Shaq Contemplating Turkey

The country Turkey. No contemplating
when it comes to food. It's all good.
According to the media in Turkey, Shaquille O’Neal may move to Europe next season to join Iverson with Besiktas Istanbul club. Besiktas president Seref Yalcin told reporters that O’Neal wants to win championship ring with Celtics this year and next season he will come to play in Turkey.
I call utter and complete BS. I mean RealGM doesn't make stuff up, but it just makes zero sense whatsoever. Only remote possibility is if there is a lockout and it looks like next season won't take place. Then you might see an exodus of NBA players going overseas to play a year. On a side note if there is a lockout I blame the owners. The league is making record revenue numbers once again this season. Why should the millionaire players take pay cuts, so the billionaire owners can make more money?