Comments From the Other Side - Blazers 1/27

 That was an interesting game and in turn, there are some interesting comments from the Blazer fans.  There are a lot of complaints about the refs, as would be expected from the free throw disparity.  And surprisingly, there are complaints about the announcers and it wasn't even Mike and Tommy.  The Blazers tried to play a physical game like the Celtics but ended up playing like a bunch of thugs.  I do see their point though when they got a bit upset about the announcers talking about the Celtics injuries.  If there's one team whose injuries can match the Celtics, it's the Blazers.  Enjoy today's Comments from the Other Side...

Little hope for a comeback against this team if we get down by 17 in the first again. If that happens tonight I’ll probably have to switch to watching cartoons.

I have a good feeling about this game. Is that bad?

If by "good" you mean we won't lose by more than 25 I agree :-)

I’ve got some low expectations. Any loss under 20 means we tied. Any loss under 10 means we won. Any victory means, like in pro wrestling, that we capture the Eastern Conference Title. I wonder if it comes with a belt.

If Sean Marks punches KG in the nose I'll be satisfied, win or lose.

I don't usually condone violence but sometimes it's
Necessary. I feel this is one of those cases.

Strangely enough, I’m not feeling as bad about this one as I was feeling about the King’s game. It might be because this is a game we’re probably supposed to lose though.

Were gonna win!

I dont see the Blazers winning, but if they want a shot
At it they have to be the bully & control the paint war.

We're going to get our asses kicked, we're going to get our asses kicked, la-de-la-de-la-de-DA....... Come on, sing it with me!

I think Rondo is actually a worse shooter than Miller He cant even hit free throws

Where's Rondo's headband?

Banned for wearing it upside down

Like flying a flag upside down for a country in trouble? Hmm maybe that says something about their franchise

There are a lot of Celtic fans in the crowd

Batum keeps getting switched onto KG The Celtics know what they’re doing, no doubt.

Garnett is a beast defensively

LMA can't outsmart Garnett He should stick to out running and out motioning him.

Rondo is gonna have a field day on Patty Mills

Celtics grabbing, pushing, looking for any advantage they can get away with on every play. I’d grumble, but that’s how they reach the Finals.

Wish we would learn to do that same.   Catch is we’d get called for everything for awhile until the refs just decided it was part of our elite defense.

They call touch fouls on us But don’t call the Celtics for pushing on rebounds.

With this game being on national TV, lets see if the refs allow the Banged up Blazers beat sweet ole Boston lol

Doesn't look like KG will get whistled for a foul tonight. Too bad.

The refs don't need to help an actual title contender beat an awful team trying so hard in the regular season to get swept in the first round of the playoffs.

There is a lot of Boston fans there, dang where did they come out from hiding ?

That's what I like to see. LMA looks like 2007 David West on those oops.

Yore thinking of Chandler. West has jumped twice in his career. Neither has been captured on camera.

Last few Celtics losses have come in ugly low scoring games ...

Portland shooting 36% against Boston 50% and we're only down by 3 points

Blazers have been aggressive on defense And they’re pounding the boards.

Blazers giving the Celtics a taste of their own medicine on defense.

I think KG might be the only person Joel likes less than Shaq.

They have 10 FTs we have zero

No Perkins, you can't elbow a player out of the way, miss a shot, then get a free foul call.

26 points in the paint. Average 40 per game.

That's cause we can't score from outside 4 feet

If they keep on giving us lay-ins, it won't matter.

I like Marquis Daniels’ “Pocahontas” hairdo

Keep Playing wrong Boston don't listen to Doc

Wow Rudy with a nice flop

Man Pierce seems to just abuse Batum so far.

Celtics love to slap wrists and arms on jumpers. I wonder if they do it so often, it’s just no longer called.

That... And I think the refs are tired of listening to that entire team complain after every foul.

Dang, what is with all the Celtic cheers in the RG

Przybila looks what Jim Rome refers to as “likes to fight guy.”

Joel definitely getting into a fight tonight

It would be a cruel, cruel joke if Pryz was ever traded to Boston

All the breaks are going Boston's way ...

We look like a bad team that is giving its all

They're getting every call

Oh sure Nate gets a T, but Doc can complain all he wants

I can't disagree with you guys. Portland can't score, but every call is going to the Celts right now.

Wow every call to Boston for the last 5 mins or so.

I wonder if the numbers will adjust when the refs see the box score at halftime.

Rose Garden will Bar B Que these refs if they don't call more even

Refs have to give the Blazers a call once in awhile to make it look like their calls aren’t one-sided

I do find it a bit curious how these are Portland's first free throws despite having so many points in the paint, and offensive rebounds.

Boston defense must completely suck We’ve scored a ton of point in the paint and only 2 free throws at the half.

Yeah, Boston's defense is known for be pretty relaxed, they play the "can't be mad, not touching!" game in the paint The refs understood and fairly made sure that there were no calls when Portland went inside.

Bad news: Nicolas Batum (sore left knee) is questionable to return to tonight's game vs. Boston.

And now the x-ray and the MRI come We can’t last a week without waiting on MRI results.

And then some outsourced radiologist says "everything's negative", while when the doc looks at it he sees some damage

Geez Louise, we are such a frail team.

Maybe too many radiological exams makes the bones brittle ;)

By the end of the season, every Blazer fan is going to become a knee injury expert.

Yeah seriously I was helping my friend study her Health Science exam and talked about meniscus, patella, and knees in general, and she asked how do you know so much? I said I’m a Blazers fan.

WE GOT A GAME! If there isnt a fist fight by the time this is over ill be shocked. I'm just waiting for pryz to level garrnet

Its absolute bull. I dont think I can watch the NBA anymore. Its so obvious they have an agenda. Take care of their darlings and screw the rest. 34 attempts in the paint, 12 offensive rebounds and... TWO free throw attempts. **** THE NBA AND **** DAVID STERN.

Whether it is justified or not, I hate when fans bitch about the refs

The refs checked the foul and FT totals at halftime.

Rondo has a proclivity for hitting the deck this game, Portland’s not dirty but they sure are physical

Celtics are always flopping

Why can't the Blazers play defense like this every game?

Rondo has 5 turnovers Boston has 16 TO now


Portland getting away with some fouls now.

Nothing Boston hasn't been getting away with all game

I think what bothers me most is how biased the national announcers are.

4 minutes without a FG for the Celts and they still lead.

Nice teamwork for the Celts, I must admit, but the Blazers will ultimately prevail. They’ve played too well, in my opinion, to let it get away now

The Refs were paid very handsomely for this game by the Boston Celtics

This game definitely looks like a recipe for a few ejections.

Refs are not rewarding the hustling team that's for sure.

Doc being friendly with the refs, but not getting a T. I'm confused.

Just like that the Celts are up by 10, everytime I watch them, they do nothing for the longest time and after they lull me (and their opponents) to sleep, buzamo, they pull a 10-point lead out of their butts

Is this game being called by Kevin Harlan or Tommy Heinsohn?
Seriously, Kevin, get a little more excited when the Celtics score

Blazers are out skilled at every position yet they are staying in this game with outstanding effort.

Hey Doc Shut up.

I love how the Celtics whine about every call.

Finally starting to get some calls!

We need to catch fire like NY did.

We do because I have a feeling Ray Allen will.

Boston has been decimated by injuries I feel so bad…

I'm trying really hard to feel sorry for them..

We're all thinking "I want to shove a dirty sock in the announcer's mouth?"

I will give Rondo this.... He looks much better without that stupid headband

We should stop that dude dribbling downcourt next time.

That dude used to play for us

Didn't everyone hate his guts?

And yet another example of Harlan's verbal differentiation
Babbit scores
WAFER's play was one of the greatest single plays in the history of human ingenuity.

The Heat/Knicks game was more exciting than this.

Thats because neither the heat or knicks play defense

we’re playing much harder, and are due oped some serious karma. We deserve to win this.

How can we shoot .365 and expect to have any chance of winning this game? We’re too bad offensively for the W tonight. Pretty decent defense though

Doc is right, Blazers can't score against a set defense

Why is LMA such a wimp against KG???

Anyone else feel like punching pierce in the face?

All day every day.

Memo to Blazers:
Von Wafer is NEVER going to pass it.

10-2 run with Von Wafer, yes, Von Wafer owning the Blazers. Crazy.

Erdan dominating the paint. SAD.

At least we get the respect of losing to the starters,
Doc really didn’t need to do that

Watching us run a fast break makes me want to quit my job and become an alcoholic.

So ive missed this game. Sum it up?

Another day Another knee injury

It's amazing how the refs have called the almost exact amount of fouls on each team..
But Portland has taken 9 FTs and Boston 21!!!! A-flippin’-mazing.

I don’t think this game provides any new info. Very few people expected Portland to even be in this game in the second half. Unless injuries magically clear up, the team has a lot of holes.

Were about short 100 players

So are they!!

You mean they're missing Rondo, Pierce, Allen and/or KG?
Or just the players who are primarily secondary players?

We're only missing one all-star

Difference ... We are short 4 starters. they’re missing their two-headed over the hill center and a bunch of bench guys. Huge difference.

.. But theyve got 3 hall of famers

Now refs are calling fouls on the Celts....too little too late.

Prevent Ray from getting the ball at all costs

Pierce is a quitter

Pierce=Drama Queen

I hate big baby

I hate everyone on the Celtics

Guess what Kevin Harlan? Blazers are missing Nic, Greg, Brandon, Marcus - and I don’t give a hootenanny why Paul Pierce is in the locker room.

I love how when baby scored, Harlan’s like "he now has 3 points to go with his 4 rebounds’. Then LA pulls down his 15th board and he doesn’t even get his name called because harlan is busy telling us for the 37th time how KG “holds his teammates accountable” – whatever that means.

Well this was painful My hatred for all teams from Boston only grows deeper

Seeing all the green near the court really makes me dislike the Celts, their fans, their city.. East coast? Stay home.

Our crappy offense is killing us and it wasn’t just because of Bostons defense.

Celts didn't beat us--we beat us.

Why even play the season? Let’s just have the Lakers and Celtics play every year to determine the championship.

Good idea That way I can hear Kevin Harlan get excited on EVERY basket.

Hate to break it to you guys but the #1 thing TNT cares about is ratings. And they tell their announcers how to call games and air graphics accordingly. Welcome to reality.