ESPN analyst bashes Mike & Tommy

Last week in one of his chats ESPN analyst David Thorpe had the following exchange:
John (Houston)

Follow up to the Heat announcer being your favorite, which other local crews are in your top 5?
David Thorpe (12:47 PM)

I liked the guys from Memphis, folksy but fun and smart. Did they change color guys? Lakers crew always so professional. Utah's too. Magic guys are very good too.
David Thorpe (12:48 PM)

Oh, and the guys from Minny are improving and actually pretty good.

kshiz (Chicago)

Please say Tommy Points!!!
David Thorpe (12:50 PM)

"I'm an idiot"
Ugh. Homer points is more like it. Celts and Spurs have terrific organizations, but their tv guys are not remotely objective or particularly informed.
Um, call Tommy a homer all you like, but "not particularly informed?" Tommy has more knowledge in his left pinkie than this ESPN numb nuts has entirely. And Mike Gorman? Mike Gorman is the best play by play man in basketball and in my opinion all sports. I do think Gorman has gotten more biased throughout the years, but he's not a national announcer. He's supposed to be biased. He also is more informed than any other local announcer I've heard. In fact after all these years around the NBA, he could even be a color man in my opinion.

Every day ESPN gets worse and worse and they keep hiring more uninformed douches and labeling them "analysts" or "experts." You can label your employees whatever you like, but there's some saying about lipstick and pigs that comes to mind.

Thanks to Celtics Life reader RJ for the find.