I never thought I'd say this but...

With the season a little more than a month in and the Celtics off to the type of start I know I expected I am about to say something that I didn't think I would...at all...ever again.
I want Rasheed Wallace back in 2011.

Was he a disappointment last year? Yes. Did he piss most of us off consistently? Yes. But when push came to shove and we needed him, he did put it on the line for us in certain situations. My feeling comes from two things: First, game 4 of the 2010 Cavs Celtics series is on in the Dime Magazine office right now and second, my gut that says Jermaine O'Neal is just not going to work out for the Celtics to well this season.

While Shaq has been terrific, will we really get lucky with Jermaine as well? And with Perkins coming back having another 5 man that takes up space instead of one that can make jumpers (in case we need it) makes some sense, that is if Sheed is planning a comeback ala P.J. Brown 2008 (In my NYC circle PJ is known as straight '93 Mafia)

As I am all talked out about tonight's Miami Cleveland soap opera I thought this may stir some interesting dialogue.

If Jermaine continues to ail and Sheed is in shape, would you want him back?

Lets discuss before we are subjected to an evening of insanity in Cleveland.

By the way, tonight is another reminder of why we have the greatest team in basketball to support.

Celtics 4 Life.