Comments From the Other Side - Sixers 12/22

I find it totally amazing how any Sixer fans could have the nerve to complain about anything in the officiating in this game.   Especially the guy who said that in spite of the free throws in their favor that the game was officiated for the Celtics.  Unreal.  I think most of the Sixer fans realized that the refs gift wrapped the game for them but they didn't take it.   It also still always amazes me when a fan will wish serious injury on a player.  I loved the comment where they keep waiting for the Celtics to get old but they keep beating them!  Some good stuff today.... Enjoy! 

Hmmmm...not too sure about this one. Probably another loss, someone leaves Ray Allen wide open for a 3 with 50 seconds remaining in the game to put the Cs ahead.

My gut tells me the only way we can win is if Pierce and Allen play horrendously. I think we can afford a 25-10 game from Garnett, but if the other two are getting in grooves on offense, we're done. Rondo's out, but that doesn't mean we can treat Nate Robinson like some back-up scrub because he can hurt us. And please can we not let Big Baby have a big game? Last game he had 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks. We can't afford good games from their bench players because their starting line-up is enough to cringe about. They are deep so we need to keep everyone in check.

This team is too deep and well balanced for us. I know Shaq is old and slow, but he's still gonna push Hawes around.

All I want for Christmas is a win against Boston though, can you do that for me sixers?

Ugh, I got the Boston feed. I hate there color commentator.

Not the dreaded Heinsohn special tonight. Good grief.

Hmmn, Pierce has 22 assists over the past two games. Iguodala needs to be all over him.

Bold prediction Sixers by 45.

I'm getting drunk for know, just in case.

Pierce and Shaq look so pudgy next to Iguodala.

How long until Doug realizes that Jodie has come plummeting back down to earth, and his "shooting" doesn't spread the floor if he can't actually shoot

I have trouble believing Nate Robinson starts on an NBA team Let alone a team of this caliber.
Maybe.…we can trade them Iguodala to be their backup PG

Hawes is way too slow to beat KG off the dribble

Watch Shaq destroy our interior tonight Expect Tony Battie for 25 minutes too many.

Iguodala is in Pierce's head already.

Garnett's just too good of a defender for Hawes to do anything inside. He should stop trying.

Robinson is such garbage.

Try to guess all the smack KG is talking to Hawes

KG's Elbows... …1820 psi.

That ball was out on shaq. I see us losing 8 on 5.

Shaq still gets the benefit of every call.

Ray Allen makes it look too easy.

I can already tell this is going to be a long night with these refs

Have to get Thad in there for Hawes. He's our one "front court" player that KG or Shaq can't guard.

KG can guard any of our guys, frankly. Maybe on the entire team.

Damn, they close out quarters so strong. 10-0 run. Wow everytime

Is there a name for the type of offense that Nocioni plays?


Bradley just pwned LouWill

LOU WILLIAMS.....SIT DOWN!!!! Avery Bradley is making YOU look like the rookie.

I like Avery Bradley.

I love the way Avery Bradley defends.

Are we the only team that has a player with a double 0 on his jersey? Double 0 looks stupid Imo

Robert Parish disagrees.

Loathing Nate.

Lou at the point now. Jrue sits for the first time. This is going to be ugly if Bradley is still in there

Bradley's out, thank God. Lou can abuse Nate.

You don't need to suicide close on Marquis Daniels. Guy can't shoot at all

When those Nate three's drop, it just pains me for some reason

For a winning team, the Celtics sure do have whiny announcers

Wow shaq just pummeled iggy, I like iggy taking it strong though. He was trying to throw that down, too bad shaq is 500 pounds

What the hell is Avery Bradley on the bench while Marquis Daniels is playing point?

Good question.

It's not even funny how much Iguodala owns Pierce.

Nice to see some objectivity in the foul calling, but I believe this will even out a bit in the second half.

There you go. Keep going to the hoop. Good things happen when you're playing against old/slow bigs.

Heh, Garnett gets a tech while passing the ball

I hate Paul Pierce... Makes a shot and turns and stares down our bench. Like he is the greatest shooter in the world or something...

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't hope Pierce blows out a knee.

This team is so soft. If you are intimidated by a cripple like KG, who's running out there with a peg leg, then you seriously need some mental toughness.

Hah, Collins was like "That's a technical" and the ref gave it to Pierce. Love this foul trouble for Pierce and KG.

EB took one too many dribbles there. Luckily got bailed out with a foul by KG.

I absolutely hate Tommy Heinson. He was a hack as a player and he is a hack as an announcer....

Funny, early it looked like the refs were going to be all over the sixers and giving the Celtics a lot of calls, its actually been the complete opposite, but that remains to be seen in the 4th quarter when it actually matters

Celtics fans need to shut the **** up. Seriously, one game where they don't get every call they start *****ing.

Makes you wonder, if the officiating crew got a call from the league office to try to help the 76ers tonight. We've shot 20 more free throws. Some of it is us driving every possession, some of it is fluky.

It's unbelieveable how many more times we've been to the line than them and still losing.

Elton brand getting beasted by the chubby kid.

I genuinely hate Fat Baby

Terrible. Refs are scared to make calls against the Celts. I know the foul shots are in our favor, but the game's been officiated in the Celts favor, pretty clearly.

This team just can't shoot. It's awful. How over the years we have compiled the worst group of shooters in the NBA is just astonishing. Maybe not statistically right now, but they really are the worst.

We really are getting kind whisles in this game battie was clearly over his back

Ugh I hate puttin ray on the line

Eddie Jordan warned Doug about nate's tendency to inflict horrible damage to jrue's psyche.

Boston is just too good. It shows in their late game preparation. They always have a go to play while we just heave up a shot with 2 second left on the clock. Pathetic

Iguodala's shot is just ugly and unwatchable

Iguodala is the least clutch player in the league.

What a flop by Shaq!

If we could just win ONCE in these close games against Boston. Just one time

Damn, I was hoping Pierce blew out his knee or something there.

The reason they always give it to Iguodala is because he is an egomaniac. I guarantee you he'll pout if he doesn't get the ball at the end of games. He's a loser. He shouldn't even be on the court.

I hate the Celtics so much, but they play smart ball. It's the same old script with them. Keep waiting for them to get old and they just keep kicking our ass.

The Celtics never kick our ass. We beat them once or twice last year and they had to scrape by to beat us twice this year. We would and should have beaten them twice. They are extremely overrated, and that is why I will be betting big money they won't get far in the playoffs.

They really ****Ed us over with the shaq call that fouled out brand he hardly touched him!!

Another gut-puncher vs the hated. What a tough one to swallow. All we needed to do was just make a few more of those rare free throw attempts. The life of Sixers fan. Ugh ugh ugh

Well then... Another just-not-good-enough-to-win game.

Yeah....just hate it when those come agasint Boston. Dammit.

Iggys un clutch? He drove and clearly got fouled and didnt get a call that the Celtics would of most certainly got

Iguodala was not fouled there, at all. He just threw up a wild shot. They have to stop putting him in these spots, 9 times out of 10 he's going to fail miserably.

Not that it would have mattered, he probably misses both free throws anyway.

Tough no-call on the Iguodala drive... Very tough.

Real players drive to the basket and get fouled. He pulled up on the play and avoided the contact. Wade and LeBron would had made the ref make a call.

ANd what did Pierce do. He is clutch. And Iggy was just a disaster.

I disagree with Pierce being clutch. He's a loser too, but Iguodala is on our team so I really don't care about Paul Pierce.

While I agree that our young core is going to need more scoring, this is the Boston Celtics we are talking about. They shut down veteran teams.