Comments From the Other Side - Bobcats 1/14

 Bobcats fans are a fun group and seem to have a lot of fun in their threads.  I think my favorite thing was the cheerleader picture.  That had me laughing out loud when I saw it.   Of course there is the Tommy hate and the fans who hate Pierce and Ray for torching them but I found their fans to be a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side as much as I have....

Hurry up and start the game before someone gets traded!

This just in Jordan just traded our entire team for the girl squad that was just on the court and a box of thin mints

Could be a fun match up to watch. Neither guy is say Elite. Shaq past his prime and Kwame well being Kwame but both are two of the bigger bodys in the leauge. They don’t make Centers like they used too

I left Boston 30 years ago and the Celtics have turned into dirty-playing, whining, bitches since then. I would LOVE to see our underdog, undercredited, and unnoticed Bobcats take ’em down!

This is personal. We’ve been on the receiving end of too many ass-whoopins from these guys.
Awesome...the old man who is interviewing Doc Rivers keeps referring to us as the Charlotte Hornets Good to see he keeps up with the times.

Today's Theme: Happy Cats

Ugh...I really hate cats....can we replace cats with half naked cheerleaders?

Does anyone have realistic expectations of winning this game? The Celtics are really a level above, but without Garnett they're just "great". Garnett's defensive presence is sorely missed on their team but we don't have the tools to take advantage of his particular absence, as our best big men score primarily off the block instead of on the block.

Too many Celtics players lack class so I don't care to follow them and know how good or bad they were lately, I just want to win every game no matter how realsitic it is since now on.

If the Cavs can beat the Celtics with KG....then surely we can beat them without KG?

7 mins into the broadcast and they have already called us the Charlotte Hornets...............twice.

I'd love to meet Shaq just to see how amazingly massive he is in person.

As long as no bench scrubs go off on us, like von wafer, then we should be able to win this game

The Boston TV guys, Tommy H and some other guy, are annoying as hell. I would love for the Cats to crush the Celts just to hear them whine and complain about it.

It'll be a moral victory if its close in the 4th quarter. No way we win, though.

These guys are like our kryptonite, hopefully tonight we can catch a break with them being shorthanded.

I'm already tired of the Boston announcers.

Pierce and Allen should never have a wide open shot against us
Jackson and Wallace have the size and ability to force them into tough shots

Wow, that was a nifty screen to keep Rondo open for the jumper.
I hope they don’t run THAT one too often. Our guards looked lost there.

Damn shaq is huge he is like two kwames

A dirty ref took out DJ!
Get his full name and SSN ASAP!

Damn. The refs really do have it out for us.

That ref Bowened him...

He's still out there.
Let’s see how he moves.

I'm sure Shaun Livingston is telling him it could be worse

Brandon Roy is smirking somewhere in a dark alley.

DJ on ray Allen is not gonna end well for us.

Anybody on Ray Allen never ends well. Dude has a magic jumper even when it rims out its like he scored

There's that screen again, only Rondo took it to the hole untouched this time.

So the Boston announcers are just unloading on Diaw
“He is not a clever offensive player”
“He looks a bit heavy to me”
“They do have good ribs in Charlotte” Yet…why can’t I disagree!?

I wonder if Fatty Davis will be pissed Diaw is stealing all his notable characteristics.

I hate Pierce almost as much as I hate Lebron and Wade

Remember the wheelchair incident a few years ago during the playoffs?
That was the moment I realized how much I hate Paul peirce

Good plan Jackson   Just make Allen THINK you are going to put your hands up. That will stop him.

Heinsohn is unlistenable. He's bar none the worst announcer in the league.

Is he that second whiny voice? If so I agree.

Man, I forgot how horrendous Harangody's shot looked.

Come on i want to see basketball not some random US soldier.

Our bench > their bench.

Comparing to our recent games even the one against Miami, refs are horrible tonight. We get only the sooo obvious calls.

Prediction time: Within 5 years of finishing his NBA career Paul Pierce will be pushing 300lbs.

I´ve NEVER seen a game where Tommy Heinsohn didn´t talk about how the refs were screwing the Celtics, not one.

Rondo has too much space to work with

And that's just between his ears!

Never understood playing off of him    You give him space to see the whole floor and also an opportunity to get a head start when he starts a drive.

For what its worth KG isnt playing so this isn’t exctly the Celtics. Still be a very solid win if we can pull it out. Especially on the road

The Celts are one of the deepest teams in the NBA. I know what you mean though.

It's a good thing Allen only hits 50% against us.

A fadeaway jumper by Davis?
Now we just need a 3 by Kwame to end the world

Has anyone ever had a more truer nickname than "big baby"?

Dick Butkis?
Oh wait, that wasn't a nickname.

Boris on Big Baby - the most boring matchup in NBA history.

The most rotund matchup since Barkley
And Ewing at the end of their careers.

Big Baby can’t do anything outside the paint. Diaw refuses to enter the paint What is more exciting!?

Von Wafer sounds delicious

That didn't come out right at all
I meant that his name sounds like a delicious treat

Was that ACTUALLY an offensive foul on Shaq?

That's like his 2nd one in 18 years.

I wish they still had Brian Scallabrine. I really want to see him handle the inbound and hand it to the other team.

If sherron Collins goes near shaq will shaq’s gravitational pull pick him up and send him into an orbit around him?

Probably  No doubt it’ll also change our horoscopes all over again too

I don't think so.    He’ll be a Shaq snack before he can begin to rotate around Planet O’Neal.

Do. NOT. Leave. Ray. Allen.

Too much respect for Rondo as a scorer
Dude will miss most of his shots

Free throws are they key for us at the moment.
Celtics are 3/3 and we are 10/14

Quote of the night from Steve martin
“rondo gets it again….and trys for the 1st down!”

This whole tie thing
doesn’t bode well for our regularly scheduled 3rd quarter collapse.

ZERO bench points for Boston
Meanwhile, every player that we put on the floor tonight has at least 2 points

Fat Leprequans Anyone think several of the C’s look fat and slow ?

Kwame is shooting 56% this year.
He’s got Shaq by 2%

Hack-a-Shaq isn't just a strategy...
It’s a way of life.

Great play by Rondo
Gets into the key, Dj + 2 interior defenders converge on him and then the biggerst basketballer on the court (Shaq) strolls in for a dunk.

Bobcats need to learn how to handle runs better against superior opponents.
Boston getting an 8 point lead on us isn’t the same as us getting an 8 point lead on them. They feel no intimidation from it. It feels like it’s all falling apart for us when we go down 8.

Jax starting to run Iso plays now we are behind
Black hole starting to form around him.

There is a math formular for it
Jax Black Hole Possesion Ratio
Percentage of Possesions ending in Jax Black Hole = (Points Bobcats Trailing) squared

Wait, what,  Boris scored a basket?

9 million doesn't go as far as it used to

That's a horrible call. I don't care if he blatantly shoves Ray in the back, you don't make that call at the end of the shot clock.

Shaq and his stupid stand so far in the post that he always scores play

I swear the dude just said the F word...

They allow that in Boston. The FCC decided since it was more common than "the" they had to allow it.

Pierce with 5!

I'd prefer Pierce with 6

Nazr has no chance against Shaq

Few centers do

Has Rondo got like a 7' wing span
He gets his hands in everywhere to disrupt passes


Allen is just pitching daggers into us now.

I am so sick of the effin Celtics

How can Ray just stand behind the 3 pt line unguarded like that!

Because he's getting roughly 20 screens every play.


That damn Ray Allen.
He’s the only non superstar from an opposing team my girl is familiar with, and that’s because he’s killed us so many times.

Ohhhh damn
When Rondo is hitting threes…

Wallace got fouled elevendy-three times on that play so they had to call one of them.

Shaq didn't even have to move to block that.

Shaq doesn't move. Ever.

Considering the amount of space he takes up why move?

I can hide in a plane to Boston tonight and have Ray Allen dead by the morning.
It may not be enough for the victory tonight though. would help us for the future....

If you can switch Allen for Carroll    Do it!

Shaq has turned back the clock tonight and owned us inside both ends of the court

Shaq hitting free throws, Rondo hitting threes,
GOD was on the Celtics side tonight.

Rondo making jumpers, Shaq making free throws
Were making stupid turnovers late…

Note to Boston Commentators
Yes, Big baby got a block but it wasn’t the best block of all time.
Move on!

Too bad it was 5v8, Shaq got away with murder. And u couldn't touch any of their shooters

Rondo and Shaq shooting 100% from the line. Nice.

Since they were missing Garnett. This leaves a really sour taste

No. Ray Allen leaves a sour taste…
If Ray doesnt hit those 3 shots, we walk away with a win.

We didn't lose by 30 and we scored over 60,
So, I’m still optimistic

Gotta give credit to the Celtics defense. They didnt give us an open jumpshot until DJ hit that 3 in the corner.

Our team beat Rondo by 2 assists.
Bobcats = 15 assists
Rondo = 13 assists