Comments From the Other Side - Pacers 12/19

Pacers fans are very civilized compared to most.  No death wishes in this one.  They are way harder on their own players than they are on the Celtics.  Poor Tommy came in for his share of criticism though, as usual.   Interesting that they are hoping to lure Big Baby there next season.  Enjoy this edition of Comments from the Other Side....

If Hansbrough doesn't see the floor at all, I hope the team plane leaves O'Brien behind, and someone thinks his sideburns are a terrorist threat

Hopefully the Pacers can take advantage of the hoops-biorhythym-altering matinée and catch the short-handed Celtics going through the motions expecting an easy win.

Nate Robinson is the starting PG for Boston After the green K slam dunk thing he did with Dwight Howard, he is dead to me

Oh, Shaq is playing too   Making this Celtics team truly unlikeable

Yep. Garnett and Shaq O’neal makes it about as unlikable as Stacy King

Shaq getting far too much done today

Oh. My. God. I. Hate. Tommy.

I officially HATE Jim O'Brien..... And these refs are ****ing jokes.

Oh my that Shaq dunk is going to be on every highlight reel known to man. Foster caught it right in the mouth. That's going to be a poster.

Man it will be painful to watch this one. let's see how much I'll stand. The announcer pissed me off.

Following this one through the wonders of phone technology. Unfortunately, it seems his Shaqness is going vintage.

Dear Jim O'brien...
I think it's time to play Mike Dunleavy
- Ray Allen

We are looking 10x more ready, energized, and crisp compared to last games.

Our bench is sucking the life out of us....

C's play some great team defense Fun to watch, except it’s against the Pacers

These announcers are annoying. They're such Celtic homers.

I really, really, really wish that Shaq wouldn't have played today.

I have to admit, I dislike Pierce the least out of all the Celts...maybe I can add Ray Allen...

Dear JOB
Thanks for putting Dun in for a long time. Could you keep him in a little longer so I can get good and hot, thanks.
-Ray Allen

Thank goodness they don't have Rajon Rondo. Otherwise we'd probably be getting shredded right now

It's still early but this is the first game in a while that I can recall Granger, Hibbert and Collison all playing really well during the same game.

Nine times out of ten when I see Foster he is doing a pain grimace.

Big Baby and Shaq candidates for “Biggest Loser”

JOb's already got that title... And I’m not talking about weight loss

Nate does stuff only he can get away with And fuels a nice run for the C’s.

Our big three have immediately gone back into sucky mode. Whoopee.

Nate is simply outplaying DC.

Tommy is cracking me up with his ignorance.

TJ Ford. I freaking can't wait until you are gone.

Tyler really battling Garnett.. Thats the type of play that just irritates opponents.

Sometimes I puke watching TJ Ford.

What has Ford done today that was THAT bad? He's playing about as well as we could ask for, and outperforming our starter.

Making everyone around him worse.

I wish we still had Quisey on the team lol

Granger sucks today. Period. I don't care how good he is on defense.

Granger doesn't suck. Just his shot selection.

They are still in it, but now comes the fourt...Shaq, KG and Pierce will kill us!

We are not good at preventing and-ones by giving hard fouls.

Lmao at the end of the 3rd dunleavy misses a lay up after the buzzer sounds on the Celts basket...anyone else see this? Man he sucks so bad

Do you watch many games? He misses layups on a nightly basis.

Another terrible call for the Celtics...pierce lowers shoulder into mike and gets the call

Its just funnier when he does it when he is trying to get a "practice" shot in after the buzzer as the teams walk off the court It doesnt get any more pathetic than that

Good thing the Celtics are turning it over so much as it is keeping us in it right now.

Looks so easy when Paul Pierce knocks down such easy and smooth stepbacks...

I know we can win this game but I suspect we won't.

C's are in close out mode Buckets coming easy again

Thank goodness that Nate and Quisey have been turning the ball over in the 2nd half!!!!

Big Baby is not going to drive on us, we need to get in his face. I'm tired of seeing him hit this jumper all the time.

Should have been a T on KG respect for the game

Littlest man on court gets offensive board w 4 pacers in the area??!!

Why the hell is Roy being taken out of the game when he's the one that has kept us in it the last several minutes!!! Great coaching Jim

Dunleavy has such a long leash.

They are trying so hard to get as much out of the 10.5 million they are paying him this year

Great Defense by the Celtics, pretty hard for Pacers to get good looks Also we are not getting blown out, so that is not that bad.

Nate Robinson gets an offensive rebound in four pacers and our genious coach takes Roy out. it's too much to handle.

Chucking 3s is a great offense in the clutch

Such a disappointing game.
Granger and Hibbert played like crap again.
JOB still a horrible coach.
Nothing's changed.

Looks like we get to see TJ finish the next 10 games with his classic air ball layups.

Big Baby squashed the last life out of pacers

Very underated player

Is baby a FA this yr??? We should try to add him

I think our bigs, like Hibbert, make Davis look good.

At least we stayed in the game close today, but we should have really won this one Imo.

You know that we either have a poor offense or they have a great defense when 96 shots yields 91 points. Unfathomable.

We wilted in that last 4 mins like a delicate flower under a new moon.

Poor shooting is what did us in. Boston stood strong throughout the game, their only mistake being the turnovers.

Reminder: we just lost to the best team in the East on the road.

And they have great floor spacing with Big Baby- which can expose slower bigs and make a killing off of them.

The pacers played well, the Celtics were just a much better team.

For the record, this loss doesn't make me feel bad about our core. We just got beat by a better team and most importantly a better structured offense that knows what a rotation is. A much better structured offense.

Posey can't guard Garnett or Glen Davis (who I REALLY want to see in Pacers colors next season). Also, he's not the 3-point assassin he used to be. He's shooting it inefficiently this season, under 1 of every 3. That is awful.

For all the injuries they have had, the Celtics are playing some amazing basketball. Gotta give them credit where credit is due.