a goaltending called on Jermaine O’Neal? Get out.

Screw you Wafer. Did ya’ll see how hard he tried to hammer that one?

Our bench sucks...and of course Monty plays 5 bench guys together...I dont see doc rivers doing doesnt work but Monty isnt going to change it up

I cannot stand to see a Celtic brick a shot and gets his own rebound for the putback. Hornets need to do better.

I just realized I don't like most of the Celtic players.

This Celtics guy needs to stop begging for fouls I may have to turn the sound off soon

Yeah, funny how Kobe and the C's whine all game long when they get most of the calls anyway.

Hornets have 6 raggedy bench points. Marquis Daniels has 6 off the Celts bench by himself.

We have 4 guys 4 of 7: Paul, West, Okafor. Everyone else is 0-for-x, 1-for-x. They have every person scoring whose played, 3 1-for-x, 4 2-for-x, 2 3-for-x. That’s a team, people.

If the Celtics had there people in this game we would be getting wiped right now. Instead they dont and its close right now. Hornets need to take advantage.

BS Allen thugged Paul up

Ariza shouldnt be allowed to take any type of jump shot

First Paul was clearly outside the restricted area when Shaq knocked him down. Now, Ray knocked him down right in front of the ref, and nothing was called.

Hornets winning doesnt bring $$ to the NBA Thats why the refs are inclined to not call

4 fouls on Shaq. Good stuff.

Marco needs to watch Allen He never stands still on offense.

Glen gets to yell at the refs but if that was one of the hornets players they would have T’ed him up

OK there was one, nice ;)

Rajon Rondo looks like an extra from Miami Vice!

What a home crowd. Awesome.

God the Hornets look terrible without Chris Paul on the floor. Soon as he sits the Celts go on a run. Terrible. Other Hornets have absolutely no pride. No pride or game for that matter.

How do you choke when you're up by 12 in the 4th quarter??? Seriously, shouldn't this incite some semblance of confidence?! May the new year bring better basketball play for The Hornets..

You realize we haven't lost yet, right?

Come on Hornets. Don’t get me all excited for nothing.
Now they’re letting Ray effin Allen get going.

Oh come on....if you're going to foul him punch him or something

WOW! Guess Ariza can only hit the impossible 3s.

Figures when Ariza tries to make shots he misses, but when he jacks up a 3 with 1 second left on the shot clock it goes it.

So, Paul Pierce is allowed to just stiff arm his defender?

I would deny Ray Allen and take my chances with everyone else

Do the Hornets want to lose close games? It’s almost like they try to lose.

Hornets dodge a major bullet.

Great win! Tough place to play regaurdless of the injuries.

0 Rondo + 0 Garnett = W. At least we end 2010 with a win!

I knew we can win this one. Without kg and rondo the c's are not that good.

And yet, we still almost lost that game....haha so what exactly does that say about our team?

Paul G 40:28. You take away just one minute from our PG, yes a point guard, and we lose this game to an Rondo and Garnett-less team.

I don’t care if Rondo and KG were out, the Hornets needed this win. Those are the breaks. No one feels sorry for the Hornets when we have players missing.