Celtics still being overlooked

After this victory over the Spurs the Celtics now stand at 27-7 as we inch closer to the midway point of the season. Despite dealing with several injuries the C's still are looking impressive, and with Delonte's, KG's, and Perk's returns coming soon they should only improve. Sports Betting odds still put the Celtics behind the Lakers and Heat as championship favorites (Spurs are 4th), but the Celtics have now won all three games versus the Heat and Spurs, and only the Spurs have a better record (and barely).

The Celtics next big championship test will come at the end of this month when they face the Lakers in Los Angeles on the 30th. The Lakers then come to Boston a week and a half later, followed by another bout with the Heat one week before the All-Star break. Fans will be very up for these three games, but regular season games don't always translate to how teams will match up in the playoffs. Regardless, the next month or so should be a lot of fun and personally I prefer the Celtics to be in the underdog role. Let ESPN continue to fawn over the Heat and the Lakers. I trust Doc to have our team ready this Spring to bring home number 18.